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  1. After a few more play-throughs in my game group, here's some player interaction wishes. 1) More Foul Fate and Setback cards that punish some or everyone at the table/region/town. 2) Good Fortune cards that puts others (like the leader or runner-up in VP score) in harms way.
  2. After we had gone the quests, setbacks and foul fate cards after a few play.throughs; My group had to make some house-rules to make the game more challenging instead of just being an entertaining story of misfortune. On a side-note, more people results in more potential challenges surfacing earlier. No. You can try but in my opinion, no. It just makes the game longer, but far from more challenging. Development cards are just too powerful with the "standard rule-set". I created a house-rule thread in this forum if you are interested in making the game a bit more challenging. I don't feel any changes are required to the setup of the game board. The first play-throughs was fun and brought us a lot of laughs even though the game was easy; Thanks to the story elements and all the potential setbacks and foul fate escalations. But when flavour texts lost their novelty, we had to start testing some house-rules to make the game challenging instead. Good luck and have fun with the game! Signing out, Hrodban
  3. Yes, we're limiting the character to only have up to 3 development cards And the proposed Common Token limit is for the sum of all tokens on all cards. The problem with just the 3 Common Tokens per Development Card limit; When we have 2-3 development cards that gives swords, shields and rituals, we don't even need to roll the dice to beat anything in the game.
  4. These made the games a bit more interesting for us: 1) Limiting the development cards to a maximum of 3 in total; Where slot #1 is utility/offensive, slot #2 is utility/defensive and slot #3 is utility. By offensive we mean cards generating Sword(s)/Ritual(s) from common tokens without dice requirements, and by defensive we mean cards generating Shield(s) from common tokens without dice requirements. And finally utility cards is everything else. 2) 3 face down bronze monsters becomes 1 face down silver 3 face down silver monsters becomes 1 face down gold
  5. After two proper play-throughs (with two of my play groups) I've been noticing the characters quickly become too strong in the mid and late game; Unless I've missed something in the rules reference that makes the game harder. Have you come up with any working house-rules to make the game a bit more challenging without making it impossible? Removed some proposed house-rules due to confusion, posting results from some play-throughs below. Kinds regards, Hrodban
  6. Initial experience Rather easy to learn, really smooth gameplay, very interesting scenarios and potential escalating situation that may or may not affect some or all players. Flavour texts on the cards are a great read (out loud) and enhances the experience a lot; And beautiful art. The unique mechanics to the different characters added a lot of flavour. We had a great time and laughed a lot at our misfortunes and interesting encounters on our journeys. Where the experience was lacking a bit The game-board is a bit big, I hope there will be expansions, but not game-board extensions. Not enough monsters to encounter, we went through the bronze and silver monster tokens rather early, and only "spawned" two golden and encountered one; Most (if not all) of the monsters were too easy after having just a few development cards on the table. It felt too easy to get rid of the Foul Fate tokens and Damage tokens. Getting money and managing our coin purse felt trivial and a non-issue (in a bad way). For example there is only 2 routes that costs money to travel via, which left the "feature" feeling a bit cheap. Negative Having the monsters represented by tokens felt awkward somehow, mostly because it felt like there would've been room for more diversity if they were represented by cards instead. Overall We got a bit sad when the game ended, which is a good thing, we wanted to play more! I'm looking forward to potential expansions to the game. What I want to see in the future More monster tokens. More money sinks. More damage/foul-fate token magnets. More setback/foul-fate cards that escalate into more setback/foul-fate card draws. New maps, map modifications or smaller extensions; Already hard to fit everything on a rather big living room table. Thank you for the good gaming experience and for many more play-throughs. Kind regards, One happy customer
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