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  1. I'm speaking strictly based off my knowledge from the video game Bounty Hunter in which it is one of 6 prototypes, and Fett destroys the other 5. I've never seen any sources to say that say it was a mass produced ship but I'm by no means an expert.
  2. To add on to your point the Slave I was a unique ship, in Legends it was a prototype that Jango destroyed the rest of so it is the only one. And as far as I know the TIE Advanced X1 is only flown by Vader similar to the Silencer being Kylo's.
  3. Well I'm officially on board for wanting FO in the game ASAP...Resistance just need to catch up with some units. That certainly is a very FO thing to do tho.
  4. From what I remember they just call it "new" never specifying if it's a prototype or what. From a behind the scenes perspective Vonreg is inspired by the Red Baron, so it might be a unique ship in that sense. So while you're right they might be holding off for that reason I hope we still get it in the red paint job.
  5. We have seen that interceptor in Resistance, we haven't seen the NEW interceptor/silencer hybrid from the tRoS trailer. FO is going to be the shuttle and interceptor faction with at least 3 of each (counting the Silencer as an interceptor)
  6. Add in a force sensitive crew/gunner like the one in the spread to get a 4 force Anakin...that's a fun sounding Y-Wing
  7. This could work well for Nute Gunray as a Commander, maybe limit it in some way (once per turn I don't think would work thematically since you'll want multiple ships in a "blockade") Alternatively the Lukerhulk could just have a non-unique title ("Trade Federation Blockade Fleet") that could specifically grant that ship the ability and just give Gunray something to play off that like "when a ship at speed 0 activates it may turn one red defense token to green".
  8. I imagine the standard Tactical Droids will be the generic commander for the CIS, and the Super Tactical Droid might get Kalani as a named commander. Tho I like the idea of multiple named cards in the pack and it seems like a good solution for both the Tactical droids and the many Clone Commanders that are also just repaints (more or less).
  9. "Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique, unpainted Rebel Veteran miniatures to add to your collection, including a Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper miniature that can be deployed as a detachment, " From the Rebel Veterans article; https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/in-the-trenches/
  10. We don't know much about how the new detachments are going to work, but that seems like a way to have a unit have another unit attached to them. Which seems perfect for having Apprentices attached to their Masters. That's something we have to wait until we get more details on exactly how those work tho. I imagine the Jedi who were Generals like Anakin and Obi Wan are going to be Commanders while Ahsoka and Bariss will end up our Operatives. There's so many unique Jedi and Clone Commanders people are going to want they'll have to get creative if they want to include most of them. Going to also just throw on about Entourage...will Grievous have Entourage for the Magnaguard even tho it might be a while until anything gets announced/confirmed for them? It seems like something he should have definitely have hahah.
  11. I would love the AT-AP as some kind of slow artillery gun that could have Cumbersome on the main gun since she needs to put the third leg down to be in firing mode for stabilization. I really hope they make it in, the side ball turrets would be real interesting to make for the model. Tho if they're at all accurate to the movie/show they will die super fast when you have no named units on board hahah.
  12. I agree with you that there's so many variants the SF seems unlikely to get it's own unit, and it makes much more sense as the Comm Specialist. I like the idea of them adding more than just the added comm slot. Maybe have them add a keyword to the whole squad for them being present, make them the squad leader like the Officers and either a Stealth key-word that could give them some kind of immunity to attacks beyond a certain range (can't be attacked beyond range 3 if in cover), or even just Low Profile. Then you could even call the comm slot an optional bonus addition. I'm pretty sure FFG said they wanted the clones to be more elite infantry so having their specialists add multiple benefits would really give them that kind of game play feel.
  13. The Reconfiguration upgrades also lend themselves to the sniper/grenade launcher attatments for the DC17 quite well.
  14. Found the Droideka you're talking about and I can certainly see it as a long range support sniper, but I can't see the CIS not getting a sniper team with Commando Droids. Honestly either or, or both would be fine by me hahah.
  15. Maybe like a Geonosian mechanic or DUM-Series Pit Droid to "repair" Droid Trooper class similar to the medic, or just say their astromech equivalent can do vehicles and droid troopers leaving a normal medic for non-droids. It's certainly an interesting question what they'll do.
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