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  1. For the worthless side of things, what about 3 points and "When you reveal a command, you may look at all command dials assigned to 1 enemy ship."
  2. You don't say? That was rather obvious from the links. So clearly any reference to reading would've been to the two articles. As for videos, you don't have to watch every second to grab a gist and see where they're going.
  3. It's rather... Bold, to assume everyone reads at the same rate you do.
  4. Lots of opinion pieces. Precious little in the way of facts though. All Disney has said is that the Skywalker line of films is complete and they're moving on to other stories. No mention of never doing anything in the sequel trilogy era. And your comment about returning to the hands of the master and his apprentices must be projection.
  5. Show me on the doll where the nasty cannon man touched you. 😛
  6. Some can. Others like redefining terms and moving goalposts making real conversation nigh impossible.
  7. Let's call in our experts and find out. @Alzer
  8. Because their hyperspace exit makes a big energy splash and is easy to detect, contrasted with exiting hyperspace further out and moving in more stealthily.
  9. Rodney-, you're moving the goalposts around quite a bit here. Ackbar's significant disadvantage removes the ability to double arc, and frequently involves splitting his firepower across different targets. Dodonna doesn't significantly increase firepower at all. Rieeken is defensive in nature, which is what you use to dismiss Motti. You're also overlooking Sloane and Thrawn.
  10. I've been experimenting with various officers on my ISDII/ECM/SW7/LTT/LFC builds lately. Palpatine is amazingly annoying for an opponent (esp. with Avevnger), but not much more than an annoyance. Reeva is rather strong provided they don't have acc generating tech. EST is pretty strong as well. It's a very fun, and effective, ISD build.
  11. And Admiral Nelson was an English professor. Just goes to show...
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