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  1. I thought this might be relevant to some of your interests, so I wanted to share here that we've started our full play through of Star Wars: Legion, if you'd like to see the game in action:
  2. The video is technically more accurate than the printed material at this point. I work with the publishers of the games, and they address questions and add points of clarification, that I then include in my videos. It doesn't mean things won't sometimes get missed, but I just say that to add some credence to why the video says melee doesn't add suppression, even if the rule books isn't as definitively worded.
  3. Hi folks, My name is Rodney Smith, and I have a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching and playing games, and I recently wrapped a series taking you from assembly, to army customization, setup, and everything else you need to know to play. I figured this might be of interest to some of you, and wanted to post it here. Model Assembly Overview: Army Building: Setting Up To Play: How To Play: I hope you find this useful!
  4. Hi, my name is Rodney Smith and I run a YouTube channel called Watch It Played where we teach and play games. I've created an instructional video for people who want to learn XCOM: The Board Game with direct visual examples of everything, or for people curious about the game, but who don't have a way to try it out in advance. Part 1: The Timed Phase - Part 2: The Resolution Phase - Hopefully this proves helpful for some. Thanks for watching!
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