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  1. Squark

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Only if you are issued an order, though.
  2. Squark

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    2 Actications in a single corps slot for 78 points... eww... I really hope something is done about the balooning activation spam before these hit the tables.
  3. Squark

    Point increase soon?

    800 points is a pretty good threshold for entry since it's just 2 core sets+1 expansion, which makes purchasing a full army much cheaper.
  4. Squark

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    Personally, I think I'll be fine with using my existing dial upgrades. The colors are close enough. Still, it's nice to have the option. As far as the usefulness of the dial upgrades themselves... I still find I prefer them because it's much clearer which maneuver you've selected. I imagine I would have gotten used to the little white arrow eventually, but I didn't like it when 2.0 started, so I stuck with my dial upgrades.
  5. Squark

    Reconfigure question

    Indeed. In order to override your base weapon choices, an upgrade would have to have the sidearm keyword. Edit: Thanks, @YuriPanzer I get why it's a bit confusing, though, since the upgrades are worded such that it seems like three different configurations of the same gun. But in practice, it's more like one gun that can switch between two secondary attachments.
  6. Squark

    "limited edition" ships?

    I think people are letting their suspicion of FFG override economic sense. And to be fair, the sheer number of weasel words FFG used in trying to sell people on 2e without actually committing to doing much has more than earned FFG that suspicion. But honestly? Even if it's Poe's T-70, I don't really care. The cost of commissioning someone to paint me my own Black One would be significantly lower than attending the convention. And the paintjob would probably be higher quality, too.
  7. Squark

    T-65 X-Wing Damage Deck

    They were a limited run pre-order bonus. Some stores may have one or two left lying around if you ask, but ebay is your best bet.
  8. Squark

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    Points adjustments are helpful, but some things are better served by adding new rules or changing existing ones. That being said, Vader feels fine right now. His learning curve is higher than might be ideal in a starter set, but he's performed quite well once I got the hang of things.
  9. Squark

    Strategy: Pulling Damage Cards

    Oh. Yeah, that's correct. Unless you're trying to trigger a reshuffle by running out the damage deck, this is pointless when Kylo's not around.
  10. Squark

    Strategy: Pulling Damage Cards

    That's not strategy. It's just what you're supposed to do. You take a number of damage cards equal to the damage you suffered, and then after all ships of the same initiative have attacked, you remove any ships with damage equal to or greater than their hull value. Statistically, though, it won't make a difference unless ISYTDS is involved, or the cards are dealt faceup (In which case this can give you a tiny bit of information about what's left in the deck).
  11. Squark

    What happened to SWL30?

    It could be a product that's experiencing a long development time (Perhaps a Clone Wars core set?), or it could be a cancelled product we won't find out about for quite some time. Late in X-wing 1st edition, there was a missing sku that fueled an awful lot of speculation for over a year; I think it was only a few months ago that someone found am excel sheet shown to distributors indicating it was something called, "Heroes of the Force," which presumably was saved for 2.0's force mechanics.
  12. Squark

    So, no K2SO then...

    It only has one non-red speed 3+ maneuver. Jousters really, really need their dice mods. While you can still trigger afterburners off a 3-bank, you're not going to do much without a focus token. Plus, the tallon rolls and k-turn are too slow to trigger afterburners, which removes their coolest trick.
  13. Squark

    So, no K2SO then...

    This is one comment from the Devs that seems to have been miscommunicated by a lot of people. The specific statement was that if they released new content in a re-release such as new pilots or configurations, there would be a way to get that content without having to buy the entire re-released expansion. FFG has technically kept to that promise by not releasing any new content in the Wave 3 and 4 rereleases*, since somebody in development really, really doesn't want to do card and cardboard only expansions apparently. Which is kind of a shame, since the B-wing (And future rereleases of classic fighters like the A-wing and Tie Interceptor) could really use new pilots.** *Well, kind of. The killbots in the decimator and Afterburners in the b-wing** have exposed a bit of a grey area here. **Can we just take a minute to appreciate what a weird choice for the B-wing this is? It has so few speed 3+ maneuvers.
  14. I think @Katarn was thinking more of Veers/Krennic and Han/Leia vs. The generic commanders; Veers and Leia in particular do everything the generics do but better for a modest points increase. I'm not entirely happy with the generic commanders because of this (especially since both factions would have loved to finally have access to both spotter and take cover), but at the same time, I really did not want the generic commanders to overshadow the named ones the way they can in some other games. As far as my thoughts on the subject; I feel Legion could do with another corps unit or two. Hoth Troopers are a popular request on these forums that would make a good Rebel Corps units, and both the Modern and Legends-era Imperial Army Troopers don't really fit anywhere else. On the other hand, the nature of Command Cards means new Operatives and Commanders add a lot of new options to the game, so I suspect we'll continue to see more of them for quite some time. However, the nature of the command card system also works against a true "herohammer" army- A lot of a commander's power is tied to their command cards, and there's a diminishing return past the second commander/operative since you can't use all the command cards from three different characters. For that matter, the addition of the new generic command cards means you don't get as much from the second commander/operative.
  15. Squark

    Dorsal Turret on a Y-Wing?

    The Falcon and the striker are in hyperspace to round out the Rebel and Imperial factions and bring them closer to Scum and the Sequel Factions in options. In the process, FFG also brought in a couple of cards that serve as placeholders for the upgrade cards that would be in a Rebel Falcon Expansion.