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  1. Last arc is Siege of Mandalore I’m pretty sure.
  2. Also for Inferno Squad “In addition to the standard Special Forces troopers, you can also assemble Inferno Squad members Gideon Hask and Del Meeko miniatures”. To me the “standard Special Forces troopers” and “Mandalorian Resistance” sounds like a generic version of the squads. So maybe you can take Inferno/Clan Wren, and/or a generic version.
  3. Downed AT-ST should have come with a pair like the escape pod R2 and 3P0.
  4. Technically Wookieepedia only calls it a "laser cannon" and only lists episode 8 of The Mandalorian to feature an E-Web. AND it floats and doesn't have the power cell so it's not JUST an E-Web. Semantics aside I think it still works for a support 😛
  5. When Scum came to X-Wing they had a small kit, similar to the starter kit but with just a couple ships, and conversion cards for existing ships that fit the scum faction. I think something like that would be appropriate here as well. The Mandalorian as a Commander with Iden/Cassian's ability to switch to operative, Nevarro Bounty Hunters as a corp (not the most ideal starting corp but the best fit I can think of from The Mandalorian) and the repulsor cannon emplacement from the first episode as a support (now I'm really stretching to stay on theme but still). Convert the existing bounty hunters, and some how release Cara Dune as a dual faction operative (either in her expansion have both deployment cards or just include her in the conversions if they wish to release her for Rebels earlier). That's just my rough "pitch", would like to hear how others would improve it or other routes to go.
  6. While I agree with you on the thematic reasoning that creates a unit not different enough to be worth adding. (then again I said the same thing about Phase 2 Clones and here I am loving them so...) I do like this however as a thematic solution, maybe just to piggy back off that idea you could have their range from Commander for courage decreased? I see potential with this, keeps them more in line with Imperial play style than my pitch while not making them too similar to existing units. 100% a good option for a personnel upgrade with leader.
  7. The role they’d fill is a cheap Corp unit probably white attack/defence dice with possibly surge to hit/Crit. So it really depends on does FFG want to do a 4th Corp and does that work for Empire. To me it’s the most likely 4th Corp but we might be a ways out for that.
  8. I like this solution but reroll 2 dice could end up better than cancel 1, maybe: 4+ cancel any 2 results 3 cancel hit or crit 2 or cancel hit only 1-melee reroll? The other option is literally make it a defensive aim, you get to reroll 2 defence dice, 3 with Nimble/Outmaneuver (just so outmaneuver doesn't become obsolete)
  9. Technically that was the point of the Corp unit expansions, 4 minis that require other units, sold separately, to be played. And while they include a unit card to be played as those Corp units, the B1 Upgrade does not have enough minis included. Not exactly 1:1 but I wouldn't rule anything out as a possibility. Discounting entire units is a bit different than discounting upgrades, so it would be an interesting balance challenge but I think that's the preferred solution. Or just give them Teamwork or some such keyword. Kind of hoping the during the Iden/Cassian live stream on Thursday they give us some info on how Inferno Squad will work with Iden.
  10. My gut tells me this is fake, neither of these are new images and generally in these slides there's at least a box art mock up or some figure renders, plus as @thepopemobile100 says it would likely be part of a Scum faction, so to me the announcement would be "Scum faction" not just core set + Mandalorian. But I guess we'll have to wait and see, the last batch of leaks so far are all proving true and S2 of Mando is out this year so I wouldn't say it's impossible. 🤷‍♀️
  11. I can’t offer you much help as I don’t play Rebels, and above is definitely better advice than I could ever offer for them. What I can say is don’t get discouraged, you’re still learning. Bad rolls happen, I lost Rex in a single attack once because I rolled 5/6 red dice into blanks, and had a Jyn on the other side take almost no damage on whites. What points level are you playing at? I’ve found the 500 point skirmish has been good for getting new players into the game so maybe see if your opponents will be willing to try that? Above all tho, welcome to the community and hopefully you’ll have fun with it!
  12. I'm 100% on board with this, it's a great solution to being able to have the many commanders as you say without too many expansions. I think the Clone Medic is the best choice, we've seen clone medics (Kix) operating with squads and with the GAR focus seemingly being elite best of the best infantry having a good medic who can still contribute to attack seems fitting imo. I doubt we'll see uniformed Clone Officers just because we never see them off the starships really but the Clone Special Ops I think could fit this role since they're a unique armour that I don't see needing it's own unit over a lot of the other options.
  13. As a Canadian GAR player I feel like the AAT will still be out before the Sabre Tank gets to me...
  14. Geonosians are also a good pick, either or its a Corp unit with flight which is interesting. if they are going direct mirror to the OT factions the Geonosians actually make more sense since they can have the sonic cannon detachment. Give a more support focus commander a reverse Fire Support where he can choose a friendly unit with a face up order token to perform and attack with, but then the commander can have a surge conversions or keywords to benefit that unit sacrificing it's activation. Definitely some options, and with Nute and Wat and such CIS seem perfect to introduce it. (Maybe eventually Mon Mothma for Rebels)
  15. With the tanks Hondo uses and Swoop Bike gangs you've got heavy and support vehicle options. Death Watch special forces. I think Rancor Heavy/Nexu support could be interesting new rules. I think there's a lot there for scum, hopefully once the CW faction are more built up we see scum.
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