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  1. I think because of the complaints about cost of the core box a new clone wars one will be.... 3 new small ships with a single officer and admiral unique to the box, all other upgrade cards will be available in the relevent expansions. The 3 will be 2 types of separatist ships & 1 republic one .... dont know the types, might even be new ships.... but the idea will be to highlight the difference between the numberless mass produced separatist forces and the highly trained and equipped republic. The sqns will be 1 V-wing & 3 or 4 ARC-170s against 12 droid sqns (2 types)
  2. Well as not every jedi was a confident pilot.... plus you can have padawans as your generics!
  3. only 5 of which are by FFG! ? note - I'm the otherside of the pond and honestly have no idea in reality....
  4. http://starwars-armada.wikia.com/wiki/VT-49_Decimator expanding on @The Jabbawookie's post....
  5. The difference between a faction/force and a whole game.... game with out updates in 12 months - ie firestorm armada... = dead (tm) faction with out updates in 3+ years - ie Sisters of Battle = collectors piece on a side note... yes Armada is dead, but some-one is (supposedly) going to attempt to revive it... if your talking about Firestorm Armada ?
  6. yes reason: the die restriction on range is only when you form your attack pool. Once formed you can use any colour die this is why CF says you may only add a colour you already have and other upgrades such as external racks have their own limitations on them (in the case of ER its may only be used at close range)
  7. Prehaps they both will.... after all the rebels ones arent actually called dreadnoughts!
  8. But only in numbers!!! So, how best to use these much maligned ships? I like running them in pairs at slow speed with slaved turrets at the back with CF dials giving me 5 red dice at long range whilst other ships (transports & hammerheads) get in close to slow the imperial larges up allowing me more time to shoot them. this set up (with one of them being salvation) comes in about the same cost as less than kitted out ISD 120 with about the same health
  9. If I have a Damage Control Officer onboard... does that mean I just elect to stop 'all critical effects'? Or is it a case of choice between stopping the default OR the upgrades... if the latter (default or upgrades) do I have to specify which upgrade I stop?
  10. Except if the ship is removed and you therefore cant place the token next to it you are unable to follow the rules of the object of placing the objective. This means the person who has prevented the objective being placed fore fitting the game as they are not allowing the 2nd player to follow the rules.
  11. the master mould... onto the floor ? Oh wait this is the optimist thread.... Its when the wave drops from the heavens into gaming stores world wide
  12. Now are they one and the same?
  13. Yet another pointless reply that does nothing except add negativity to the forum and +1 to the posters post count.....
  14. The power of search + the negativity of poor eyesight = shambling threads forever attempting to reach the pinnacle of being pinned to the first pay.....
  15. Or you know... Independence, with fighter co-ord teams (and expanded hanger bays) in a fleet that has All Fighters Follow Me..... thats speed 5+1 B-wings (having spent 259 points out of 400 ... 76 of your 135 sqn)
  16. Rules for shots! (not necessarily of the alcoholic variety!) ... along the lines of the drinking chess where you can drink the shot if your ship /sqn is killed (you want to get plastered /get the kid to drink more fruit drinks) or you drink what you kill... released with a new VSD that has barrel rolled so is upside down giving you a surface you put several shot glasses EDIT - no so jokey suggestion.... scewed balance games, eg 500 pts of Imperials V 300 pts rebels with rebels being the first player going after a known (before list building) objective. 150 points of Imperials in reserve (hyperspace assault). Released with a non map campaign box containg Imperial cards for ships that the rebs have stolen (Y-wings, Neb-bs etc)
  17. I'm going to say that no they are not different actions. they take place at different steps.... So yes you can collect the dice pool & roll, then use any add effects (eg CF dial, external racks) you can then use any re-roll effects (CF token, vader), next step is to remove die (eg dual turbolaser turrets). However you cant use the dial on one attack then use the token on the 2nd... they must be used on the same attack. edit - so yes you have to say if you are spending the dial & the token before you pick up the die... you cant decide to suddenly use the token after you have rolled.... you can however decide not to use the re-roll option after you have rolled the dice but then you still have spent the token.
  18. Ah the optimism.... and that says the limit of my caring about the silly round ball, didn't even bother watching it
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Series Because you call a game that is mainly played in one country a 'world series'...... I mean if its only US cities why call it that?
  20. hrm... thinking of this....its been suggested to do it on multiple bases, each base has its own upgrade slots & can only use those its equipped with. Movement (& speed etc) is all done from the rear base. Only the rear base can be issued a Nav Command. Then you can have different command versions (the bridge as it were)... & different fore setups
  21. <+10 xp for practising threadomancy> How about allowings SSDs to have 2 modifications?
  22. Whilst playing (any) wargames I have only injuried my pride & my standing ... edit - oh managed to snap a TIE sqn base at the bottom of the stem after I wedged it in..
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