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  1. If the bombers had an EPT slot then I'd use them more (Take Deadeye to get rid of the bigest issue, needing a target lock on a ship to fire ordinance at it)
  2. Re the hit and fade sqd card.... With extra munitions card coming do you really want people with 2 sets of missiles for 0 points?
  3. Looks lambda shuttle landing in RotJ......
  4. Going off the spoiled Advance pilots... Come up with this 3 ship list... the idea is Rexler runs round trying to put damage cards on your opponent whilst Jendon target locks one then passes it to Colzet to use twice (one through ATC and then in the end phase to flip a card on one of the damaged ships) Pilots ------ Colonel Jendon (29) Lambda-Class Shuttle (26), ST-321 (3) Rexler Brath (47) TIE Defender (37), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Ruthlessness (3) Lieutenant Colzet (24) TIE Advanced (23), TIE/x1 (0), Advanced Targeting Computer (5)
  5. To be fair the person who I now get my X-wing off (& runs an online store) has REFUSED to take pre-orders of the Raider for this very reason (not knowing when he'll receive them)....
  6. seeing the black sqn title made me think.... how about a title for a specific generic(s) pilot? Eg Title - Black Sqn Black Sqn TIE Only or Non Unique TIE only cost - x pts <writting>
  7. other ways of speeding games up... 1)if you have a furball off to one side that can be run through ie with PS out sequance, do so...dont wait for the whole table to be at a stange if you dont need to 2) team up fully and not just for stratergy - roll defense /attack dice for others on your team eg Rebels have 2 PS 4 pilots targeting 2 seperate ships of Imp Player 1 so Imp Player 2 takes controll of one them 3) have a single pile of token / movement / range rules that every one uses so your not going 'wheres my x'... if your playing epic at least one of you will have 30+ shiled tokens, 2 sets of turn templates etc 4) dont be affraid to use print out lists rather than the cards lined up by the table 5) allocate a close down time where every one can packup and make sure they have their dials, tokens, upgrade cards etc so your not having to worry in game time (I know I do if there isnt that time at the end to tidy my stuff up ;p)
  8. Anyone thought of taking the idea from the EU? That is an X-Wing specific upgrade that sits in the droid slot* that increase agility & adds an action to the action bar (either boost or barrol roll) OR adds agaility and negative sqd cost *in one of the books the X-Wings are upgraded with a new computer system that sits in the droid compartment... turns out its cheeper than a droid because of 'imperial involvement'
  9. getting one... want... well one really. Only played a single game of epic but do want the Advance upgrade as well (not going to call it a fix as just brought myself a 2nd Advance to run along side my one - normally run as Vader, Shield upgrade, Proton Rockets with Sqd Leader - has a 50 % surival rate )
  10. While I could be wrong, from what I could see of what voidstate posted he was using the Google Analytics breakdown of gender, which is based on advertiser data -- which is habit based. Actually, awhile back you could look up what Google thought about you and years ago I was indeed "male" to Google advertisers. (They finally fixed it awhile ago.) But hey, voidstate feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - maybe that was from Facebook which of course has gender as set on profiles. Hate to think what Google Analytics thinks of me then.... I'm male but my misses uses my account for different sites (such as Amazon etc) or leaves me logged in whilst she browses stuff
  11. not read the whole thread (as some one said... its a repeat) but just like to ask what would people think about my OCD... I like to put the dice in neat rows to the left of my table edge with the best result up (ie the 6 on a D6 or Crit etc) and once rolled and my opponent has seen the rolls back to their rows they go
  12. slasher956

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    .....1 Popcorn !!!
  13. A-wing + Proton Rockets 5 dice RB1 atttack... yes please (ok it might be a one shot deal but still......) Any way... Green Sqn + Awing Test pilot + proton rockets + PTL x 4 = 100
  14. Modification - Action - shields to double front cost - ??? Choose either shooting Arc or Non arc then add 1 Agility and discard the first hit against any attack originating in that arc but decrease agility by 1 and take an extra hit if the attack originates outside of the decleared arc
  15. I'll take you light saber and raise you the imperial repeater gun 'Block this......'
  16. Wow.. In 15 mins two conflicting answers! Now I'm confused :/ Edit - ok now I'm not!
  17. Take his list against yours (ie swap lists)
  18. messa no likey what yous says abouta mee messa gonna shoota thata one <points to friendly X-Wing> at thata one <points to another firendly ship>
  19. Ordnance safety removal modification card Cost 1 point, Effect: discard this card to count as a target lock to enable use of secondary weapon. This may not be used if the target is already target locked by this model This card can be taken multiple times as a single modification
  20. Tractor Beam: Canon RB 2/3 Dice 3 Attack: Spend Target Lock If target model is the smae size or smaller then upon hit move the target model 1 (bank or straight) towards the firing model for every uncancelled hit or a 2 move for each Crit If target is larger then move 1 for each crit disgarding all other hits If target is 2 size clases larger then move the firing model closer to the target. at a rate of 1 bank or straight per hit or crit
  21. Several games I play have a 'clean up phase' after all the action before the start of the next turn /round. Once you've gone past the clean up phase thats it, if an effect is missed then its missed. (What this does is give you 2-3 mins to make sure the right models have the right tokens next to them.. it also gives you time to go oh hang on I had a RC on this craft so X should have a stress marker.) Ok I realise this is not covered in the rules but does make sense to put in for Tournment play
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