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  1. Cut them down a bit first as they're a tad big. I mount mine on 20x30 foamboard and cut the excess off and they've worked well at 20x30.
  2. Here is the other one I did. Both now have all the doors courtesy of the sedition wars terrain set (tons of perfect doors). I have this one and the Endor one ready to go for Monday and the May 4th celebration demos I'm putting on at my LGS. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/139240-share-your-customized-work-here/
  3. Ya, I've jazzed up a couple of those maps. They work well and look great.
  4. Star wars minis.... attack on Endor, cut down a bit for IA use.
  5. I did this not long ago with Weiss. After using hot tap water I went to put the gun in and it slipped out of my hand. I rushed to pick it up and insert it before the parts cooled and later on when I looked at it I realized it was upside down lol... so, ya, once heated it will easily go in upside down lol.I've been too lazy to fix it, plus I don't want to break it trying to get it out. It's Weiss so its easy to rationalize that it is upside down for some experimental new reason.
  6. People talk alot about mele builds because right now all the people that use the word "meta" 8 times a day are making nothing but Vader and/or RGC lists... well, because they are no brainers. Vader is, well, Vader. He's what we would expect... a force using mele monster. He is almost half the points in your list after all. Its easy to just play mele beasts. Load yourself up with ways to move faster and get stuck in.... not much thought needed for a new player to jump in with these builds and still be able to beat people. But I wouldn't agree that its a mele game. I've won games shooting Luke to death with lowly stormtroopers, and when I play my Rebels, Fenn has almost always been the key to victory for me. I have also used e-webs to great effect (and my e-web completely shut down the rebels from delivering holocrons in one game I played. Its all about the mission parameters and there are many scenarios where the right shooters, properly placed, steal the show
  7. Which is the way it was mostly done in the films.... standing at a corner and popping out for a shot and back around the edge of the wall. While just standing on the wall corner square will often leave los to you from around the corner, the use of movement points allow you to hop back that extra square after shooting to conceal you.
  8. White will give more vivid colours but is harder to work with, especially with pre-assembled single pose models. With certain sculpts, getting your brush into some of those little nooks with any kind of brush control is tough. When you use white ou have to deal with these nooks as having little white spots under armpits, etc., whereas with black, hose hard to get to nooks just end up with a little black spot... which just becomes a shadow that no one ever notices. I used to prime white years ago... now I always go black... and never go back lol. When I need to paint those hard coverage colours like red or yellow, I simply paint those areas with a thin layer of light grey after priming. Light grey covers black beautifully and those reds and yellows that take countless coat after coat when you paint them on black, go over grey quite easily. Just my 2 sheckles.
  9. All your opinions are crap, you guys all suck, this game sucks and everyone who likes Star Wars are a bunch of moronic nerds!!!! RAGE!!!!! Just kidding...
  10. Your constructive input is immediately put to use Hey, I've mellowed considerably.... this was me being politically correct. In years past, I would have got into a pissing contest with some stubborn 15 year old which ended in me calling everyone retards, then rage quitting this site lol. I thought my response was as nice as I get lol
  11. Thats why I said "we don't allow"... we all agreed that the uncertainty added to the game, made strain better and just overall made the game better. I am well aware of the rules and I thought I was clear that it was a houserule in the phrasing of my post... obviously it wasn't clear. But ya, the people I play with have all been gaming for 20 years, have played just about every minis game ever made, so whenever a ruleset comes out, there is always a rule or 2 that we unanimously agree needs to be tweaked or changed entirely.
  12. We don't allow people to look at the cards that they burn from the deck, so while you know what started in the deck, and know whats in your hand and what you discard from your hand, we don't let people see what they discard from the deck... so, that card that you think is still waitin to be pulled, might not be in the deck anymore at all.
  13. Soo many people just don't understand the rules at all.....
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