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  1. Honestly, my favorite is probably the Nightsister one from Unlimited Powah! just because I like the mental image of a lightsaber blade that has a green fire trail like a sword from a fantasy game.
  2. Would having the skill use Resilience in place of a Knowledge to alter the effects of a spell work better?
  3. For a campaign I'll be running based loosely off the Ruins of Azlant AP by Paizo, one of the magic skills I'm going to allow are a variant of the Runes magic skill in Terrinoth. Instead of carrying little shards with a mystic rune engraved on it, the runes are carved directly into the skin. It uses Brawn instead of Intellect, and the default range for the Attack action is Engaged instead of Short. This will be my first time running/playing with the magic rules, though I've listened to episode19 of DPP. Do these changes seem unbalancing?
  4. Earlier this evening I started working on a pdf document on GM Binder as a way to help my group make the jump from D&D to Genesys. The current plan is for the document to have the core pathfinder races (+2) and classes with the majority of the content being from Realms of Terrinoth. I have made some tweaks to the flavor and skills of some of the classes/careers and added in two additional races/species. The Sorcerer uses Runes instead of Arcana and is encouraged to focus on darker magics; the Ranger doesn't get Primal; stuff like that. The two species are Half-Ogre and Trollblood. Mechanically they are the Dowutin from Knights of Fate and Trandoshan from EotE Core respectively. Is this document something that the community would be interested in?
  5. My current thought is that Planeswalking will simply be handled narratively. For the most part, I think that reserving the Nemesis enemy type for other Planeswalkers does enough to represent how Planeswalkers are more powerful than those that aren't. Outside of the ability to travel to other planes and being powerful mages, modern Planeswalkers (to my knowledge) don't have special powers that require more than a tweaked version of the magic skills.
  6. Just had an idea for a potential group forming at work: a campaign inspired by Magic: the Gathering. This idea is still in its early stages, so don't expect a lot in this first post, but I'd still like to hear the thoughts of the community. I'm planning on all of the PCs being Planeswalkers, so every career will have a magic skill. I will also be making custom magic skills based on the five colors of mana. Each of the ten careers will be aligned towards one of the colors, five focused on magic with the other five branching out into different skills along with magic. Careers Berserker (Brawl, Coercion, Melee (Heavy), Red Mana, Resilience, Riding, Survival, Vigilance) Cabalist (Black Mana, Coercion, Deception, Discipline, Knowledge (Forbidden), Melee (Light), Resilience, Vigilance) Druid (Alchemy, Brawl, Discipline, Green Mana, Knowledge (Lore), Medicine, Perception, Survival) Evoker (Athletics, Charm, Coercion, Knowledge (Adventuring), Knowledge (Lore), Ranged, Red Mana, Vigilance) Knight (Athletics, Cool, Discipline, Leadership, Melee (Light), Melee (Heavy), Riding, White Mana) Priest (Athletics, Charm, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Resilience, White Mana) Ranger (Green Mana, Knowledge (Adventuring), Perception, Ranged, Riding, Stealth, Survival, Vigilance) Scholar (Alchemy, Blue Mana, Knowledge (Forbidden), Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (the Planes), Mechanics, Medicine, Perception) Shadowdancer (Black Mana, Charm, Cool, Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Forbidden), Skulduggery, Stealth) Wizard (Alchemy, Blue Mana, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Adventuring), Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (the Planes), Perception) Magic Skills Black Mana (Attack, Augment, Conjure, Curse, Utility) Blue Mana (Augment, Barrier, Curse, Dispel, Utility) Green Mana (Attack, Augment, Barrier, Conjure, Utility) Red Mana (Attack, Augment, Curse, Utility) White Mana (Attack, Augment, Barrier, Heal, Utility) This is what I've gotten in the 1.5 hours since I first got the idea. I'm not sure how I'm going to do archetypes/species, as with the vast myriad of possible planes that characters can originate from leaves almost endless possible options. Thoughts/suggestions?
