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  1. No. It gets a free token when the ship reveals a command dial. The Thrawn dial isn't revealed.
  2. What frequently asked question do you hope to see addressed?
  3. There is no intent to let things currently limited to Large ships apply to Huge. No errata, no change.
  4. Why exchange exact lists? It sounds like all you need is a short list of what ships to bring for him. That way, no worry about bids/points, etc.
  5. ISDs weren't out until wave 2,at which point the game jumped up to 400 points.
  6. A pity you didn't drop the forum when you dropped the game.
  7. Thanks. I thought so but couldn't figure out the MG part.
  8. False. Wave 2 was also 4 ships, and 3/4 was 4 ships, obviously intended as a single wave and only announced separately due to supply issues. 5 was 2 ships and 2 squad packs, so it's just wave 6 and 7 that were only 2 ships.
  9. Let's start by clearing up terminology here. Your title references the Raddus Bomb, which in its purest form requires Hyperspace Assault. But given actual playable constraints, it has to be the Profundity and a small. Anything else is just a standard Raddus drop. With the Raddus Bomb, you're probably best off dropping turns 2 or 3 to make the most use out of both drop ships.
  10. @richarDISNEY How was your first regionals experience?
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