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  1. 3D printing would be a great option.
  2. An active monster that has moved onto a facedown tile, that is then revealed. The person doing the revealing decides which space to put it in.
  3. So the suffering rads that a few of the quests have in them make the Ghoul very powerful in this scenario. My question is: Does the Ghoul actually suffer from rads?
  4. Thinking way too inside the box. What if they do release a bunch of watery tiles and maps for a specifics campaign? What if they do release a Endor/ Hoth only pack where all of your stuff is open, with a new terrain edge that is a "Short Wall": Ground based figures can't see through it but Speeder can fly over it etc? Also I never think of ANYTHING standing still, unless of course it doesn't move on it's turn. a full Round is say 10 seconds real time, and everyhting moves and shoots more or less at the same time. etc. I'd say if speeder bikes and snow sppeders where added they'd HAVE to hav especial movement rules. IE they always have to move, and can only change "facing" once per activation? Something like that... Now to the OP's list... Hmm.
  5. Correct, which in this case ti might be better to spend that Surge for another ability, or to recover a Strain.
  6. Yes, using strain for MP is not an action. So you could use two Strain, move two spaces, then attack twice.
  7. Our groups interpretation is that Jyn has to have Line of Site to the target herself before she can use her interrupt. Now we haven't discussed say something is 8 spaces away, she interrupts, then used trick shot to make the range only 5... Hmm, the possibilities. lol
  8. Yes, it's a very annoying upgrade card for us poor imperials....
  9. Good. Maybe finally I can crush the Rebels tomorrow. lol. Then again I missed quite a bit of threat from Chewie as an Ally since the first side mission. And a few other things. Hopefully with the last few missions it's a bit tougher for them now.
  10. Don't be overly concerned with the tutorial. I'd say just decrease the troops only. No threat and no deployments in the tutorial either. It's jsut a session to get movement and attacking/power usage figured out. Now: 1: In the campaign you ge threat at the end of each round equal to the threat level of the mission, which that number is located on the Campaign Tracker sheet. 2 and 3: Nothing really like I said just use that mission to teach yourself movement etc. 4: say they killed 2 of three troopers this turn since I can't redeploy a not dead unit, I instead only pay 4 and respawn two of them on the deployment point etc. You always start at 0 threat, some missions then say give yourself twice the current threat level at the begining and do an optional deployment, which can be nothing so you bank that threat for future use. Also if they take an ally you get it's deployment cost in threat at the beginning also. (I screwed that one up with Chewie since first side mission, thats a free AT-ST first turn every mission I didn't get, lol)
  11. Ah, thanks Nun. I'm to the point as the Imp player that I almost never field normal Stormtroopers anymore. lol.
  12. With no open groups you can't deploy a full group. You can however deploy Reinforcements for that group. At the cost of 3 threat per trooper.
  13. Page 3 of the Rules Guide, third bullet down right hand column. YOu can't use the second activation token till all other HERO'S have used thier first activation token. So it'd be like this: Rebel 1 Imp 1 Rebel 2 Imp 2 Rebel 1 (or 2) Imp 3 Rebel 2 (or 1) And if you have Allies they can activate anywhere in that order...
  14. One way to look at "best" though would be extra activations... Garkahn can charge attack, brutal cleave, then attack a third time, Jynn can interrupt, and then Gideon can give out an extra action... I'm not too sure what Dahlia can do, and I don't think neither Mak or Fenn get "bonus" actions...
  15. So last session I've noticed some disturbing things happening and just checking that everything is being done right: Gar charges, attacks, cleave goes off. He then Brutal Cleaves something else, he can then kick off Cleave again? An then second action attacks AGAIN once again getting a cleave off (Provided he gets enough Surges etc.) It hurts my poor little storm troopers so much... Not to mention he has Reach... lol. I know that Brutal cleave can only kick off if something is adjacent to his first target, but cleave can hit anything else within his reach... And then Jyn... With Gunslinger and two pistols before any dice are rolled she's getting 3dmg, and then with Surges it's another +3dmg... Really hurts!
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