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  1. I know a lot of people won't like it but, apparently Disney is making SW a multi media affair, and that means books will fill in the gaps.  If you're not a reader this sucks, but it appears that is the way it's going to be so, yes, if you want to know more going forward don't expect movies to tell you everything, you're going to have to pick up a book.  BTW, even if you aren't an avid reader, most of the new novels are really short and written at a middle school level which, as a reader, bugs me but I see why they are doing it. You may not like it, and I'm not certain I'm sold on the idea just yet, but it's Disney's now and it appears this is the way it's going to be.



    Main objection: Integrated Astromech finally, finally feeds the X-wing a balance patch. This patch works best with 1pt droids (Of which there are only two!), or with suitably capable more expensive ones. Something that's been missing for the droid slot to date has been, eg, a 3pt straight-up-jousting-buff droid, unlike the Crew slot that, yes, has the K4 Security Droid.


    So we were hoping for something to fit one of these two roles; either another interesting little 1-pt cheapie to increase the 22pt Rookie diversity from literally two builds (one of which is noticeably worse than the other, so effectively one!), or something, even if it were 3pts, that was finally a generic Rebel Astromech that gave a worthwhile boost to combat power. Thugs get R4 Agromechs; Crew gets K4 Security Droid, System gets FCS. It was not unreasonable to hope there was a sensibly-built combat-booster on the way with such a droids name...


    A target lock on reds isn't bad, but it doesn't help X-wings much; indeed it helps the T-70 and the Y-wing more by a considerable margin. The disappointment was we were really hoping for more stuff for X-wings, because there's gonna be a whole lot of 22pt R2 Rookies flying around soon... for lack of anything else to do with the things.

    There are 5 1 point Astromechs if I'm correct. R2, R5, R4-D6, R2-D6. Then there is also that one point discardable in the new core set that turns you into Dash for the entire round.


    Sorry, small clarification there: Two generic droids; you're correct there are others.


    With that said, when looking at the 22pt Rookie+IA+1pt 'Mech builds...


    R2-D6 isn't legal.

    R5-X3 is discardable, so has poor synergy with a discard-your-mech modification.

    R2 is legit

    R5 is legal (Though turning nonlethal crits facedown is pretty situational when you've only got 40% of your HP that can ever be faceup)

    R4-D6 is legal and handy, but unique.


    So: Of the five 'mechs, there are three real choices for an IA X-wing... one of which is unique and another marginal; of which, it must be noted, two find greater benefit on Y-wings. This is partly why people were hoping for a psuedo-K4; if a card ran off greens, it helps X- and E-wings up their firepower in a way less applicable to the (these days firepower-plentiful) Y-wing.


    You might be correct that there are more than two options, but for a 22pt IA X-wing... it's still a barren field. :(


    If only the text on r5-x3 said to turn upside down as opposed to discard, allowing it to synergize with IA.



    Or even just giving the Xwing two EPT slots would be great, Like the Test Pilot title for the Awing. then you could give Xwings Barrel rolls and another EPT ;)

    Wedge would be pretty good with PTL and predator.

    No, I think the EPTs need to be cheaper of free for the X-Wing, giving a ship two EPT's take away the A-Wings special something niché.



    What about giving it an EPT slot that can only be filled with 'discard to use' EPTs? I'd love to give Biggs or the Red Squadron Pilot something basic like Lightning Reflexes or Crackshot.


    perhaps a title 


    Rogue Squadron

      x-wing only

      Rebels only

      you may equip a Crackshot or Lightning Rexles talent card in addition to any other talent as long as it's not CS or LR


    those two disposables sound like what makes a rogue a rogue.


    I normally accept the fact that everyone has an opinion on everything. And that's fine. Different perspectives make the world interesting. However, after 1 prescreening, and two more viewings, I've made my final decision. Anyone who doesnt agree this movie is amazing is either simply not a Star Wars fan, or they love being the voice of opposition, aka trolls and hipsters. The door is over there.

