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  1. Arming requires you to place "within" range 1, so the limit of what you can hit is units that are at range 2 of yourself.
  2. The number of actions you get is set in stone immediately after the rally step. So gaining or losing suppression after that doesn’t add or take away from your action count.
  3. Because all weapons with the same name must target the same defender. You can’t split fire with a single weapon. Since the leader already designated green as the target for the E-11, the others can’t use it to attack yellow.
  4. Haha, that is a little cheesy 😝 If you choose to target the green unit, only your commander can contribute and he must use his standard E-11 weapon. The other 2 could then attack blue with flamethrower and grenade. They are not obligated to shoot yellow (in fact, the cannot shoot yellow) because they can't use their E-11, since that weapon is already assigned to green.
  5. This part that you quoted answers your question. Determining obscurity is a 2-step process: 1) Any part of the base+mini is blocked from LOS 2) The centerline between minis crosses the blocking terrain If both of those are true, the defending mini is "obscured". If at least half of the minis in the defender are obscured, then the unit has cover (and the type of cover is determined by the terrain that the centerline crossed).
  6. That's actually not what it says, but is a common point of confusion. It says an operative cannot be "nominated" when using a non-operative command card. You can absolutely issue order to them.
  7. Ah ok. It’s still just Pierce 1, FYI. The sniper has pierce, but the scout’s pistol doesn’t. So only 1 weapon is contributing Pierce 1 to the pool.
  8. Which unit/weapon are you thinking of specifically? I don't think there are any units in the game currently that have access to multiple piercing weapons.
  9. Hmm, if that did happen then the judge made a mistake. Page 36: "Height is a vertical measurement of objects on a battlefield. An object’s height is measured using the range ruler."
  10. If it was me, I'd huddle in the tank and hide as much as possible, lol. However, Panic requires you to perform a move action that most efficiently takes you toward the nearest board edge. Since Disembark is a choice during a move action, you would have to do it.
  11. It depends on the wording on the card. You have it right that everyone gets a dodge token in the case of My Ally is the Force no matter how they receive that order token. The wording on Sabine's 3-pip is different, for example. It says "When Sabine Wren issues an order [...]". So in that case HQ Uplink and other effects wouldn't work with it.
  12. Assuming this build is legal, yeah looks legit. You’d have to make sure they’re lined up perfectly because you can’t use the same emplacement trooper twice for that (once you’ve used your comms relay you can’t be issued another order).
  13. Yeah, those are all legal. Can't use force push when you spend the standby because you're limited to a move action or an attack action (saber throw still works because it counts as an attack action even though it's also a card action).
  14. Performing any kind of action also causes you to lose your standby token. So if you use Force Push you'd lose the standby and can't trigger it.
  15. And we are SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone! If you are still interested, be sure to put yourself on the wait list and we’ll notify you of any openings before the general public: https://forms.gle/kw4ihVrFwkWZiru3A
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