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  1. Since you are too lazy to look through the provided source, let me make things clearer to you. Section 501, Subsection 1 Then there is the established definition: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/copyright Then we have the Wikipedia entry for copyright: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright Then we have this which explicitly describes copyright when referring to game rules: http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl108.html In some weird way this -might- be important as well: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/legal-information/ Do we have any further questions in regards to copyright infringement?
  2. I can do better than a rule, how about a law: http://copyright.gov/title17/ Try before you fly -is- a good general rule and is good for the game. Proxying long term is -not- good for the health of the game. I've said it multiple times in this thread and I'll say it again: If you want to defraud FFG, or play with other players who do the same, that's not my business as long as I'm not involved.
  3. Using the forums and getting better ideas, my current list is as follows: Hera Guidance Chips FCS Dorsal Turret Plasma Torp Extra Munitions Zeb (Crew) Intel Agent Corran Horn EU PTL FCS R2D2 Hera (52) Horn (48) Total 100
  4. Also I choose to 'Double Tap' when I'm at range 1 to maximize the effect. Move to range one using the engine upgrade, PTL for the original target lock, fire using four dice, regain lock via FCS and at the end of the combat phase roll 4 dice again with the new Target Lock. Then zip on by with a 4 or five straight maneuver, While setting up for another pass, use R2D2 to recover any damage done to shields. I'm pretty sure it's the best arc dodge the Rebels have. It's a consistent game winner for me providing something else on the board is causing considerable Aggro in the beginning of the game. When I see it on the board against me, I throw everything and the kitchen sink at it to get it off the board as fast as I can. You should give it a try.
  5. My 'slippery slope' argument is worth considering as I've seen it happen first hand. Games like Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, BattleTech, Warmachine and especially Magic the Gathering have all taken downturns once everyone starts to proxy on a regular basis. I know let's just punish the players who go out of their way and play this game by the rules by taking the easier route and pirating copyright materials. I don't bite the hand that feeds me. If you want to defraud FFG or play with other players who do the same, as I've said before that's not my business as long as I'm not involved.
  6. When two ships have the same piloting skill, does the player's ship who has the initiative still move last and fire first? For some reason some of the players in my group disagree.
  7. Once a group starts proxing as a general rule, where does it end? If you're going to proxy upgrade cards why not ships as well? I've seen other tabletop Miniature games devolve to this level before. All you really need are a new and old core set and a large based ship or two and you can proxy everything from there. I'm sure they have detailed pilot and base art somewhere on the internet. And yes these things do happen, in other games at least. Another snag when it comes to proxying is soon everyone is flying the exact same lists. Sure it happens now in some extent but I'm sure this rises exponentially once you start letting everyone proxy willy-nilly. I've already stated that -you- and -yours- can do as y'all see fit. But I'm posting this in case any of the players in my little corner of the X-Wing world read this thread. We have players who often visit this forum.
  8. I can now see the wisdom of using the Black Squadron Ties Vs, The FO's. PS 4 and sooner or later crack shot is going to guarantee that additional hit. I'll try the list both ways to see which works better for me.
  9. I might but I highly doubt you could get a scout off the board on turn one. The Punisher can't even get into target lock range on turn one. Are we having an argument over my suggested changes to a list that was posted for the purpose of critique? I happen to think the FO's have more staying power due their superior dial, the shield and the target lock
  10. I've noticed that some ordinance state: ATTACK (FOCUS): Discard this card to perform this attack. While others say: ATTACK (TARGET LOCK): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack. Does this mean that a focus token is not expended when attacking with those types of ordinance?
  11. Is there a compilation of rules clarified on the Forums by FFG staff somewhere? I think this could help greatly in case two players are disagreeing over what the FAQ says and what a ruling on the Forum stated.
  12. How many target locks would FCS give to Redline? I'm sure this has been addressed before but humor me. Redline: You may maintain 2 target locks on the same ship. When you acquire a target lock, you may acquire a second lock on that same ship. Fire Control System: After you perform an attack, you may acquire a target lock on the defender. Redline obtains a target lock on turn two, he gets two locks on the same target via his pilot ability. Redline uses one target lock, he still has one on the target from the previous round, FCS gives a new target lock which triggers Redline's ability again. Does Redline now have three target locks on the same target?
