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  1. Yes there are. The “card action” rules specifically. Jump is simultaneously a move action and a card action. The card action half of the equation is what stops you from performing it more than once. Confirmed by the devs, btw.
  2. Also because Critical happens during the “Convert attack surge” step, which is before dodge and cover. (Relevant for the republic tank, since it can spend dodges to cancel those crits!)
  3. Well you can’t just arbitrarily exhaust a card. You exhaust it as a cost to use the ability (page 12). And the ability on Offensive Push is 100% tied to movement just like Reposition is.
  4. While that's true, I believe the player using Force Push would have to be the one that does it. Following the same logic that allows them to use other abilities like Reposition (which is specifically clarified in the RRG entry). Still, not a bad move to be able to exhaust your opponent's card.
  5. Yup! Anytime you perform a move you have an opportunity to use it.
  6. Since Jump is a card action (in addition to being a move action) it can only be used once per activation. And you only ignore terrain during that particular move. So yes, they are correct to play it this way.
  7. That actually doesn’t work. The first part of Comms Relay is to choose a unit at range 1-2. Long Range Comms doesn’t affect that choice.
  8. No, your assessment is correct. I was implying that of the 3 options OP suggested, the one I quoted is the correct one.
  9. Both of these are true. The reference for the first one is on page 8. ”Terrain that completely blocks line of sight always provides heavy cover”
  10. Given the bolded portion below, I think it’s pretty clear they’re talking within the context of a single attack action. “Each additional attack must be made against a different enemy unit that has not already defended against an attack made with this weapon, either the original attack or one of the additional attacks”
  11. nashjaee

    Tauntaun Ram

    No, they would have Impact 1. Weak point adds Impact directly to the attack pool, it does not add it to the weapons. So the X-value is exactly what you get.
  12. nashjaee

    Bounty tokens

    Hmm, I'm not so sure about that one. Bounty has always been phrased such that you only get the point if you got the token via defeating another unit. The part about Secret Mission is right though. Probably good thing that was cleared up 🙂
  13. nashjaee

    Bounty tokens

    Yeah that was never a rule. You do keep the token on the unit (because a different bounty hunter might be able to claim it), but you yourself don't get any points from it.
  14. The transported unit does not receive suppression tokens from attacks (because it is never the defender of an attack), but can receive suppression tokens through any other game effects. For example, Vader's Master of Evil command card can issue suppression to it. It receives 1 wound each time the vehicle suffers any number of wounds from an attack. So for example, if the vehicles rolls perfectly on the defensive save then the transported unit would take no wounds. But if the vehicle rolls poorly and suffers 3 wounds, then the transported unit takes 1. And when the vehicle is destroyed, you would take 2 wounds: 1 from the attack as normal and 1 from being destroyed. C. 2 wounds and 1 suppression
  15. Objectives generally don't care what your rank is. Some of them specify "trooper" only, which does include units like Death Troopers, Scouts, and even Darth Vader and Luke. As long as the word "trooper" appears in their unit type (underneath their image on the unit card), they can score it. Some objectives don't specify a unit type at all, in which case all units are eligible, including vehicles. Unit type and unit rank are completely separate qualities.
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