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  1. slasher956

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    If they do a CIS holdout faction then they can do multiple colour schemes & have cross over ships with the rebels.
  2. slasher956

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    They've miss understood what the T bar section at the top of most modern ships superstructure* is... and like most laymen think its the bridge, so have carried that over to SW ships *Army here... so dont ask me either! I just know its not the bridge ?
  3. slasher956

    What are the "Majors" of Armada?

    thought we did last time I looked... ok thats a few years ago.... dont really play enough to bother going to tournaments.... edit - or its the fact they they dont have one, so most attend the UK national and I've just miss ID the reason......which is just as likely ? ps text is not good at portraying tone...
  4. slasher956

    What are the "Majors" of Armada?

    Like all FFG games, you have local tournaments ...but the main FFG ones are: Regionals - depends on the country how many and where Nationals - dispite the name are not 1 per nation.. for example UK & EIRE share one Worlds - this is run at FFG HQ in the US
  5. slasher956

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    I'd actually drop a die from the front arc (its got the gap in its ring hull) but have the sides are rear all the same but with 5 die each. And increase the AS to 2 blue/ 1 blue & 1 black as they had AS weapons on the inside of the hull ring as well as the outside I'd give it two contains with Damage Contain Droids (same as DCO but doesnt take up an officer slot) to help show the modular nature of the ship
  6. slasher956

    A larger play area needed now?

    Just need to turn the table 90degrees and play on a 4x6 (ok will need a side table for the cards and stuff but......)
  7. Reading comprehension.....sometimes it's a fail.....? (Edit :talking about mine by the way)
  8. slasher956

    Will there be dreadnought style ship

    Dreadnought... a lead battleship of a new class that made obsolete every existing battleship overnight by being faster, better armoured and more heavily armoured.... its mere existance altered the balance of naval power. So history lesson out the way... what has just been announced that does that! Thats right peoples... the SSD IS the Dreadnought of Armada ?
  9. I dont think the SSD will give you a token.. I think it will do the same as Leia and give you the effect of spending a token & dial per order just without the restriction of being the only command used. So with Piett if you have a token from another source (banked on an earlier turn or from comms net) then you could spend the token to get the dial effect INSTEAD of the token effect.... (which on an SSD would be dial + token.) But he does give you the ability to do 2 full commands with (for example) a raider ie spend the Nav token as a dial to speed up and add a click of navigation whilst spending the CF dial edit - so yeah I think he'll be worth 30 odd points for that....
  10. slasher956

    What would make you take tie fighters?

    Nice to see you know everyone! Personally I like taking 3 or 4 TIE/LNs ... sure they die quick but they tie up the oponents sqns where you want them for a turn
  11. slasher956

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Not Origarmi....but heres something to get you started for ideas.... https://cyberseams.com/patterns/sewing-patterns/star-wars-imperial-officer-hat-pattern/ ?
  12. slasher956

    Clone Wars Factions, or just Ships?

    There is Disney Canon & there is legends..... and thats it! If its not disney then its legends only i'm afraid.
  13. Wonder if one of he other cards un exhausts upgrades as well?
  14. slasher956

    Executor arrives

    Which gets the line Huge Ship: 0 ???
  15. slasher956

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Right when do we get an SSD... this one is a star dreadnought!