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  1. I think it is worth noting that if all ships and upgrades are perfectly balanced then it will appear that the most loved and/or iconic ships are superior. If all things are equal and a disproportionate number of players are using Vader or Han, then Vader and Han will be in a disproportionate number of winning lists. Hopefully FFG will be able to distinguish between popularity and power.
  2. Somewhat less excited after the unboxing. While I still plan to get each kit and am confident that the game will be balanced, I feel like they failed to really streamline the game and make it less convoluted. That, and some of the ships I was looking forward to using changed in ways I don’t care for.
  3. My FLGS just told me July 6th. Make of that what you will.
  4. Yes, FFG did drop the ball. However, what you did't realize is that FFG is playing Calvinball, and dropping the ball scores them 17 points.
  5. I'm seldom play anything but Scum, but oddly I think if I only got to keep one list it would be 8 Academy TIEs. Fun, iconic, and timeless!
  6. One could always try a reversed range requirement, such as having Sabine only work on bombs at range 3 or beyond. Thematically speaking, she doesn't exactly want to be close to these bombs when they detonate. Edit: In a similar vein, activating Sabine could cause damage to all friendly ships at range 1 of the bomb token.
  7. I thought it was safe to say that we would never get the TIE Aggressor.
  8. Nyarr

    Wave XI Speculation

    Is there an event on the horizon that FFG is likely to use to announce the next wave or are we expecting to just see an announcement in the news feed on some random day in the next few months?
  9. Nyarr

    Wave XI Speculation

    Expectation: Rebels - Resistance Transport Empire - Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle Scum - Mining Guild TIE, Scurrg H-6 Hope: Rebels - Auzituck Gunship Empire - Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle Scum - Hondo's stolen Sentinel Shuttle, Rihkxyrk That said, there is nothing above that I would be truly excited about, and I would be happier if they effectively skipped a wave and gave us Ace/Veteran/Hero packs for each faction (x2 for Scum)
  10. I feel like the wording on the Zuckuss card - "When attacking, you may receive any number of stress tokens to choose an equal number of defense dice. The defender must reroll those dice." already precludes his use on a huge ship. If you haven't received any stress tokens, you can't reroll any dice.
  11. I would argue that what the Empire needs is a ship that is significantly bigger than anything the rebels have. The Raider looks sinister but fails to elicit the fear and majesty that should be conveyed by a huge Imperial ship. Technical issues of table space and maneuvering can be solved in the design of the ship's base. If the next Imperial ship is less than 1.5x the size of a CR-90, I will be very disappointed.
  12. I would take Sabine TIE over a prototype A-wing as list filler, but unfortunately Sabine crew is the only reason I would make a rebel list.
  13. I'd say that the best use for the U-wing in HotAC is as a replacement for the outer rim smuggler in several of the missions. It is more thematically appropriate and is roughly comparable stat-wise. It even has an actual landing mode for those missions where the ORS is supposed to land!
  14. I'm betting that it is a range 1, 4 die cannon that attacks all ships in arc, friend and foe alike.
  15. I really wish that they would make the huge ship as obstacle rule legal for tournament play so everyone can get more use out of their huge ships, even if they don't play epic.
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