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  1. I'm going to say that no they are not different actions. they take place at different steps.... So yes you can collect the dice pool & roll, then use any add effects (eg CF dial, external racks) you can then use any re-roll effects (CF token, vader), next step is to remove die (eg dual turbolaser turrets). However you cant use the dial on one attack then use the token on the 2nd... they must be used on the same attack. edit - so yes you have to say if you are spending the dial & the token before you pick up the die... you cant decide to suddenly use the token after you have rolled.... you can however decide not to use the re-roll option after you have rolled the dice but then you still have spent the token.
  2. Ah the optimism.... and that says the limit of my caring about the silly round ball, didn't even bother watching it
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Series Because you call a game that is mainly played in one country a 'world series'...... I mean if its only US cities why call it that?
  4. slasher956

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    hrm... thinking of this....its been suggested to do it on multiple bases, each base has its own upgrade slots & can only use those its equipped with. Movement (& speed etc) is all done from the rear base. Only the rear base can be issued a Nav Command. Then you can have different command versions (the bridge as it were)... & different fore setups
  5. slasher956

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    <+10 xp for practising threadomancy> How about allowings SSDs to have 2 modifications?
  6. slasher956

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    4 Glads!.... yikes
  7. slasher956

    Happy Friday ....

    Whilst playing (any) wargames I have only injuried my pride & my standing ... edit - oh managed to snap a TIE sqn base at the bottom of the stem after I wedged it in..
  8. slasher956

    Amused is the best way I can put it....

    It most likely the account used to create (and therefore permission) the original forum so is actually inactive now and is still around due to how they've migrated the data / posts.
  9. slasher956

    Happy Friday you crazy people.

    happy firdays.... Its got to be the First Order... just so when they create the RSD they'll have no excuse for not making the SSD.....
  10. hrm... chop the guns off then put baby wings on the nose and you have a generic ww2 fighter flying right to left firing nose guns.....
  11. he's frightened that he might be correct... and then where would we be then when we've actually got new to talk about rather than moaning about not having anything?
  12. slasher956

    Can we call the mc75 a...

    erm.... how about the mc75? or maybe the armoured cruiser/ ordanance cruiser? I dont know just an idea 😛
  13. slasher956

    Hondo - Token Overspill

    If its the original quote then its from Conan the Barbarian about the best thing in life: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
  14. slasher956

    Hondo - Token Overspill

    The owner of the ship gets to choice which token is kept as per the QSR (IIRC) where it says if you have more tokens than command then discard one
  15. slasher956

    Victory Class Star Destroyer Only. Officer.

    Well we have an admiral that adds hull... so how about a victory only engine retro fit that gives a different speed /yaw chart but at cost of both points & hull?* *Be funny if Vader boards the Vic and removes the engine retro fit and increases the hull value :p... ......