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  1. Alright, new meta means new decks. Need to trade some stuff for some other stuff. Have to trade: Force Speed x 2 Thrawn x 1 Rocket Launcher x 2 Grand Inquisitor x 1 Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber x 1 Cad Bane x 1 Z-6 Riot Baton x 2 Ghost x 1 Chopper x 1 K-2SO Matt, Radar Technician Promo x 1 Looking for (listed from highest wants to lowest) X-8 Night Sniper x 2 Ancient Lightsaber x 2 Ezra x 2 Ahsoka x 1 Sabine x 1 DL-44 x 1 Rey's Lightsaber x 2 Kanan Jarrus x 2 Blue heroes are great again. Jyn is bae again. Let's work something out, my friends.
  2. Qui-Gon, how I've missed you. I'm gonna play the crap out of blue heroes and some kind of Jyn build now
  3. Dang, RIP to any Phasma or FN decks. Also what the heck with It's A Trap?? It never hurt anyone!
  4. Anyone trading Sabine or X-8s? I've got the following: Ghost K-2SO Ahsoka Thrawn Chopper Hound's Tooth Grand Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber Rocket Launcher x 2 Let's work something out!
  5. Pulled a Thrawn and a Chopper last night, they are up for trade. Also have the following legendary cards for trade: Ghost K-2SO Ahsoka Hound's Tooth Grand Inquisitor Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber Rocket Launcher x 2 Bunch of rares from the new set (Seeker Droids, etc) and older stuff (Force Throws, etc). Looking for the following. Looking to trade legendaries for legendaries (for the most part, we'll talk): Cad Bane x 1 Kana Jarrus x 2 Electrostaff x 2 X-8 Night Sniper x 2 I am pretty much looking for everything from the 2-player set as well - Phasma x 2, Poe x 2, Rey's Lightsaber x 2, Honor Guard x 2, etc PM me and we'll work something out.
  6. Want to make that sweet Cad/Phasma deck: Badly Need: Cad Bane x 1 X-8 Night Sniper x 2 LL-30 Blaster x 1 Have EaW Legendaries: Ghost K-2SO Ahsoka Tano Grand Inquisitor ^^This Guy's Sword Hound's Tooth Other Stuff: Rocket Launcher x 2 Also looking for these, but they're far less important: Kanan x 2 Shoto x 1 AT-DP x 1 Electrostaff x 2 Wookiie Warrior x 1
  7. Chopper is legendary? That's disappointing...
  8. Title. Theory crafting for my terrible NewPoe/eLeia begins now!
  9. Gimme that eRey/Wookiie Warrior x 2 deck
  10. someone fill me in..why is Ancient Lightsaber legendary? Why is it even good? I get the cute trick with Lightsaber Pull but you basically pay 2 to play it and then you lose it. You're using 2 cards and 2 resources to heal 2 damage..
  11. I like that Poe! 11 points for 11 health and a double focus. Cool red hero support character that can do damage, unlike Ackbar/Mon Mothma (except Ackbar's 1 gun side). Also Rey's Saber is cool.
  12. Ha, that wording on Kanan is terrible. Cool that you can run Kanan/Ezra/Ahsoka though.
  13. Vader/Guard took that 88-person TTS tourney over FN/eBala/Nightsister over the weekend
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