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  1. Towards, as in ending up closer than you started Directly Towards, is "exactly into that direction"
  2. whoo that almost makes you think I spent longer than 5 seconds thinking of what to do on his card 😛 .... Also you could add a condition on Tambors card that if you roll X number of blanks /crits in a single shot then the upgrade is removed(its experimental / field upgrade / overloads...) ... OR you could do it as allow him to use a limited type of upgrades ie Tambor can allow you to equip one of the following upgrades to any type of ship....
  3. Spending the 4th (well part of it) watching the (British) Army V Navy Rugby match, played at twickenham but on Sky Sports for those of us who dont have tickets......
  4. How does this work with overkill? ie a ship with 1 hull left suffers 3 damage cards. Or you could say that when a ship is destroyed remove all damage cards equal to its starting hull value. Any excess are left on the wreck. When the wreck has received half or more damage cards of its hull value then the ship will follow the FINAL BLAST rule
  5. My personal issue is the confusion of what people are wanting to bring in, and how.... basically people are over complicating it (or rather thats how I'm reading what you lot are saying :P) Basically (as I've said before) this thread isnt really asking for anything new, people are just wanting it done is a different way... what it boils down to is people are asking for this: i) Keep the releases as they are card /points wise ia) oh yeah some are saying that all the releases should also have the errata document from point 2 with the version date on printed in a lovely little booklet put in to EVERY release.... so all those nice little blister/clam pack ships like the CR90s will now be re-packaged in a BOX and cost more.... ii) add a new errata document that is updated twice a year that lists all the models and upgrade cards and has 2 columns, original /printed card cost & new/current card cost - and possible a 3rd /4th column for adding or removing upgrade slots. iii)have an official app thats updated on release day with all the updates included. And thats it!
  6. Heres a different take on a couple of them.... Nute Gunray - ships may spend a brace or redirect even at speed 0 Wat Tambor - allows you to use an upgrade that you wouldnt normally be able to... ie ignore small /medium only restriction on a card so you can equip it to your large ships Admiral Trench - add 1 command to all enemy ships or the ability to look at the top dial of one enemy ship at the start of the ship phase.
  7. Church... wouldnt work... it creates a either or situation for the gamers... they either have to buy the latest release (& possibly end up with an out of date version) or go on line and check if theres a latter version anyway...
  8. Now the confusion is sorted... all your doing is making an app for some people to use and saving the rest of us 2 mins of time from looking through the errata file To me this comes across as buzzword city not really changing anything but doing stuff with buzz words added.... you know like moving companies data off internet accessible servers and into the cloud......
  9. ok, I see the confusion...... I work in IT ... and when people say take something digital they mean an Application or process that's ENTIRELY on a smart device /pc /cloud etc etc...* So what you are talking about is a updated centrally stored referance file These are 2 different things in my world.... *eg Britian is 'making tax digital' which is taking it ALL online no offline methodology at all..... see where the confusion comes from 😛
  10. One thing I will add....not every gaming venue has reliable internet... and enough plug sockets! When WM/H app was released PP where saying you didnt need anything else to play... before 3 months was over PP had to release a tournament rules amendment saying you had to still have your cards with you due to the above reasons.... So yeah by all means release an app but dont let it over ride (or give the impression of replacing) good old fashioned pen & paper.
  11. You can tell I've not played for a while (err about a year or so.....) if I'm making silly mistakes like that! 😛
  12. The issue is the law on un-intended consequences ...What I'm saying is depending on how its (a possible rules addition) worded then it could affect other cards that it was supposed to.
  13. There is an issue with that...depending on how its worded it you could end up affecting generics as well.... One option however is that this is early version and the actual version that is released (of the Lando card) and it will have a unique dot next to the Falcons name, and an errata to put it on Hans card as well.
  14. Anyone just wants to answer either 'badly' or 'not the way I would' in answer to the OPs question? Or is it just me?
  15. hrm, might not be related but interesting thing to note with this... the falcon has different stats with Han to Lando* ... so does this support that you can have multiple Falcons in a rebel list? *Han has blue + black A/ship V landos red + blue... then their A/Sqn is 2 blue + 2 black (han) V 2 blue +1 red +1 black (lando)
  16. @ OP, Define best.... Personally the best is TIE/Lns... because they are cheep & can hold up most enemy sqns for a turn or two whilst I fire an ISD /VSD front arc in to their controlling ship 😛
  17. Yes, you can 'land*' on Stations & Asteroids... in some cases this is the only way to gain the beefit * by 'land' I mean end your movement on.
  18. pre-halloween with the campaign. Then the final release of the SSD in time for Xmas... or black friday 😛
  19. sssh... theres a clonewars eposide where Anakin sets a load of the clone walkers on an astoriod to ambush the CIS fleet...
  20. Or flip it round... Droid Control Center having a negative points cost, doubles the amount of squadrons it can control/ always can use a squadron token even if the ship doesnt have one, but friendly squadrons can only be activated by a squadron command
  21. Please excuse the dust... there's a few old accounts being dusted off and re-activated....this being one of them. Just going to be spending a bit of time seeing what I've missed in the last year, dont mind me.....
  22. If they do a CIS holdout faction then they can do multiple colour schemes & have cross over ships with the rebels.
  23. They've miss understood what the T bar section at the top of most modern ships superstructure* is... and like most laymen think its the bridge, so have carried that over to SW ships *Army here... so dont ask me either! I just know its not the bridge ?
  24. thought we did last time I looked... ok thats a few years ago.... dont really play enough to bother going to tournaments.... edit - or its the fact they they dont have one, so most attend the UK national and I've just miss ID the reason......which is just as likely ? ps text is not good at portraying tone...
  25. Like all FFG games, you have local tournaments ...but the main FFG ones are: Regionals - depends on the country how many and where Nationals - dispite the name are not 1 per nation.. for example UK & EIRE share one Worlds - this is run at FFG HQ in the US
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