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  1. First saw that in the d6 RPG Star Wars books.
  2. OrangeCat

    Scale opinon on AT ACT

    I am looking at the AT-AT model, and... I want to shred it for terrain... (I have been playing a lot of SW Battlefront 2)
  3. OrangeCat


    I would feel bad but... eeeehhhhhhh....
  4. OrangeCat


    Understandable, but naughty.
  5. OrangeCat


    If you jam it in hard enough, it will fit. (Trying to make Darth sweat.)
  6. OrangeCat


    That photo is actually a cry for help.
  7. OrangeCat

    Chimera paint job on top?

    Mother of God... O.o
  8. OrangeCat

    Entrenched Positions and PDS

    Oh, Gods yes. I stopped playing this game for a year because I ran into... let's just say, an "interesting fellow". This is a 4x game, and sometimes you get "Xterminated". Modern Euro game style, old war-game sensibilities. TI has one foot in each.
  9. OrangeCat

    Chimera paint job on top?

    Thank you for the responses. I just wasn't sure I'd seen a clear shot of the top, thought it was just me. I have seen the episodes where the emblem is clear on the bottom, and yes, someone with quadnocs looking up at the thing would be probably mutter "This can't be good.". I will leave it on my model. I'm actually leaning towards buying two to have copies of the cards and Madolorians within. The extra ISD Chimera... I'm actually thinking of finally trying my hand at a "bone white", Rogue One paint-job. It can be my other "hero" ISD.
  10. OrangeCat

    Chimera paint job on top?

    I know that the Chimera print was on the bottom of Thrawn's ISD, but was it on the top? Not complaining, but I may repaint the top.
  11. OrangeCat

    Reminder that you can have the ISD I model

    Yes, I've assembled this mod kit with one of my ISDs. it comes out amazing and is not hard.
  12. OrangeCat

    Come and join the Arm...ada Wiki Timing Project!

    I know you! This wiki has been a lifesaver. (I type as as I sit at work.)
  13. OrangeCat

    9 Hammerhead Swarm Counters?

    Once you pop, you can't stop. Pew pew pew.
  14. OrangeCat

    Wave 6 ETA

    I am in the middle of a Corellian Campaign at the moment, we are a bit delayed because my teammate is trying to get his house up for sale... Is it wrong that I want wave 6 to arrive before my upgrade step?
  15. OrangeCat

    FAQ explanation article

    Since you cannot put your commander onto a flotilla, you must ask yourself two questions. 1) If I buy a ship and stay away from the action, how much firepower is wasted? 2) How robust a ship should my commander be in? Every flotilla I buy means a more fragile flagship.