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  1. For this to work, you'd definitely have to drop the cost of Ordnance carriers pretty heavily. Which might actually lead to some interesting builds.
  2. The Transport pod doesn't have the illicit for a cloaking device
  3. FFG generally uses props and stills for their models- I think the most extreme example is the Scurrg, which is nowhere near its "stated size," but does look pretty accurate to the games when you put it next to an N1 or Aethersprite. So I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. The other issue Silhouettes adress is not everyone puts the model on the same part of the base. It doesn't provide a huge advantage (especially in legion where cover is on a per unit basis and determined from the center point of a model), but putting a model off center on a base can provide advantages or disadvantages. Silhouettes eliminate this concern. *The most obvious example that comes to mind is that putting a model more towards the edge of the base makes it easier for a model to take cover in corners and walls where the physical base might otherwise make things difficult. This has come up in a few of my Kill Team games, simply because I tended to put my minis toward the (relative) back of the base for whatever reason (I think my brain just thought the lining up the legs with the base made sense).
  5. Gideon can't go in Death troopers. He and gideon can go in the, "Inperial Special Forces" special forces unit. Yes, that's a truly terrible name choice.
  6. I believe FFG stated that they wanted the CIS to be a mix of powerhouse Heroes and Heavies supported by cheap troops. I would not expect them to get a unit costed similarly to the generic commanders of other factions. Han or Iden-level commanders seem more likely. The CIS build diversity is suffering from a lack of cheap supports and spec forces to allow them to diversify from just running B1s, though. Controlling AI is also proving to be an issue because of this situation.
  7. Squark

    Alt art n-1?

    That's actually in error- The constant refreshing DDoSed Asmodee's store, and what we're getting is a backup. FFG has not managed to sell any yet. EDIT: FFG has posted on their Facebook that they're moving the date back to next week, presumably to allow more time to beef up their server. So please, spare Asmodee's web developer the grief and stop DDoSing the store.
  8. I don't think Boba and either of his wingmates have reached Triple Upsilon levels (Although I will stand by my long held opinion that Boba Fett should have had 2 recurring charges instead of an always on ability. But, FFG has been gunshy on errata this time around). My instinct is to make Slave I scale with initiative and drop Maul from Hyperspace. His presence is actually really weird, since no ship he comes with is in hyperspace. It just feels weird. K2-S0 is in the same boat, but they both feel odd where they are, honestly.
  9. Similarly, Inconspicuous does not protect you from explosive charges.
  10. I don't want it on the 1.4 FD, and I'd be more likely to want to provide fire support to an E-web for that sweet surge-crit.
  11. ... It's literally the post above you? The Judge is supposed to inform players when they are not following the rules. Missing mandatory triggers constitutes not following the rules. Therefore, the judge should inform players of missed mandatory triggers. They should not, however, mention optional triggers (Zizi, Kaz's Fireball title, etc.), except perhaps in the most casual tournaments, and then only with both player's consent.
  12. Under the old rules If you use Wedge, you can use one of your normal actions to pivot 180 degrees. Under the new rules, you can use Wedge to perform a free 90-degree pivot. Then, you can use one of your normal actions to perform another 90-degree pivot. So, with the new Wedge, there's no change if you are pivoting more than 90 degrees, but Wedge can now be used to get a free 90 pivot instead of his old effect.
  13. Generally yes outside trying to hit specific bid threshold, but I have to ask, "So what?" Bidding is an unpleasant metagame activity, and it shouldn't be used as a benchmark for design decisions.
  14. Zahn himself actually used them pretty cleverly, especially with their origin, but I can see how they could be overused.
  15. Units have a default size equal to the small number beneath their unit "rank" in the upper right corner of the card. In the B-1 Battle Droid's case, that's a Triangle with a 6 below it, signifying that the base, 36-point unit comes with 6 B-1s. You can then add a personel upgrade and a heavy weapons upgrade if you so choose, raising the squad to 8.
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