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  1. OK great, thank you all for the clarification! cheers
  2. Ok thanks. But what the point to roll if the character is unconscious? Only to see if he "may" die or be severely injured? Most of the result below 100 does not do anything if he is unconscious. many thanks
  3. Hi all, sorry in advance for the noob question. I am playing Edge of Empire beginner game with my son and I am still confused regarding critical injury. More specifically, with the table (found on the GM screen and online) which ask you to roll a D100. When do you use it? I guess it is explained in the core rulebook, but I do not have it. I understood that if you suffer more than your wound threshold, you are unconscious and get 1 critical injury. So when do you roll the D100? If you are unconscious, not much apply to your character, until he is healed, no? Most of the results imply that the character can still do actions. Is it only when you get hit with a weapon that use enough advantages to inflict you a critical hit? Please can someone be kind enough to share some light on this point? Thank you in advance, Thomas
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