    I understand your opinion (I loved the movie as well), but I just can't get behind this attitude. For far too many years have I put up with people telling me that I'm not a "true Star Wars fan" because I like the prequels. I don't think it's ever anyone's place to tell someone else whether they are or are not a true Star Wars fan.


    But I'm glad you enjoyed it on your subsequent viewings. I'm seeing it a second time tonight and I hope I love it just as much as the first time.


    umm... the fact that you DO like the prequels makes you more of a SW fan than others.  Yeah, not as good as OT, has problems in other areas, but it is still SW, if you DON'T like the prequels (no you dont have to LOVE them or think they are the best) then I'd say you're not a SW fan.  That's kind of the definition of being a fan, even when you're team loses or under performs you still cheer for them.



    So to the extent we can say anything is "historically accurate, we can say Finn's inability to massacre a population is.

    he's a plumber, not a soldier 



    He's a top soldier, marked as a possible ideal stormtrooper.



    The janitor line was probably just a throwaway joke.


    was thinking about this but it doesn't have to be this way.  At the height of Roman power, when soldiers weren't fighting they had other duties as builders mostly.  So it wouldn't be a stretch to think that when troopers aren't stormtrooping they don't just sit around all day but have other menial tasks to perform.  Plus he wasn't just a janitor, he worked in sanitation which can have other nuances to it.  Also, if I'm not mistaken even our military doesn't always hire private contractors to do all the menial work, the soldiers usually take care of their own base, latrine duty and such.


    With a boarding craft you can send boarding party team into a CR90 or a YT-1300 and turn it against your opponent.



    Take it over, maybe not. But 'Stormtrooper Boarding Party' as a two-crew upgrade, discardable, that places some lasting damage-causing shenanigans on a huge ship instead of attacking seems perfectly characterful.




    I like this idea, perhaps a single crew stormtrooper elite or even a spacetrooper, non unique non limited so you can equip multiple, at start of end phase discard to ion/stress any ship you are touching. Gives the shuttle a neat blocker role.


    Posted somewhere already but I'm convinced it was Ren while he is still Ben. Jealousy of her drives him to do so but he isn't far enough to the dark side to do worst.

    Might explain why Luke vanishes. He didn't just lose his fledgling order to a family member but his daughter too.

    Just out of curiousity, why does everyone assume that Rey is Luke's daughter? I get the feeling that she is Hans long lost daughter. He thought her to be dead, and then lo and behold she shows up on the Falcon. He doesn't tell her out right because he isn't sure that will do any good, but he finds her capable enough after she helps fix the Falcon.Or maybe he is in disbelief that it is actually her.


    Also that explains why she could get into Kylo Ren's head without force training, because of the brother-sister link. However this does backfire some on the account that Kylo couldn't get into her head. 


    Given her being drawn to Anakin's lightsaber makes it seem more likely that she's a Skywalker of some sort, plus with all the parallels with ANH, I can see the big secret(?) of the second movie being Luke saying "No, I, am your father"


    Quick question. The Starkiller base, when it fires does it keep tapping its own Sun over and over again each time it fires? In which case does the Star need time to recover between each shot? There was only a matter of days between the first and second use which seems a short timeframe if this is the case.

    Or does it totally consumes a star each time it fires which would require it moving from system to system each time it gets used, thus destroying two systems, its target and its energy source?

    Fyn described its power source as 'the sun' not a star, which indicates the first, but the battle implies that the Star is totally drained each time it base is charged, which points towards the second.

    I think the name Starkiller says it all, plus I think they mentioned that it consumes the whole star.

  9. Poe



      Draw their fire





      Draw their fire






    Two defensive regeners that help keep biggs alive, also they can help each other mitigate damage after Biggs dies.

  10. Especially because he probably had no real formal training, only what he could've been taught by Luke, who wasn't the best trained either.

    yes, not counting the duel between Obi and Vader in ANH, the PT jedi had the advantage of 100's-1000's(?) of years of light saber tradition (despite their peaceful ways).  Luke never really had much saber training so he wouldn't really have been able to  train Kylo in that area, while Rei did have melee combat skills.

