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  1. Can't unsee. Probably going to snigger every time I see the packaging.
  2. Sure, but the bigger question is, "What would those things do for Legion?" C-3P0 is a major character from the films and his presence emphasizes the desperate ingenuity of the rebellion. A supply droid model for the Empire is just scenery.
  3. AP-5 was an unarmed clerk on a shipping vessel. Not exactly the sort of person you bring to a pitched battle.
  4. Protocol droids really don't make sense for the empire. They're diplomatic assistants, not soldiers. The rebellion uses C-3P0 because they're desperate enough to overlook his... everything, but for a proper military, a clumsy robot with a prissy attitude and a shiny metal carapace is a liability on the battlefield. Astromechs make a bit more sense, but we already have a repair droid upgrade. I suppose you could add an alternative BT-1 head for the astromech and add the killbots, but 3P0 and 0-0-0 would probably require different poses, and that still leaves the CIS without a unit in the box.
  5. Well, I've seen Bossk in a Tricorn and duster, so who knows*? *The model in question isn't painted to the owner's satisfaction, so no pictures yet.
  6. If you want to homebrew it, go for it, but between C-3P0's card from the RRG and the new keywords that are clearly for R2-D2, the unit in the expansion is pretty specialized. The empire doesn't use droids the way the Rbellion uses Artoo and Threepio
  7. Why stop there? Why not use Rebellion for Grand Strategy, ans Imperial Assault Skirmishs for precison operations? Joking aside, using just Legion and Armada probably makes more sense.
  8. Not that I disagree that this is the right call, but wouldn't shipping all the individual replacements be even more expensive?
  9. Depends on the rest of your army, your metagame, and your tolerance for variance. If the rest of your army has anti-armor covered, the RT-97C becomes very appealing. It's also an excellent choice if your local meta is very light on armor. The DLT of course shines in games with a lot of armor on the table, but the low variance is also very appealing to some players.
  10. Squark

    Improving x wing

    In the spirit of more fun wishes... -More environment cards -A sequel to the epic expansion -Tie Brute -Hammerhead frigate -Competitive Objectives -Game mats of iconic locations like Scarrif's shield gate or the Death Star trench with included scenarios, perhaps even plastic obstacles like turbolaser turrets.
  11. Squark

    Improving x wing

    As far as what can be done to improve the metagame in my opinion; 1) I5 and to a lesser extent I6 pilots still need to climb a bit in price. Low initiative pilots might also need to drop a bit, but lowering the floor too much could have a ripple effect long term. 2) Gas Clouds are dumb and need to be reigned in. If the only way to use them was via environment cards, that might go a ways towards making them more interactive. 3) Second player is too advantageous. Giving first player more control over the battlefield via environment cards could go a long way toward balancing things out. In case it wasn't clear, I feel strongly that environment cards have the potential to significantly improve competitive play.
  12. The interior isn't much of a selling point for me because Legion's movement tool doesn't handle indoor areas well. The lack of windows, while true to film, also makes the bunker a rather uninteractive piece of scenery. Including a back door helps a little, though- Does anyone have a good picture of the interior?
  13. True line of sight really requires some guidelines, or stuff like this happens. 40k takes the position that you need to see an actual body part to shoot something these days- Presumably because GW wanted more people to actually use the backpack banners.
  14. Squark

    Themed Card Packs

    The Shield Gate would practically be a map unto itself. Actually, a couple of themed maps like the Shield Gate, Death Star Trench, or the Scarrif Ground Battle could be a lot of fun.
  15. There's a huge difference between a unit being expensive and packaging competitive options in an at best tangentially rekated product
  16. I'm a bit confused as to why people are upset about the scenario cards. They're not tournament legal, so you don't need an official copy. And FFG just showed them all off, so if you want to play the scenarios with your own 3rd party bunker*, you can do that right now.
  17. 1) You'll need the core set, or at a bare minimum, the new damage deck. But since the core set includes excellent pilots for the X-wing and Tie Fighter like Luke Skywalker and Iden Versio, you probably want it. 2) With the exception of your firespray, all your ships will be covered by a rebel conversion kit and an imperial conversion kit. 3) The Slave I is only used by the Scum faction. It's probably not worth picking up a kit to convert one ship. Unfortunately, the conversion kits are a bit awkward for people with small collections from multiple factions. $100 to convert 13 ships is technically better than buying them again individually, but it still stings. They would let you convert any additional 1.0 rebel and imperial ships you pick up, though. You might consider seeing if you can pick up the conversion stuff you need piecemail online.
  18. Hunter+Emergency Stims is the base build. You might add Overwatch if you have Krennic, but otherwise I'd leave it at that. This blog is also very good reading for Bossk strategy if you're looking for more in depth advice.
  19. Summary -200 points -At least one Non-flotilla ship -Max 2 Flotillas -No cap on squadrons -Commanders optional -3×3 Battlefield. When told to select a 3' edge, pick a non-player edge. -Targeting Beacons, Fire Lanes, Fleet Ambush, Planetary Ion Cannon, and Intel Sweep are discouraged as they don't work well. -Blockade Run just doesn't work Full rules + Obstacles and Proximity Mine rules
  20. This is secondhand, but 0-0-0 is there to support the Death troopers, not the other way around. It actually leads to some pretty difficult decisions for the opponent. I think BT-1 got cut in the most recent build, though. Not needing the Inquisitor helps a lot, since the decimator's blues are appalling.
  21. Death Troopers+0-0-0+BT-1 is cute on Oiccun
  22. For dedicated fans, this is more exciting, but the 2nd wave of clone wars releases makes for much bigger headlines.
  23. The pricing on the Storntrooper heavies is... weird. A DLT offers 1.75 average damage at range 1-4 with a useful keyword for 24 points. The T-21 only adds 1.5 damage at range 1-3, but costs 27 points and has a more situational keyword*. The RT-97 seems more reasonable at 26 points for 2 average damage and no keyword, though. It kind of makes me wonder if the DLT is getting a points adjustment or something. *A unit of 4 Stormtroopers+T-21 has a 34% chance of not getting even one surge, much less two! Even with an aim token, that's still a 23% chance of doing nothing. Factor in critical's limited use in large dice pools vs. Troopers, and you have a rather lackluster gun.
  24. The captains add a training upgrade slot, and seems to do something with suppression as well. It can still shoot, much as a heavy weapons trooper can still use their squad's usual weapons when their heavy weapon is exhausted.
  25. Your call, but that seems a little antithematic. Rebellion in the Rim is supposed to be about small scale border conflicts. Of course it's up to you and your friends, but It'd be a bit odd to have a geurilla skirmish featuring a rebel fleet larger than anything we see before Endor.
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