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  1. I've been playing this list in my local TL/Torp Meta. It became useful after the Tie Punisher and K-Wing came onto the scene. Soontir Fel Stealth Device AutoThrusters Royal Tie Title PTL Carnor Jax Stealth Device Autothrusters Royal Guard Title PTL Captain Kagi Hull Upgrade Enhanced Sensors Kagi forces the ships with the ordinance to TL it before anything else leaving the interceptors free to do their damage before the Shuttle is dead. I haven't tried it against a Jumpmaster heavy list but I'm looking forward to it. Of course the Ghost/Phantom - Autoblaster lists will shred my interceptor aces these days but that's what make the game challenging.
  2. If the Boba Fett crew is activated when it scores a critical hit on the Ghost, can he destroy a docked Phantom's title card? I would think not because the Phantom is a second ship but I figure the question is worth asking.
  3. I'm a new fish in this rather large pond but I think it's crystal clear that this matter needs to be re-clarified by FFG. We are splitting hairs here but it's the splitting of hairs that make a TO judge a TO judge.
  4. The list I'm thinking about goes like this: Tycho Celchu (28) Title Wired PTL Char Refit Hera Syndulla (51) EU Title Accuracy Corrector Autoblaster Turret Nien Numb Zeb Ezra Bridger - Shuttle (20) Title Total cost: 99 My basic idea is to just keep the shuttle docked for the double Acc Corrector / Autoblaster and rear main gun shots. Using Nein Numb with Hera's ability should make me plenty maneuverable and let me remove any stress I obtain. Any suggestions or obvious mistakes with this approach?
  5. Can you be tractor beamed off the edge of the map?
  6. Does Omega Ace's ability to disallow dice results being changed prevent the usage of an evade token?
  7. I reported a problem with a T-70 X-Wing I purchased in a blister pack. I submitted my photo and a brief description of the problem and Fantasy Flight sent me a replacement without responding to my problem in writing.
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