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  1. I just find coming up with different ways to cause strain to be a little taxing, and bland especially when he keeps rolling threats. Where can I find the sheets from GM Hooly?
  2. What are different ways to spend Advantage and Threat outside of combat? And do you always spend it when it's rolled and say something beneficial/detrimental happens, or if there really is nothing to do with it do you just skip it? Some examples, a character is negotiation with an NPC, he succeeds and rolls threat, what can happen? One that came up in a brief session of Long Arm of the Hutt, was the player searching for the source of the smell. For his character, he rolled no success and a threat. All I said was while searching around, you hit your head and get a strain. He rolls for the second character (1 player is all I got..) and same result. So I said he exhausts himself searching and suffers strain as well. I just feel like maybe theres something more creative that could happen, I just couldn't think of an alternative negative outcome from searching around. Also leads me to asking - what do I do when they completely fail at a task they need to accomplish?
  3. I'd have to decline, I really don't feel like paying their markup, if they even stock it. Coolstuffinc won't ship to me, I'll have to check miniaturemarket. I've already checked Amazon.ca, sellers there are selling it for $50CAD and that is before shipping. I am pretty limited with my options, living in Canada. I don't think I will do that, I don't have anyone there that I know or who would do that.
  4. Yes and it shows. I do like things the thought of rolling dice, I also do like the story telling (which is why I am also trying very hard to play Vampire the Masquerade and other White Wolf games). I suppose that could work. Okay, now it's just finding somewhere to get it. Regretfully the FFG shop isn't Canadian friendly with shipping.
  5. I think I found the selling point. There is a link the product page that takes to a very basic overview of the game, and a link to an example sheet of the layout of the guide, designating information that you read to the players. Fantastic this is exactly what I was hoping for. One last thing, I know the guide says for 3-5 players, GM and two PC's. I'm not going to have the luxury of a second player, can I run a single person through just fine?
  6. I've seen a lot of good words on it. My hang-up though is trying to present the information and story to the player. The D&D beginner box had a box that had all this information laid out in a very descriptive and informative way, and I was puzzled, do I read it off word for word to my player? It's made by the fact I've never been able to play a tabletop RPG, so trying to GM without play experience I can imagine makes it a little tougher. I do not, mine aren't the gaming type.
  7. Well that is good. The PDF follow up is free? Maybe I will read that before I do anything. I just want to make sure I can read it, and communicate it to my my player (cause in all honesty I can only get one person I know interested, here's hoping there's online communities that I can find for myself to have a chance at playing). Problem with prior 'beginner boxes' was the D&D 4E starter set, the blue box. I was really at a loss on all the info on the page what exactly I am narrating for the player.
  8. Or how to GM as an absolute newbie yourself. I'm a newish roleplayer, not much experience playing, and less being a GM. I just want to since this game has really caught my interest. How well put together is the adventure in the Beginner's box? Am I being spoonfed exactly what I am saying to the players. Or do I read it beforehand and translate it into a more interesting narrative sort of way?
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