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  1. And there was me thinking the OPs post was going to say.... there is an 'armadas dead' thread? 😛🤣 However to answer the OPs question: when we have pasted 730 days since last release... then they will go 'hang on people are still harping on about this game after 2 years prehaps if we release some content we'll make some money'
  2. Its called how to kill a game... build up hype -'hay that ship you've been talking about since day 1... yep we're doing it' expand hype - 'look heres pictures, heres a pre-run model, heres 2 articules discussing it' drop hype - '6+ months of radio silence' pretend hype never existed - 'ignore players going ...erm where that ship then' watch players quit..... thing is FFG are not unique in this... in fact I think CMON hold the title in making good games doing 2 or 3 releases then dropping it without any official word... (RIP Wrath of Kings!)
  3. ...Nothing until a little web article that shows us one little picture and no concrete info telling us that there is more to come
  4. One thing to add to the basic rules: During setup, when placing obstacles decide which plane(s) they are deployed on. Stations are ALWAYS deployed on the Centre Plane. However I think that obstacles within close range to the firer that are on the same plane should still obscure the attack irrespective of what plane the target is on. edit - add a yellow plane marker for centre purely for obstacles so that they can be deployed on 1 or 2 planes.... ie this asteroid belt is on top and centre... this one is just bottom
  5. catch 22 isnt it..... not enough people playing so they dont invest the time and money in to the game... either expansions or organised play kits.... which means people dont get in to playing the game.....
  6. you have cookies? where... wait for me ... !
  7. Happy Fridays here again!!! As to which captial ship.... one that is 'wet' ...as in has a bar!
  8. This is being discussed in the warlord list builder thread.... As I said there this (IP Policy) reads more of a legal position paper which can enable them to defend their IP if required. Its publishment might be due to (as I understand it) American Law (demonstrate you can defend your IP) OR clauses with other IP holders, such as the mouse. It is no more than what has been around for years put in to writing in a single place. So as Ginkapo says.... nothing to see here, move along now
  9. It read to me as a legal position paper... ie this is what we could do/ go after now that we have put it writing. However at this time it is not what we are going to do, but if circumstances change* we can with no warning. * A noticeable drop in sales of expansions that have neich upgrades the launch of a FFG branded list builder an increase in 3rd party ships becoming available --the last two are the most likely causes of them changing their stance on list builder apps. EDIT - it might also be a condition from the mouse / other licencees to enable THEIR enforcement easier
  10. Sad Monday Blues.... I'm a dust gather.... not played for a while (around the time of the SSD announcement) and not purchased anything since about 6 -8 months before that!
  11. As I look at the SSD.....is that announced at Gen Con then released 2024...we hope 😛
  12. Gen Con announcement with store orders going live around the same time with a delivery date of Nov /Dec is about do able... especially if its tied in with what the mouse wants
  13. the first thing you do in work is check the forums....
  14. I suppose they could do the DS1 or 2 under construction as 3D terrain......
  15. argh... dont you just 'dislike' it when two people have the same avatar and reply to each other 😛
  16. Because its a choice to use it the exhaust is there to remind you that it has been used.... also dont forget that there are other upgrades in the game that can force another ships upgrades to be exhausted there by preventing it from being used. As to using it twice, no, because both have the same timing so you get to choice in which order to do them, however as you said once thats been done the window of use has now passed.
  17. Except for AF MK2, Chimera & profundity which I dont have any (YET!... got a wedding to pay for first.....) & Arquittens, gozontis, R&Vs, Raiders, Imperial Sqns which I have 2 of.... 1 of every thing....
  18. Unless they have decided to make them all the same size... standard playing card sized
  19. Then it becomes competition with your bid value... do you add /lose a point from you bid to have/leave the MT behind...?
  20. bah :(... and there goes my other idea of 2 none faction aligned ships ... such as tankers
  21. Silly idea here.... how about both of the ships being Rebel mediums? one Mon Cal & the other a rust bucket... so we can get back to the ramshackle visual feel of the rebel fleet ... especially as we have so many Imperial cards coming with the SSD
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