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  1. dev

    Picking your opponent.

    I was thinking only for the 1st elimination round. So in the case of a top 8, 6 extra minutes. (Probably not even, the top seed can pick from 7 options, which may include 2-3 obvious picks. The next seed would have only 5 options, and the 3rd seed would have 3 choices. The 4th seed gets 1 choice, so I assume it wouldn't take 2 minutes) It might put less emphasis on the meta. Currently I can pick a strong list which has strong counters. If I get lucky, I may never face my hard counter and cruise to victory. In this setup, I can figure that my hard counter will seek me out. This puts pressure on players to have more "well rounded" lists. As a thought experiment, check out list juggler for a tournament that cut to 8. Think how the top seed might prefer to face one list over another. It might end up the same overall winner, who knows. But, thanks for your input.
  2. dev

    Picking your opponent.

    Congrats on being the season champ. I agree with your observations. I was mainly trying to address the last round of swiss being less meaningful. If FFG is trying to shorten swiss rounds by one with ID then they may have succeeded. If that wasn't the intention of ID, then I was suggesting a line of thought for a solution. Give an added reason to play the last round. Getting guaranteed to make the cut by taking the ID is the "carrot", being worried about a bad match up in the first round of elimination is my proposed "stick".
  3. dev

    Picking your opponent.

