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  1. In the vain of open ended questions.... how long is it before a thread becomes dormant? And how long can you leave a dormant thread before it becomes threadomacy?
  2. damit... pictures too big was just going to add a picture of my pair being too busy hugging each other to give out hugs :(
  3. point 1 - just because it is in a winning tournament doesnt mean its 'good' nor does not being there make it 'bad' point 2 - meta a is not the same as meta b point 3 - yes I do run command officers hence why I said it point 4 - my earlier comments about SFO where in regards to the counter argument against command officers NOT an argument against SFOs as a seperate choice point 5 - main one - surely the fact that everyone is in disagreement about what is a bad card means that they are all playable (even if only in limited scope) therefore making an inclusive system?
  4. SFO is a discard, so is a one time use... SFO only allows you to jump to the next dial... what happens if the next dial is also the 'wrong' one for the situation?
  5. definantly a meta thing going on here.... personally I do like using Wing Commander (on a sqn pusher) & Tactical expert (on a gunnery ship) on 3 command ships. then I put the other command I think I might need in the command stack and then use the officer as I need.
  6. I liked it for what it is.... escapist fantasy fun with explosions! Ok there are a couple of bits that grated/ clashed with previously established lore... but apart from the 'hard core'* fans most wouldnt notice or care. *eg I'm a casual fan of the marvel films... I have a passing knowledge of the comics so can follow the story but most of the stuff that hacks off the marvel fans means nothing to me....
  7. No boycottoing Solo is boycotting solo thats it... there is no impact or anything to do with TLJ ... Just because you say your boycotting X for reason Y doesnt matter to the company that makes X... Also who are you agreeing with that having 1 SW movie per year kills expectations? As I didnt say that....
  8. Hrmm.... how to put this.... 1, If your not worried about minority rights why do so many of your posts mention it? 2, A CEO may indicate the direction but do not have control or time to oversee the day to day issues... 3, The boycott of Solo is more damaging to Solo than to the TLJ trilogy... all it will do is stop the solo movie spin offs because that is where the drop in viewers happened. Companies will not look at a long term cause of drop in numbers unless the drop is over a long term basis... and this will be after they have done the usual steps of cutting what appears to be a bad direction.
  9. for rebels... they gain a fleet title that has to be equipped to every ship..... 'desperate attack' add 1 hull to every medium ship & 2 to every large.... flottilas loose one hull
  10. Are we talking competitively? Campaigns? local meta? If the latter then... most of them... it takes a while to dust of ships
  11. Derail time - how about altering the VPs that each objective gives? OR re-balancing what the objective gives the players so the harder to achieve ones give more for completing .. OR even for the common /easy ones the player starts off with a negative VP count .... hrrmmm decisions decisions
  12. dengar + howlrunner + tie interceptors (adds +1 to counter value), (adds +1 blue if you have swarm), (have counter) other 'Janky' squadron stuff....
  13. well thats what happens when your rebels on the run... the 1st think you leave behind is the wardrobe.... So the Military just have several of the same uniform each so you cant tell if they are being a fezzing tw't looking at a picture ?
  14. off topice... but do you think that they would come with a free experimental retrofit? due to their size
  15. E-Wings to be built by the Empire... give us more than 1 sqn with SNIPE!!!!
  16. still need to actually get round to buying one... but I'm more of an imperial player ......
  17. How companies react to stuff.......... When things go to plan - shout how wonderful they are Things dont go to plan - quite comments on thats how it was planned things dont happen at all - keep quite and hope people didnt notice
  18. Well i'm getting my first game in this year today so I'm happy...even if I am running rebels instead of my normal Imperial fleet! (club meets clash with just about everything else at the moment ... :\)
  19. Not quite... you dont determine a course for squadrons..they end up within distance x (where x = squadron speed) from their starting location. Honestly my approach is ... I want to have a fun game & human interaction ... its you are out by fractions of an inch range I'll let it slide but that distance works both ways (ie if your in range 1 so am I). It also helps that you both agree on distances as I've had one of us in range some ones knocked the table and the ships have moved slightly so are now out of range yet neither ship has 'moved'. So in that case I've always gone was in range the other way so go for it.
  20. Not really because you set the speed of the ship & it has to go at that speed and can only move at the allowed Yaws... and you can alter those hover it then go back and alter it again.... I'm just saying you should be allowed the same latitude with squadrons. Sorry if that didnt come across
  21. This.... Why have games like warhammer (FBS) done away with guess weapons in the rules? because why should the person who can measure down to 1/18th" with their eyes get a bonus to the person with no depth perception? Personally I'm fine with doing away with the one tool rule OR put into the rules player interaction... eg saying 'I'm moving forward so I'm just in range 1 of X but not Y' then make sure that the end point is not further than your max move.
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