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  1. A few things i noticed with the translation (german Version): 1. The characteristics shortform behind the skills is still english 2. If PC is a force user it says "Light Side Force User" (propably the same with dark side ) 3. The statblock for the adversaries is not translated That's all for now. PS: I also have the MediumLaserCanonStarship-Bug and using the german Version + DataSet. Maybe the right place to search for the bug
  2. I was playing around with DataSets (my own one and the german one) but i can't join them properly. Are there required steps to do so? Can i somehow see if there are differences in a singleobject between the DataSets (e.g. the translated name)? If the language DataSet is extended, will there be a possibility to see whats new? I'm also looking for cybernetics from Beyond the Rim (Energized Claws, Vision Cycling). Are they not included or can i import them from somewhere?
  3. All text in all windows, plus text on printed pages, are all in German. For data, only skills, characteristics, and item descriptors (things like qualities and standard mods) are translated. If you look in the Imports directory, there is a German language data set you can install that translates more of the data. I just checked it. I didn't update my old Version but opened the new Version in a different Window/Spot. After changing my Data Path the translation showed up. So good work, thank you
  4. We have translated above 80% And there will be a DataSet for German and afaik it is nearly completed.
  5. If you want the English language versions of the books, that’s a problem that is easy enough to fix, so long as you can either order directly from Amazon or one of the other online companies, or you’ve got a friend who can order from them and ship to you. Presumably money would have to change hands, and someone would have to pay for shipping and customs. But solving the technical problems of getting the books to you is do-able. Getting the German language version of the books, that is much tougher. I’m not sure that anyone over here can help you with that. Well, getting the english versions of the books isn't a problem. We can order them from the german publisher or amazon (or any distributer). But the translations are kind of homemade so that the real wording is different. E.g. people are translating the Skill Trees and trying to catch the right words. In the official german book (released long time after) the names are completely different. So language sets (in german at least) are not that accurate and need to be reworked
  6. Consider the Answer from Sam Stewart.
  7. Someone asked Sam Stewart that question. So your first calculation should be right...
  8. Sorry for repost. But i wonder if there is a way for me to translate the labels on the character sheet. So do you think there is a possibility that you could provide a feature like that? I'm sorry if this question has already been asked, but 188 pages are a lot to read
  9. Hey Oggdude. Thanks for this amazing work. I'm thinking about using your Generator for my group. But there is just one little flaw. It's the language So far, i can translate most of the Stuff. But for Characteristics and Skills the Modify-Button doesn't seem to work (Well, the needed XML-File is easy to find). But i can't find any way to change the printfile. There are some words/strings, that can't be edited. Is there a way to edit this words or even to create different language packs?
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