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  1. if I get two eyeballs with the Lando crew card does the Jan crew card affect both?
  2. Maybe not THE worst, but meets the criteria and has upgrades that go counter to the pilot skills on two of them. Horton Salm Title Adv. Prot. Torps x2 ABT R2-F2 EI Garvin Dreis R2-D6 LW SD Lt. Blount Stay on target EU
  3. assuming with those points, 1/3 to 1/2 of players will take a soopir fel, I like: Wedge bb-8 flechette torp. crack shot IA (if allowed) 34 points for initiative + astro make arc dodging harder, torp. for one round of double stress, and crack shot to strip SD if he has it. Or even try: Porkins r3-a2 flechette torp. VI Hull Initiative, chance for a triple stress and near continual double stress.
  4. not going to speculate on what the titles might do but I'd think that 2 titles for both versions would seem likely, a unique title "rogue leader" for higher PS, and a generic title "rogue squadron" which would hopefully help out the poor rookie pilot.
  5. a 0 point torpedo retro fit that lowers the cost of astro mechs and mods by 1 point each!
  6. perhaps allowing you to use one munition as well as your primary weapon would help the higher cost ones.
  7. "Han Solo at Stars' End" copyright 1979 The fighters were primarily for interceptor service-or rather, Han corrected himself, had been a generation ago. Early production snubships; Z-95 Headhunters; compact, twin-engine swing-wing craft. the Headhunter has been canon nearly as long as the X-wing itself.
  8. Krewal

    Noob needs a tip!

    I don't want to strip the original, in fact that's what I'm hoping to avoid. I want to remove the sharpie paint without damaging it.
  9. Krewal

    Noob needs a tip!

    I've recently purchased some Sharpie Oil-based paint markers, and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to remove the paints without damaging the models and/or the original paint if possible. Thanks in advance!
  10. perhaps a cheap astromech that allows for white K-turns, adds a little maneuverability and free ups one if it's 2 actions, another weakness. or maybe a 1-2 point refit that replaces your torpedoes with a second mech.
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