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  1. I think so. Cycles are generally announced about 5-6 weeks after the 6th Mythos packs are announced for the previous cycle. Mythos Pack #6 of TFA will be announced right around GenCon (first week of August). So I don't think the 3rd Cycle will be announced at GenCon, that will be too early. Cycle 3 will be announced around mid-September. I do think we could get a Return to The Dunwich Legacy announcement at GenCon, and/or the next wave of Novellas announced (with the first being on sale at GenCon).
  2. I am running Akachi and Minh through Carcosa right now and having a blast. Haven't had too much trouble yet through Echoes. Both are performing well with their decks. I am using Decorated Skull and Torrent of Power in Akachi for some fun synergy, but I have not drawn my Torrent of Power yet across 3 scenarios! Kind of bummed about that. Would love some better card drawing mechanics for Mystics.
  3. Once RtNotZ is released in the next few weeks, we will be down to only Mythos packs that have been announced. I imagine we will get an announcement of the next wave sometime later this year.
  4. I could see Preston as a support Rogue, similar in style to how Minh plays, only instead of offering extra skill icons, he can dish out resources. He is a millionaire after all.
  5. No, this would make the fire consume the entire board within a few turns. It is just 1 adjacent space per Mythos Phase. When I play, we all decide on a tile that we would LEAST want fire to spread to, and add a token there.
  6. Leo's ability: Not an action, so does not trigger Attack of Opportunity. Ursula's ability: Grants an action, can trigger Attack of Opportunity.
  7. Do you happen to have a link to your Mateo deck? I am working on one and wanted to see what other people are running with him.
  8. Here is the deck I am working on. I agree, there are a ton of cards I want to include, but cannot find room for. https://i.imgur.com/VBHEgFR.jpg
  9. With my Guardians: 2x Machete 2x .45s (or .32s if playing with Mark) 1x Prepared for the Worse Upgrade into: 1x Stick to the Plan It would be pretty impossible to not start with a weapon with this setup. As the deck is upgraded into Lightning Gun and Extra Ammos, I would begin replacing the .45s or .32s.
  10. Thanks for the additional comments everyone. I have started a document where I plan on accumulating ideas to add to the Investigator Overview. Please feel free to take a look and comment on things you might add, change, remove or rework altogether. I am definitely interested in fleshing out the Pros/Cons sections beyond stats investigators are high/low on. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LdV6K_NMcOmuZdXQoZ72EwpKr-DupTPEarnuWW-0A8k/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Thanks for the ideas so far. I really like the complexity level. I would probably go with a Low, Medium, High measurement for that. Here are some ideas for the investigators (some of these are guesses, like the FA investigators, along with some current ones I have not tried yet). Feel free to disagree or provide some alternative levels! Roland: Low Zoey: Low Mark: Medium Leo: Low Carolyn: Medium Daisy: Low Rex: Low Minh: Low Ursula: Low Norman: Medium Skids: Low Jenny: Low Sefina: High Finn: Medium Agnes: Medium Jim: Medium Akachi: Low Mateo: Medium Marie: Medium Wendy: Low Pete: Low Yorrick: Medium Calvin: High Silas: Medium Lola: High
  12. Hi all, I am starting work on a new player aid to help newcomers and groups select which investigators they want to play. Essentially, it is a menu for choosing investigators. I wanted to solicit some helpful ideas about what would be ideal information to include for each investigator. I am not necessarily interested in just copying everything on their investigator cards, because players can just look at those. More like Pros, Cons, the roles each investigator can fill in a group (Fighter, Healer, Tank, Support, etc.). Stuff like that. Here is an example of what it looks like currently (still a work in progress). https://i.imgur.com/NtJ2Ekx.jpg The design resembles my other player aid: My Visual Checklist of Released Content So, for a new player, what additional information/structure might be helpful in order to help convey how each investigator plays? I'm open to any and all ideas to help make this beneficial for players! Thanks for the help!
  13. Hopefully we get another preview article soon! As for future expansions, I would be all for a restructuring of the current model, especially since we are currently tapped out for investigators until enough new ones are introduced. They could start releasing Ancient One only expansions in cheaper blister packs (there are still quite a few we have not seen).
  14. This exact thing happened to my group the last time we played. Now I am wondering if you are in my gaming group.
  15. Looks like the Star Vampires and Lloigor stand fine on their own. So Streets of Arkham just needs 4x 25mm bases.
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