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  1. Sithborg is right - "Reinforce only adds one Evade result, making it still fairly easy to hit." TLTs should do no damage to a huge ship apart from scratching paintwork. Hence my earlier post.
  2. Two points - 1. Big (huge) ships (whilst fun) are basically rubbish. The reason is because small ships can shoot them up. A WW2 fighter could not shoot up a destroyer or cruiser with its machine guns/cannon. It could suppress a ship's AAA pretty effectively (e.g. against the Yamato). To sink ships required ordnance (bombs or torpedoes). So to transfer to x wing - ordnance is fine but other weapons should only do damage on a critical. 2. A as minor issue - Biggs is specifically stopped in the clarifications from helping big ships (as other posters have noted). It is in epic tournament rules. Epic Play Card Restrictions This section describes official restrictions and changes to card text in Epic X-Wing tournaments: Biggs Darklighter’s pilot ability does not affect huge ships. Small and medium ships may attack huge ships that are at Range 1 of Biggs Darklighter, and huge ships treat Biggs Darklighter’s card text as blank when attacking. Navigator cannot be equipped to huge ships.
  3. With the raider about to arrive, we have the issue of what happens if two huge ships collide head on. I presume they crit them selves to destruction (or rather face up damage card each other until both front ends are crippled...) as they cannot manouever out of the way of each other? "When a huge ship executes a maneuver and the final position of one of its sections overlaps one or more huge ships, use the standard rules for overlapping ships as described on page 17 of the core set rulebook. However, the huge ship that moved does not skip its “Perform Action” step. Instead, both huge ships are dealt one faceup Damage card; each player draws this Damage card from the deck that corresponds to his ship’s affected section."
  4. As the OP, I wish to thank people for the replies. Summarising, a significant minority think the x wing does not need a fix. Those that do have all got various ideas as to what is needed. A key weakness is perceived to be its inability to manoeuvre after dial movement has been completed (e.g. fickle green dice's comment above). There appears to be a concensus amongst those proposing a fix that just giving the x wing barrel roll/engine boost is unimaginative and probably not within the feel of of what x wings should do. That territory belongs to interceptors and the like and we want x wings to be distinctive in their own way. After that it becomes a mass of various ideas and the view of quite a few that whatever we propose will have no effect - the designers will be unaware or will have their own elegant (we hope) enhancement. Sadly there is little support for my idea...and here is me thinking it was wonderful. Jo Jo for example thinks it would make Soontir unusable. I had hoped that I had put in sufficient caveats to make that not the case - Soontir must be viable! So my idea would mean for that by increasing the range by 1 bound and giving ships with 3 agility an extra defense dice we would grant a range 2 Soontir with auto thrusters 5 green dice and an automatic evade without him having to take an action. However I will not add more text defending my proposition to avoid risking a "yes it would, no it wouldn't" ping pong debate! Again thanks for responses which I have read with interest but I now will get back to playing some more games. (My last game btw ended up with us both having 1 ship each, both with 1 hull point left and me dropping a seismic charge in exactly the right place to destroy my opponent's last ship.....only to realise I had chosen the wrong direction on my manoeuvre dial and sailed off the board! Great stuff!)
  5. OK - Like so many others I am trying to find something that favours generic x wings without ruining Tie interceptors or making x wings too good. The idea I have is not perfect - but it can be tweaked to get game balance right. I am proposing that x wings get a new action (probably via a ship card) as follows:- Snapshot Action: you make a shooting attack, you may not shoot in your shooting phase. Increase the range by one category. If you think about the sequencing, this favours low initiative ships. It is not totally without point for a veteran instincts wedge but it is pretty marginal. This capability can be balanced by assigning an appropriate cost - or making you add 2 range categories rather than 1- or by reducing the strength of the attack - or by giving high agility ships extra green dice or by other adjustments that are appropriate. Why I like this idea 1. Favours generics 2. Makes high initiative arc dodgers sweat a bit 3. Tie advanced and A wings benefit from auto thrusters 4. It will be a bit tricky (but not impossible) for a generic to modify the die roll. 5. Makes x wings better jousters - and it makes x wings different - sort of special. Why I don't like this idea 1. It breaks the basic game design of an activation phase followed by a combat phase. I know proximity mines do the same - but somehow they are different. It is another bit of fiddling with the rules, reducing the simplicity of the basic game design. 2. Not sure that x wing's star wars background really supports this idea. Anyhow - I suspect the designers have got it all in hand and something better than the idea above will come our way. I do want to start using my x wings again!
  6. Have phantoms uncloak before dials are revealed (but-obviously- after they have been chosen). I think it fits in with the logic of the cloaking device.
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