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  1. The Web based version now reads 1.2.0.
  2. Awesome. My old lists are back as well but are also listed as Custom. However the app version is still wrong and showing 1.1.0. Could someone from FFG please post with an update? Edit. I see the new version on the web based app is now 1.2.0. Could the Android fix be far behind?
  3. My app still says 1.1.0 no matter what I do. All my Hyperspace lists disappeared twice since the update. The current version is supposed to be 1.1.1
  4. Android still showing previous version and all my NEW Hyperspace lists have also disappeared from my web based and Android versions.
  5. Made some new Hyperspace lists since that last ones got eaten. They got eaten too. Any idea on when this is gonna get fixed or when my Android App will updated from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1?
  6. If that was the case it would be great if we had a heads up or at least confirmation as to what is going on.
  7. My Android still says Version1.1.0. Also, should we expect our Hyperspace lists to come back or have they been deleted?
  8. Version 1.1.1 not updated on my Android. All my hyperspace lists are gone. Still showing as version 1.1.0.
  9. Same here. All my Hyperspace lists are gone. My phone app still says version 1.1.0. Republic and Sepratist lists are there but the app version is wrong.
  10. Giving this list a try on Monday. Any ideas? T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 77 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) •Black One (2) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) T-70 X-wing - •Ello Asty - 61 •Ello Asty - Born to Ill (56) Heroic (1) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) T-70 X-wing - •Nien Nunb - 60 •Nien Nunb - Sarcastic Survivor (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  11. And while we're at it lets call any Fat Ghost builds "Scooby Gang".
  12. Kylo goes off and breaks stuff when he doesn't get his way. This makes him a detriment on whatever ship he's on. But he's a powerful force user. Kylo Ren 2 points 1 Crew slot "When attacking Kylo Ren may turn 1 hit result into 2 hits. If no damage is dealt, suffer one stress instead."
  13. We could stick with the theme and call The Ghost the Mystery Machine and the Phantom Scrapy Doo.
  14. And we will call Zeb Scooby, Sabine is Daphnie, Ezra is Shaggy, Chopper is Velma and Kanan is Fred. (Since Freddy Prinze Jr. both voice acts Kanan and was Fred in the Scooby Doo Movie.) Honestly I'm not seeing anyone having any problems or confusion but I would love to see that repaint.
  15. Season One is available on DVD. Honestly, this show caught me by surprise. It's actually amazing. In the finale when the crew is escaping Tarkin's Star Destroyer, Chopper takes off with The Ghost and returns on the transport leading to the clip above. He also Pilots a shuttle in season 2 and has operated the guns on The Ghost.
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