    The NCAA is very different. Its based upon months of playing, 30 plus games. At the end of the season, unlike swiss, the games are not less important. Also, the seeds in the NCAA are not based upon W-L records, but a myriad of inputs. Here it is strictly W-L and MoV. I think many tournament players will tell you there are those lists, which they are glad they did not face. Sometimes the best list/player does not win the tournament. To suggest a "champion" is equally likely to defeat any player/list in a tournament is untrue. More significantly the change would make people really hesitate to take IDs. Which apparently is a problem.
  4. I have noticed that the top seed after swiss rounds often doesn't win the elimination rounds. Sometimes they get a bad match up in terms of a hard counter. What do you think of allowing the top seeds after swiss rounds to choose their first opponent in elimination? For example, with top 8, the #1 swiss gets 2 minutes to pick their 1st opponent. That player automatically becomes #8 seed. Then the next highest uncommitted swiss finisher gets 2 minutes to pick, and their choice becomes #7 seed, and so on. There would be 3 picks, the 4th would have only 1 choice. This rewards great swiss play, it reduces anybody wanting to tank their last swiss match in order to manipulate the elimination pairings. It also makes ID much more potentially costly for players to use. It should only add 5-10 minutes to total tournament length. Thoughts?
  5. Would it be possible for the top 2 players to ID the last 2 rounds and still get in? 3 wins, 2 ties.....
  6. Opinion and point of view are large parts of what makes someone a villain. In any competitive environment there are "bad" guys and "good" guys. Take a second and think about the professional sports world. Its part of the appeal. X wing contains gray areas of behavior, like bringing 2 lists to a tourney, it might be perfectly innocent or might be a "cheap" (but not illegal) attempt to field a stronger list. Intentional draws, net listing, stalling for time, or even model bumping can be in one players gray area, but not another's. I think it is great that FFG has these "behavioral opportunities" to some extent built into the game so players can label one another. I like beating "bad" guys. Fly casual guys who always give their opponent the benefit of the doubt are not always the most fun to defeat. It's fun to have an archenemy at the FLGS. It's extra fun to smoke them. For some players, being the local nemesis/spoiler is great. I just wanted to point out that having public opportunities to make choices that some will find "dishonorable" is great. It spices up the game environment. If you have no taste for it, you don't have to participate in tournaments. It takes a villain to make a hero. On a side note, the intentional draw rule could be fine, with an additional rule/change. "After the regular rounds, let the top-seed finishers choose their opponents in the 1st elimination round in descending order. If you have been chosen by a higher seed, you obviously can not choose."
  7. The empire turned a blind eye to Jabba's activities, so did the resistance/republic to some extent (slavery, etc.) So "discard this card to deal the 'blinded pilot' critical card at the end of the combat phase" It's underhanded and cheap, like it should be. Very scummy and not fair. Like throwing dirt in someone's eyes.
  8. The lost Dash action is ok, all PS 8, most 9s move 1st. The dial is less predictable, hard 1s and 3s are your friend. The "donut hole" is less of a concern. My late game experience is usually Dash flying defensively. The opponent is chasing him for points. They have usually given up trying to get Corran. Corran is following them, hammering them. I don't know if PS 8/9 is enough, it was on this particular day. Depends upon your meta. Corran built this way is fun to fly, that's what mattered to me. If I were up against Vader, Soontir, I go for the shuttle. Drop it and play conservatively, then Vader next, which is easier said than done. If you get a win or mod win in this situation, you've done well. As far as Poe/Wedge, if they are regen, ignore them and go for the other lower PS non regen ships, but don't look like this is what you're doing. The list takes a lot of patience. It's about putting 49 points of yours, up against 25-30 points of the opponent, over and over. Little mini fights, don't fight fair. It's the opposite of jousting.
  9. I just this weekend won a small tourney (12 players) with Dash and Corran. I went (4-0) 3 wins and a modified win at the final table. The rounds were 75 minutes, I add this because the list will do better at 60 minute rounds. 3 of the 4 matches went to time. Dash VI, Outrider, HLC 49pts. Corran PTL, R2D2, EU, AS 49 pts. Dash at PS 9 causes different problems for aces that SuperDash does not. Less offense, but better positioning/arc dodging. Corran is VERY difficult to kill. Many people swear by FCS, it is a great choice for many lists. AS gives so many options pre-maneuver that it is a must have for this list. There will be times when you plan to fly in with Corran and attack, and the opponent will turn all of his ships to face Corran. This usually does not end well for Corran. Use AS boost to change the angle, PTL for an evade or focus, then reveal the green 3 and get out of there. Then Dash moves, barrel rolls closer and hits with the HLC. Generally start with Corran in 1 corner facing an empty corner of the enemy side. Dash starts opposite the enemy formation but facing sideways, ready for them to chase him. At 98 pts, there is a good initiative bid. 1)flew against Rexler and Whisper. Opponent got init. He chose init., that was my preference as well. Whisper only cloaked once, attacked once, because I positioned well and wouldn't give him shots. Uncloaked Whisper went down, Rexler soon followed. I almost got Dash ioned, I rolled 2 evades. 100-0. 2)decimator (oicunn) + emperor+isard+EU+PTL?, he also brought Wampa, and Scourge. This was the toughest match of the day, Wampa only needed to attack twice with the emperor to kill Corran. (Emperor for the auto crit, Wampa cancels said crit for face down damage card that bypasses shields) Fortunately he was only able to get 1 damage on Corran before he went down. Dash got knocked down to 1/2 MoV. After killing Wampa I knocked the Deci down to 1/2. Pts. destroyed 44, pts. lost 24. 