  13. Can Thread Tracers give you additional target locks on ships when you already have one there or somewhere else?
  14. Ahh now I see that Acc Corrector and Guidance Chips wouldn't work well together at all. Now i'm going to stick with the FCS. How do you feel about tracer missiles?
  15. Crack shot is a once and done card, I prefer the FO's because of the shield but mostly for their better dials. I seldom bother to target lock but that is a good option when nobody is in arc. I think Accuracy Corrector will make those cluster missiles more potent. I'm not sure how FCS and Redline interact. How many target locks is too many target locks? Can these locks be spread over multiple ships?
  16. Looks like a fun list to fly. I have a hard time justifying flying any TIE Advanced without using Vader but that's me and I often get stuck in ruts when compiling lists.
  17. 51 points doesn't seem excessive to me for all the Aggro the Ghost attracts. I haven't flown against a Ghost with a docked shuttle yet. It seems like the Phantom becomes a 23/26+ point upgrade for the Ghost for a good portion of the game. Is 26ish points worth justifying the rear arc primary weapon attack along with the additional turret shot? I don't know Once you undock the Ghost I still am not sold on it's viability for it's point cost. But again I haven't flown against one. I do have a 'Fat Ghost' list elsewhere in this thread. Perhaps I'll be all the wiser after flying one myself.
  18. I'm going to try this list but with Tie/FO Epsilon's instead of the Black Squadron Ties. "Redline" (27) Fire-Control System (2) Plasma Torpedoes (3) Extra Munitions (2) Cluster Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) The Inquisitor (25) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) TIE/v1 (1) Tie/FO Epsilon Pilot (15) Tie/FO Epsilon Pilot (15) Total: 99 I'm thinking of swapping out the FCS for an Accuracy Corrector. Ideas?
  19. I haven't played this list yet. Let me know what you think or suggest adjustments. Tycho Celchu Title PTL Wired Char Refit Kanan Jarrus Anti-Pursuit Lasers Title Accuracy Corrector Autoblaster Turret Recon Specialist Zeb (Crew) Sabine Wren Title Nien Numb Tycho (28) Kanan (49) Sabine (22) Total: 99
  20. I ran a Ghost / Corran Horn list with great success recently. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks. Hera Engine Upgrade Autoblaster Turret Accuracy Corrector Zeb (Crew) Int Agent Corran Horn Engine Upgrade PTL FCS R2-D2 Hera (51) Horn (48) Total: 99
  21. I ran a Ghost / Corran Horn list with great success recently. Of course this may quickly come to an end when my opponents stop chasing after the Ghost and focus on Horn first (as they should). Hera Engine Upgrade Autoblaster Turret Accuracy Corrector Zeb (Crew) Int Agent Corran Horn Engine Upgrade PTL FCS R2-D2 Hera (51) Horn (48) Total: 99
  22. I've used proxies when trying out a new squadron. For instance, I'm considering adding retrofitted astromechs and R2's to my four T-70 list. Before I buy all the expansions I would need to outfit this list before I know if I even like it (3 more Y-wings and another T-70 expansion), I'll ask if my opponent minds if I proxy for play test purposes. Should this list end up as one that I like and intend to add to my regular list rotation, I would purchase the upgrade cards via the expansion packs or on E-Bay. For tournament use or not. I've seen widespread proxying as a general rule lead to madness before. Being able to just conjure up multiple copies of Thermal Detonator or (Insert any card here) at will, leads to chaos as all the other players in the group will feel free to do the same. Why wouldn't they? I've seen this happen in other games before and am against the practice of long-term Proxying, Then again who am I to -tell- you and your group what to do. I would ask my opponent on a case per case basis and not simply make proxying a group rule.
  23. Is there a single depository for these rules questions that get answered by FF developers? It seems such a source would be of great help.
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