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  1. @Petersaber - its as much that the written tone comes across as condesending and insulting, and whilst people can put up with it for a time if you continue to see one poster putting everything in the same 'tone /manor' you switch off to what that person is saying...

    I know a lttle bit about the subject that they are talking about and to be fair I dont particulary like the way Reavern put his point across...even if I do agree with it


    As to American Mini being the easiest to handle... I'll have to disagree from a gamer point of view - not all gamers have good fine motor skills*  - and personally they are just a bit to small for me to pick up and move easily compared to the standard sized cards - there is a point where things get to small for quick and effeciant movement.   So whilst I like the small cards for the space they take up on the table I've been intrested in having the upgrade cards larger since I started this game (near release).   So who knows prehaps its customer feed back thats led to the change?


    *over 10% of adults in the UK have various conditions that affect the motor skills, with wargaming having a higher percentage

  2. 6 hours ago, spike2109 said:

    Give me the price plz, I'm working in a printing company.

    Wife used to work for a printer manufactorer* in the UK doing the sales admin for the continuous divison...trips to customers to see how they where put to use included book printers, newspapers, gift posters, etc etc



    *just a little one.... called Canon 😛

  3. Would people prefer an ace 'tax' ie, to take a (for example) TIE ace you need 2 generics?

    2 hours ago, Pwmf said:

    Hopefully combined with a neff on Slone because she is still obnoxious, need to play her to find a weakness as she still seems too good.

    Make her rules an OR?  so you either take the accuracy or you take the re-roll - declare before rolling

  4. On 8/19/2019 at 12:24 AM, AllWingsStandyingBy said:

    Just a reminder that there's no processing or shipping waits when you buy local at your friendly neighborhood game store.  Especially if you are courteous enough to pre-order your wants with them.


    Depends if your closest LGS in Wayland games 😕

    When you go in there you can only buy whats on the shelf (which isnt a 1/3rd of what they stock!)... everything else thats on the website can only be purchased through the website... their wearhouse is the same building!


    Oh yeah ... pre-orders through Wayland....😂🤣😂 just dont add anything else to the order or else you'll not get any of it!


  5. 2 hours ago, Drasnighta said:

    You’d have to do creative  overhanging cardboard to take the cutouts to accommodate the raised base edges on the sides

    plain card to go on both bases to 'fill' the base to the raised edges, then the marked card base to join the two together.  All held in by the stems, which would have to be redesigned so they can hold a double thick card base...I'd angle it inwards* so they dont get confused with the normal large base stems.


    *as opposed to the normal front to back curve.

  6. Heres an idea.... you need to have X generics of type to take 1 ace.... so for arguments sake start with X = 3... so to take Luke you need to have 3 other X-wings sqns.


    You can then have upgrades / officers or Admirals who allow you to change that..... ie and officer called Rogue Co-ordinator whos card says - you may take, luke, wedge, red sqn etc without needing un-named X-wings  points 5


    Or an Imperial Officer called Fighter Training Commander - you may take 1 ace for every non unique squadron - 10 points

  7. Does the SSD over rule the limitation of 1 token per type?... didnt see it on the pages you've linked Drasnighta


    from Rule Reference page 3

    When a ship is assigned a command token, if it already has a copy of that command token, it must immediately discard that command token



  8. spend is the action of going from ready to exhausted & exhausted to discarded.


    So Sloane allows you to spend an enemies exhausted token to remove it or just knocking a readied token to exhausted.


    Do the cards interact... yes.. Sloane fighters go in and exhaust all (up to) 4 defence tokens (1 per accuracy) then Avenger goes against a ship with effectively 0 defence tokens  

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