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  1. why? you dont have to play it if you dont want... just like GWs 40k has 3 methods of playing (but most only play 1!)
  2. Unless the Liberator card in 10+ points & +1 command in addition to the fleet command slot. Then it comes down to firepower v speed for the difference
  3. How are they going to stop a player having both Lando & Han both flying the falcon in the same list
  4. We've got it wrong... all it will be is- "For armada: The SSD is now on sale, thank you"
  5. had a quick look* and didnt see it *I stress the word quick - i'm in work so can get away with forums but pretty pictures of models... not so much 😛
  6. tease the releases or flat out saying this is whats coming and when... like GW are with the Sisters of Battle(teasing) OR Battlefront are with Team Yankee (flat out said V2 release in Dec, its FoW v4 in Modern oh and we are doing a v2 book for the british release at the same time... heres some platic tanks we're releasing with it)
  7. Whats the SKU on RitR?
  8. So 2 & 1/2 weeks ish until 18 months between releases I think FFG are going for a record in the longest time between releases for a 'supported' game system
  9. Any news is good news... Maybe you've given them the kick to remember to put something in about armada this year 😛
  10. Unless they are messing with people and not updating the products page :p... and its already with the Distributors
  11. Ah... <bleep> yeah I keep forgetting that the mouse has tight reigns on their IP...
  12. Trouble with sarcasm... like most things.. it doesn't translate well to the written word. 🤔 And I've seen plenty of posts like that which where honestly written..... Plus not knowing me & me not knowing you means that there is an added level of confusion....on top of the one where you both have the same Avatar
  13. Lets me honest though... armada has never appeared more than the core box near the end of the brochure in any that I've seen
  14. Here speaks a man who doth not play 28/32 mm wargames.. like 40K or Warmachine..... You could by half a dozen SSDs for the price of ONE MARS titan body from FW... so you still need to buy the arms/weapons and the head!.... oh and you can only play that in the mega battle sized games aka apocalypse.... Then if you wanted to be more sensible and get a knight from GW which can be used in every game thats about $170... and you have to assemble it and paint it your self... Then we look at WM/H colossals which come in at ~$140
  15. Shock idea... why not sell 50% of them unassembled & unpainted then? smaller box, less packaging etc for 75% of the price? Then the gamers who want it will happily assemble it and paint it(possibly :p) ourselves... those who just want a display piece or dont want to put it together can get the pre-painted ones...
  16. new rule... force user. This sqn can spend a token to counter with all its AS dice
  17. To be fair no company the size of FFG will reach the 'gamer first' level that Warlord Games have with their game Blood Red Skies........ Here for less than the cost of a 'sqn' (6 planes)box have a box of cards to allow you to fly 6 types of aircraft we have no intention of making in the next few years
  18. If the actions leading to a delay is outside of FFGs control then it becomes a marketing issue of communication to the potential customers aka us..... so we are at Marketing dropping the ball in how /when they communicate. 😛
  19. I see that ... and all I can think of it Hanlons razor... "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." basically some one, somewhere in FFG has dropped the ball... either in planning, development or marketing of the SSD
  20. Just having a quick look at the (little) data we have on the campaign and I think it'll be better for the game than the ships (both the SSD & the 2 un yet revealed ones) in that it can be smaller fleets on smaller tables so people can fit the games in AND FINISH them in the few hours a gaming club is open. edit - PS it is quite funny when you look at 'recent' news for armada and see the date.... March 19
  21. Is badley a valid answer? But as others have said his power level has waned in comparison to other imperial admirals.... however with a points increase in standard play then he may stage a come back...
  22. You could also add some other upgrades that allow you to 'scan' enemy ships.. forcing them to turn cards over...... Quick Premise something like this... you get a backed card holder for every slot a ship can take which goes next to the ship.... so you dont know what if any upgrade slots have been filled. Instead of firing you can scan a ship instead with X Red dice, each accuracy scored forces the ship owner to turn an upgrade card over. For each hit you pick a card type and the opponet removes it off the table if the slot isnt used (ie you pick an officer slot and the ship hasnt got an officer equiped). For each Crit you pick a card type and if the slot is used then it gets turned over. There is no range limit to a scan, however it counts as obsured if outside long range X is related to the ship size(sqns scans are to weak to do more than detect the ship class at anything more than black range)
  23. Blame Lucas Film for that small bridge then.... as thats how it looks proportionally in the films... So there is no issue other than the size of the ships as a whole alongside each other... which brings me back to the point the hammerhead is to small against the falcon & to big against the other ships... etc etc etc
  24. Thats the thing isnt it... people are going ... waaah "the biggest ship logically in the game isnt big enough"... ( &if it was then all it would be is a 3D board :() Yet the same people are quite happy with the hammer head being 4/5 times the size of the falcon, or CR90 being what at least 4 times larger than the hanger bay of an ISD
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