  11. anyone who knows the force, knows that when the main force user, Rei, and the only person in the galaxy with info on Luke are on the same planet is no coincidence.


    Now for how the opening sequence was a lot like ANH. Stormtroopers show up and are actually pretty good, high ranking rebel/resistance operative gives sensitive info to an astromech, black, caped, masked bad guy shows up and captures said operative, operative shows no fear when first confronted.


    also, Kylo's parentage is nearly spoiled when old guy at the beginning knows him and his parents, possibly another not coincidence.

  12. Titles, but I think we will have to wait until the rogue one movie hits.  My opinion is that they make progressive titles similar to IG.  Without trying to give specific abilities I think something like this


    Rogue One


    x-wing only

    (maybe a PS restriction)

    rebel alliance only (if you want to exclude T-70)

    Any friendly X-wing at range 1-2 blah blah squad based synergy


    Works on single x-wing but encourages squads


    Rogue Two


    x-wing only

    requires rogue one title (for squad building purposes only)

    (lower PS restriction)

    rebel alliance only (blah blah)

    some sort of defense buff, blah blah


    Rogue Three


    x-wing only

    requires rogue one and two titles (blah blah)

    (no PS restriction)

    blah blah

    blah blah ability


    not sure how to cost them, but the point is that each title rewards progressive use of more x-wings, doesn't buff rookies but I think a few more 1pt astros will help that. 

  13. anyone else notice that it's the only astromech not given an R_ designation?  Why not R4?  But yeah, it's mostly a T-70 mech, didn't think about Hobbie til now, and as for the Y's, more reds to activate but crap greens to remove.  Just another option for astro users as it should be, I assume any buff for the T-65 will come in a Rogue One expansion as it's set in that time frame.


    I'm not great at Clone Wars lore. Only watched 2.5 seasons so far..

    The clone aging speed is said to be double a regular person? How long does that accelerated aging last though? Is it confirmed to be permanent or does the effect stop or finish as they age?

    That he could be the commando in the pic is awesome but a 72yr old commando? Dubious. If he is physically say mid to late 50s that would be more realistic for a combatent.

    There are examples of older but they are pretty rare.

    I believe the accelerated aging lasts for a clone's entire life. Looking for a possible cure was a major plot line in the Republic/Imperial Commando series of books. Unfortunately both of those series of books were never completed by the author so we never found out whether or not they found a cure for the accelerated aging.


    In the legends book Bloodlines, Bobba has cancer, as a result of being a clone, but learns that another clone is still alive so he tracks him down and finds someone that counteract it.  Now it doesn't specify about the aging process but it would be possible to assume it also exists.  Not to mention in the same series of books, which take place after TFA, most of the OT characters are still alive and old, but since it's the future (technically, a long time ago) it describes people as routinely living beyond 120 years old, 60-70 is considered middle aged, so either way an approximately 75+ year old Rex wouldn't really be all that old.


    all of these are great, now we need the only pilot to survive both death star attacks (Wedge of course), oh and where's the original hero Luke?

    Wait, there was that unknown Y-wing pilot that survived the first DS, who's to say he didn't survive the second as well?


    True, I was going off the old EU Rogue Squadron novels.  He also had so many kills they had to invent a new paint scheme for his cockpit, but I suppose none of that is confirmed anymore.

  16. I do agree that 1 point may have been more viable, but I do find it odd that its eyeballs and not blanks, which are equal odds on red dice. One of few times a blank is a win, perhaps a future mechanic to negate the failure.

  17. aside from feedback array, it's the only other illicit with potentially more than one use. I don't think of the RNG as taking it away but rather that It's a single use defensive/reposition illicit with a 75% chance to reuse it. If it functioned any differently and only had a penalty as opposed to discard on failure then it would very undercosted at 2 points.

  18. not all t-65s but I think this list could fun/annoying enough


    Poe Dameron


     Draw their fire



    Luke Skywalker


     Draw their fire

     Shield Upgrad





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