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  1. It most likely the account used to create (and therefore permission) the original forum so is actually inactive now and is still around due to how they've migrated the data / posts.
  2. happy firdays.... Its got to be the First Order... just so when they create the RSD they'll have no excuse for not making the SSD.....
  3. hrm... chop the guns off then put baby wings on the nose and you have a generic ww2 fighter flying right to left firing nose guns.....
  4. he's frightened that he might be correct... and then where would we be then when we've actually got new to talk about rather than moaning about not having anything?
  5. erm.... how about the mc75? or maybe the armoured cruiser/ ordanance cruiser? I dont know just an idea ?
  6. If its the original quote then its from Conan the Barbarian about the best thing in life: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
  7. The owner of the ship gets to choice which token is kept as per the QSR (IIRC) where it says if you have more tokens than command then discard one
  8. Well we have an admiral that adds hull... so how about a victory only engine retro fit that gives a different speed /yaw chart but at cost of both points & hull?* *Be funny if Vader boards the Vic and removes the engine retro fit and increases the hull value :p... ......
  9. oops ... I stand corrected. apologies to @ovinomanc3r edit - tagged the wrong person! sorry
  10. Technically yes... but only affects the speed setting during setup
  11. Yeah sorry about that... didnt intend for a total derailment from your OP.... BUT it can be done (fairly) easily by adding a keyword THE MILLENNIUM FALCON on to Lando's card and have it read: only one squadron with the name Falcon can be included in a fleet. then you can errata Han squadron card to have this keyword plus be able to do Chewie as well... (this is what I was kinda hinting at when I said about card space)
  12. <for clarity as I just had to look it up!> Comm Noise is a crit damage card not an upgrade Also the G7X-Grav Well Projector sets speed to 0, although thats only during setup
  13. if your quick there are 2! left on amazon uk (firestorm cards) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Armada-Imperial-Light-Cruiser/dp/B01L1DUBL2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1528211174&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=star+wars+armada+light+cruiser
  14. As Drasnighta said... the 2nd YT1300 doesnt have the Falcon title... which is a unique in Xwing... How ever in Armada the unique identifier (the Dot) is against the pilot not the sqn type...
  15. Before @Drasnightacomes along.... lets clear the air about the Falcon not being marked as unique in Armada, only Han is.... So how do you stop Lando piloting a Falcon in the same fleet as Han is piloting a falcon? .......dont forget the size of the squadron card as well!
  16. How easy is it for you to get to Chelmsford on a Wednesday night? There's a few people who play Armada at the bunker club https://www.chelmsfordbunker.co.uk/ Most (all!) of the chatting / aranging games is done on Facebook or WhatsApp and not the forum..... edit - As a club very friendly and helpful...just be on your guard otherwise you end up buying a dozen games and running out of time to play them ?
  17. How about an errata (or just house rule) on Tagge in line with Bail Organa & Governor Pryce... "After deploying fleets place two different round tokens on this card. At the start of a round matching one of those tokens each friendly ship may recover one of its discarded defence tokens"
  18. Nope.... they cant be brought separately... they can only be brought in expansion packs. And if you look at wave 7 for example there are upgrades in one and not the other....
  19. except... the VSD, Pelta & Arquittens ARE clone wars ships
  20. I suppose its a stagnation /improvement similar to that of the cold-war to now. later Cold war equipment can at a push/upgarade be modern equipment.. but is still cold war equipment (looking at you APCs, MBTs, assault rifles etc etc)
  21. I havent been able to afford wave 7 yet so yeah they'd have to be cross compatible for me... more like mercenaries in Infinity rather than compatible like WarMachine & Hoards.
  22. Now do you have an overlap between the Republic & the Imperials? Or does the starter pack for the Repbulic come with cards for the Victory, kitten, Pelta, headhunters, etc etc) Also that means youd have a higher buy in for the SEPs as the Republic already has a number of ships out... ok split between the 2 existing factions
  23. MC30 for Rebs.... or a VSD for Imps (i've yet to field my ISD!!! ok I've played one game in 5 months )
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