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  1. If you turn the spider into a unit and he suffers damage, does he keep it or lose it upon reversion back to enhancement?
  2. Had never seen this before today. Smugglers vs. Navy. First DS turn with 6 resources available, he puts up an AT-ST Commander, and then uses his last 4 on a Superlaser Blast! Objective destroyed! LS refreshes and gets Raise The Stakes as his new objective. He plays Arcona Rumor Monger for 2 (Imperial Blockade is in effect), then attacks with the Rumor Monger. With only one defender, DS can't do anything so LS puts 2 cards in an unopposed edge stack to get him down to 3 cards. This activates the reaction from his Against All Odds objective, giving the Rumor Monger a blast icon because LS now only has 3 cards in hand while DS has 4. LS then plays Don't Get Cocky, adding 2 more blast damage icons to his Rumor Monger. Then Raise The Stakes kicks in the double unopposed bonus and BOOM! Imperial Blockade is gone! Each player had one turn, each destroyed an objective, and not a single blast damage icon from a unit card was used! Amazing.
  3. That's what I thought!
  4. If a DS player saddles my 3-Force unit with Fear, can I use Unwavering Resolve to bring those orbs back into play for one Force struggle?
  5. Reaction: After this unit enters play, a unit you control is committed to our removed from the Force. What if it's the only unit in play?
  6. Can it be used to prevent a vehicle card's capture?
  7. Can Protect work against Force Lightning, say if you had a Guardian and wanted to save Yoda?
  8. Interesting argument I had: Card text says "Sacrifice this unit if the Balance of the Force is with the Light Side." Does this mean the unit can't even be deployed with a LS balance in play? Would it get instantly sacrificed? Or does the DS player get a chance to flip the Force on his turn?
  9. Can H&L be used to rescue a captured card? Or because it is captured is it no longer "under *your* control."
  10. Does the Incinerator reaction have to be used the moment the card is captured or can it be used later in the turn or on future turns?
  11. An additional Navy Vader question: He along with 2 TIE Fighters are attacking. The LS wins the edge battle and destroys Vader with his first attack. Do the TIEs retain the extra blast damage, or is it gone because Vader is no longer attacking?
  12. And, of course, the all-important follow-up to the follow-up, how is Trench Run involved?
  13. Does your committed unit have to be ready for the Force struggle for Make Your Own Luck to apply? Can you put it on an exhausted unit, basically changing it from 0 to 3?
  14. Yeah, I meant dealing damage... got my actions confused.
  15. What about this combo: LS declares 2 attackers. DS uses Icetromper's ability to remove one of the attackers from the engagement, deals it 1 damage, thereby destroying it. LS has Forward Reconnaisance objective in play. Can he return the destroyed unit to his hand? Or since the unit was removed from the engagement, is he no longer an attacker?