3)weirdly setup brobots by a newish player. I sacrificed Dash slowly, had IG-A down to 2 hull when Dash died. Corran double tapped at R1 with a focus and TL. Then it was 1 on 1 and Corran destroyed the remaining IG-C, not sure if he ever even shot again. This match did not go to time. On a side note, never double tap unless you are in R1, preferably with a TL or focus, and even then only with a very high chance of knocking a ship out. The threat of doubletap, is at times worse than doing it. The key to the list is positioning, when the opponent knows Corran can't shoot, it really opens the table for the opponent. While they are fearing the double tap, it closes parts of the table down, letting Dash do his HLC work. 4) final was against Ello, Red Ace, and a B. I popped the B, but it took way longer than it should have. Dash got hit for 1/2 MoV. Pts. destroyed 27, points lost 24. Three of these four games could have gone the other way. It is not an easy list to fly, it requires patience, but is tons of fun. Never let more than 1 enemy shoot at either ship, even if that means no shots. With careful movement you can eliminate 1 enemy ship. I usually go for the non-regen or easy to kill/low agility enemy. After 1 ship is down, your opponent will have to be very aggressive. If they go after Corran, well good luck, especially if you don't care if Corran even returns fire, Dash HLC will do fine. If they go after Dash, well he's a big base, great dial, barrel rolling monster that is moving very late in the round ignoring obstacles. Give not-so-fat Dash a try. Hope this helps!
  10. I was looking at the S & V cloak. I'll be curious to see how it gets put into action. Which has led me to consider alternative ways that cloaking mechanics could be handled. 1. A cloaking device that doesn't de-cloak until the attack, but then doesn't give a free re-cloak until the end of combat phase. This would give an advantage to lower PS ships that use cloaking devices. It might also encourage opponents to bring low PS ships to take a crack at uncloaked low PS phantoms, etc. 2. A de-cloak that doesn't use a maneuver template when de-cloaking, but uses it when re-cloaking. 3. A cloaking device that doesn't use a template at all, just 2 green dice. Or just a re-position with no additional agility. Or some combination of these concepts. Anyway, I'm totally fine with the current cloaking rules, and I am looking forward to some cool S & V cloaking. I just wonder if there is some room for a different type of cloak that isn't OP or too complicated. I really like the diversity of the meta, I don't want a return to VI Whisper. Anybody have any interesting ideas?
  11. If you can get outmaneuver to function every time, you probably don't need it...
  12. Thanks for the great observations and suggestions. The game can handle 8 dials in tie/Z swarms. If the ordnance took a torpedo slot and cost 4 pts, then the it's doubtful that there are ever more than 8 active dials on a side. Couple that with: 1 needing a target lock to fire, 2 ordnance can be shot down (1 or 2 hull, no greens) 3 ordnance could only last 3 turns 4 ordnance will detonate if the base, or movement template touches anything (many won't make it 3 turns) 5 ships in formation in the back row can't fire w/o hitting their fellow on the front row These conditions would limit the number of extra dials being set and might not slow the game down too much. As for it being a buff. It shouldn't be unconditionally better than traditional ordnance, it should be an alternative, that in the right hands can be better. If it deals auto damage (2 or 1 + ion, etc.?) it would be better against some, but not all targets compared to regular ordnance. It would reward good piloting and the prediction of the opponents moves. Another effect as a buff, if the opponent spends a single attack to destroy the ordnance, is that ok compared to a hull/shield upgrade? Probably. Torpedoes could also be used to "cover your flank" or ensure that if a high PS arc dodger goes that way, they will pay a price. The 1st turn range is limited to a straight 5 plus the base. So it's shorter range, but longer range in the sense that it could keep going. To get more than 1 of these to hit the same ship in 1 turn will probably require the 3 banks. (or firing from multiple angles) You'd be lucky to get more than 1 to hit in a turn, especially considering the dial would be set in planning. There a 3 basic ways to handle the timing of the ordnance. At PS 0. Activation, Combat, spend the TL, fire/move the torpedo. Set dials, then PS 0 move the torpedo again (effectively a double move). repeat if necessary. This certainly simulates a fast torpedo. It will also mean the torpedo is easier to guide, more likely to hit, thus speeding up the game. It may be over-powered. The second way to handle movement is at the beginning of combat. Works the same as the PS 0 method, except no double move, the second movement occurs after all ships have moved. Less effective against the high PS guys, and more challenging to fly. The third method would adjust the cost, and different ordnance would move at different PS. As an alternative to the small base being used for the ordnance template, the 1 straight could be used. One way to think about this is as a limited offset for low PS ships to give the high PS guys something to think about. Reward great piloting. At any rate, if anyone play tests this sort of thing, let us know. Cheers!
  13. Fire and forget missiles/torpedoes could have a dial, stay on the board more that 1 turn, and chase ships. The dial could be set during planning phase and revealed during the combat phase. If the movement template crosses a ship or obstacle, then boom. Maybe roll dice, or 1 auto damage, ion, stress, whatever depending on the cost. Because so many lists have fewer ships, setting the extra dial(s) for 2-3 turns shouldn't slow things down too much. It would be fun to "shake" a missile through the asteroids. And you could potentially lead the missile back into the guys who shot it at you. Also, why not be able to shoot down these missiles. The missile might have 1 or 2 hull, maybe no greens? Again, stats depend on the cost. Choosing between K-turning and gunning down a missile that's chasing you, or staying on your own target, feels cinematic. If anyone wants to proxy it, I'd suggest a small base for the missile with the A-wing dial. Give it 2 hull, no greens. Damage would be 2 auto damage, or 1 ion + 1 damage, or 1 stress + 1 damage. Cost, I have no idea. Duration, 3 turns. Anyway, it's just a thought. There are tons of ways to set this up, I was considering ways to make new ordnance that wouldn't slow the game too much, and would be fun to play with or against. Cheers!
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