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  1. Squark

    Unsung Heros.

    I'd rather be able to give orders to important units and remove them from the order pool for more consistency. That is a pretty nice effect, though. Just... don't give a similar effect to the Empire using Aim tokens. Please, FFG. Please don't do something that crazy. Stormtrooper Aim chains would be really, really dumb.
  2. Squark

    Unsung Heros.

    Posted below is the expanded rules for Treat from the RRG. Hopefully it should help with any more questions (Or people who want confirmation of answers I've given) Treat x: capacity y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation. When a unit uses the treat x: capacity y ability, place one wound token on the card that has the treat x: capacity y keyword, then choose a friendly non-emplacement trooper unit at range 1 and in line of sight and remove up to x wound tokens from that unit or restore up to x miniatures to that unit. This ability cannot be used if the card that has the treat x: capacity y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding y. • Wound tokens on cards are not considered to be on units and do not count toward a unit’s wound threshold, nor can they be removed by abilities that remove wound tokens from units. • To restore a mini to a unit, that unit must have had one or more minis defeated that round. Choose a mini that was defeated during the current round and place that mini on the battlefield in cohesion with its unit leader. Then, give that mini a number of wound tokens equal to one less than the wound threshold indicated on its unit card. • If all of a unit’s minis have been defeated, it is no longer in play, and cannot be chosen when using the treat x: capacity y ability. • If a player has a unit with the treat x: capacity y ability in their army, it is recommended that the player track which of their trooper minis have been defeated during the current round, in order to avoid confusion. For example, minis can be placed tipped on their side on top of their unit card
  3. Squark

    Unsung Heros.

    Commanders are not on the table to be restored. You can put a mini back into an understrength unit, but once the unit is wiped out, it's gone.
  4. Squark

    Unsung Heros.

    Every time. Edit: You get a Wookiee with 2 wounds on it. Thanks for catching that, @Thevshi
  5. Squark

    New vehicles!

    You're going to have to explain what you mean there. Luke and the T-47 are very different models. They're trying to fill the same role, but they do it very differently.
  6. Squark

    New vehicles!

    Given that you can always use a lower speed template when performing normal moves, there's no reason for Ryder to allow you to decrease speed unless he works on compulsory moves. Still not sure that's worth 5 points and exhaust, though.
  7. Squark

    New vehicles!

    No, you have two minis since the heavy weapons trooper is a mandatory upgrade.
  8. Squark

    New vehicles!

    That's not the correct way to calculate effective wounds- If it was, the TX-225 would only have 12 (8/2+8) effective wounds, and that doesn't pass the sniff test, since clearly you need twice the number of wounds to get past the 50/50 save. Never tell me the Odds has a pretty in depth rundown (As well as some preliminary looks at how the Armor and cover keywords affect the estimate), but the short version is that effective wounds are (# of wounds) * (1/Probability a wound will occur). So an AT-ST has 11*(3/2) effective wounds (16.5), while Chewbacca has 9*(6/5) effective wounds (10.8), and the Emperor has 5*(3/1) effective wounds (15). EDIT: @Matt3412 Beat me to it. The formula I gave you is just the inverse equation of what they described.
  9. Squark

    New vehicles!

    You need 16.5 crits to get through an AT-ST, actually. The AT-ST also has superior firepower at range 3-4, a much less exposed weak point, an emergency melee weapon that makes moving out of melee less necessary, and is less vulnerable to pierce. Speed seems comparable due to the extra length of the Tx-225's base, although reposition gives a mobility advantage to the TX-225. To make a full comparison we're going to need to know the stats for the pintle mount hardpoint, though. The exact function of the transport rules will also shape how things work. Overall, though, I do feel like the TX-225 has a slight advantage. Which, given the many complaints we've seen about vehicles being lackluster, might be merited, provided errata is coming for existing vehicles.
  10. Squark

    New vehicles!

    The gun mount is from Battlefront 2 (EA), specifically.
  11. Squark

    Pick the date: Points Release ???

    A general increase in cost to most I5 and I6 pilots would be more prudent. Targeting the Tie Swarm's traditional predator would (Aces) should help them out. Banning/Massively increasing the price of Trajectory simulator would help as well. The real issue with the Tie Swarm at tournaments may just be fatigue, though.
  12. Squark

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    1-2 Imperial. I'll have to see what how much the droids cost and what the new comms upgrade does before I commit to a second kit.
  13. Squark

    Fraction Limitations on Cards

    While BB-series astromechs (or something like them- The one that appears in the final Aftermath book has a different designation) were starting to see deployment by the end of the Galactic Civil War, they were only compatible with the prototype T-70s, so it makes sense the Rebels can't use them.
  14. Squark

    Character rules that seem out of place.

    It might be relegated to Legends at this point, but Leia was the best sharpshooter of the main cast (although Han was faster on the draw). I think mechanics play at least as big a role in these cases, though. Leia needs sharpshooter 2 to make her bombardment threatening, while Boba needed consistent firepower to make up for his high cost compared to the other non-force users.
  15. Squark

    Standby action

    Standby feels like a niche mechanic intended to lessen the effects of Zugzwang in legion, which is particularly important since the random nature of activations can lead to players being forced to activate a unit at the worst time. Specifically, it allows a unit in a safe, entrenched position to store an action for later when the alternative would be to let the action go to waste or move out of said safe spot. On the other hand, a game in which two sides hide in their fortified position for the entire game is not very interesting, so the rule is deliberately situational to encourage players to seek alternatives to using standby.