  7. The above is the basis for the Genesys setting that I'll be running. My focus is going to be on the first forty years, during a time when humanity is, to quote Sam Jackson, "hopelessly, hilariously outgunned." The characters won't likely live through more than a few missions, either killed (if they're lucky) or captured and enslaved. The weakest enemies will be Rivals, even their bargain bin scrap generations more advanced than anything the PCs have. The focus of adventures won't be combat victories, but sabotage, information, and obtaining technology for the scientists to study and reverse engineer. I'll be homebrewing Biotic power trees more akin to Force Powers to tie into the flavor of the source material: biotics being one of the few ways for humans to match the batarians without 12+ to 1 odds. For my first few sessions, it will be early in the conflict, before humanity has many biotics.
  8. A big part of the campaign is going to be focused on just finding Tython, but once reaching it I may use the +1 FR to give them a boost in the final fight against the BBEG. Thank you all for the feedback, still a pretty inexperienced GM as far as this system's concerned, hence my reaching out for the advice of those with more experience than me.
  9. In a campaign that I'm starting this weekend, I plan for the focus to be on the Je'daii that focused on a balance between the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Once the PCs start down the path to becoming the new Je'daii, I want to provide mechanical benefits to maintaining 40-60 Morality. Some recommendations that I was given on Facebook included waiving the automatic conflict from certain talents, but the one that I am leaning most heavily towards was an alteration to the Morality scale: 1-10: +2 WT, -2 ST 11-20: +1 WT, -2 ST 21-25: Dark Side User 26-35: Unaffiliated 36-40: Balanced 41-45: +1 ST 46-55: +2 ST, Je'daii Bendu 56-60: +1 ST 61-65: Balanced 66-74: Unaffiliated 75-x: Light Side Paragon x-x: -1 WT, +1 ST x-100: -2 WT, +2 ST The PCs wouldn't start out with the +2 ST, but they would need to set out on the path to become Je'daii.
  10. Stumbled across this as I was coming up with material for my Sith campaign, and had an idea: the crystal used for a graduating apprentice's first lightsaber is made from the remains of their biggest rival. In SWTOR, for example, Vemrin would become the crystal for the Sith Warrior while Ffon would become the crystal for the Sith Inquisitor. Don't have access to it at the moment, but I'll upload the stats I came up with for a Soul Diamond and a Tortured Soul Diamond (as I'm calling them)
  11. Before he moved out of state, my cousin and I talked about swapping out the techy talents in the Shadow Tree for Parry. There's only like 2 or 3, and it was for a character from a bronze-age type world. He called himself a Moon Mage and primarily used things/tactics like stealth, misdirection, stuff like that.
  12. Next week I'll be starting one of two campaigns: The first takes place entirely within old sith space about 25 years after the death of Vader over Endor, at the new Sith Academy of Korriban as part of a new Sith Empire founded by a member of a lost population of Naga Sadow's empire. The second takes place about 5 years before A New Hope, and will be galaxy hopping as they follow coordinates on an obelisk that a dream led them to.
  13. So my old computer crashed, taking the program with it. When I click on the link to redownload it, I get a page that says "That file doesn't live here anymore. It might have been moved or made private." Can someone please explain?
  14. Restraining himself, Ora nonetheless gave both the professor and the arrogant zabrak a smile as talks ended for the time being. He had a few hours before the talks continued and in that time he had a few things to do. The first of which being to get himself a drink after dealing with these zuzaks, then he needed to take a look at the artifacts uncovered. As he passed by the Mandalorian, his mind reviewed his master’s orders. They were simple enough, though the number of artifacts meant that he would be on Iridonia for a while. ~*~ Professor Ashla Myran resisted the urge to punch the infuriating zabrak. That arrogant son of a hutt was…just… “Avalon, take the afternoon off. I need to relieve some stress,” and she knew just how to do it.
  15. I'm glad to see the thread pick back up, I should have the trip through the dig site up by Sunday at the latest.
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