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  1. Forget waves 9 and 10, let's fix the E-wing!

    When you reveal a 3 turn you may perform a red troll, reveal 3 bank perform a red sloop.
  2. Fix idea for the T-65

    OK, here goes again. Rogue one Title Unique -1 cost You may equip any number of mods totalling 3 points Rogue squadron Title 0 point's Reduce the cost of Astros and torps by 1 Stealth X Title 0 points You may equip a stealth device for free in addition to your normal mod Unnamed title Title 0 points When attacking with your primary you may add a free focus result, may not cause more than 4 hits. The last one is designed to limit to much damage at range one and helps offset r3.
  3. Do we know what r3 does?

    Perhaps they plan to add afix for another astro carrier (x,e?) that adds a free focus result to attack dice. Generics like focus tokens so it's like a free hit, aces will have choice between four possible damage or three dice TL and an evade.
  4. An X-wing (ship) adjustment of a different flavor.

    I suggested something similar on another post so here goes Rogue one Title Xwing, rebel alliance only Unique -1 point May eqjuip any number of mods totalling 3 points Rogue squadron Titled Xwing, rebel alliance only 0 point Reducse cost of astro and torp by 1 (min 0) maybe reduce torp by 2.
  5. T65 a New Hope

    Title 1 (0 points) Reduce the cost of astro and torp by 1 Title 2 (0 points) Equip any number of mods totalling 2 points (3?). Astro 1 (1-2 points) Remove all target lock requirements from torps Astro 2 (1-2 points) Reveal a 3 turn may do a red troll, reveal a 3 bank may do red sloop
  6. Fun Builds for T-65s

    Garven Dreis doesn't have an astromech? Which one is good for him? The one that grants him an EPT then throw on VI so you can make use of his ability.
  7. FAQ Mess

    But marksmanship still works on TLt's and clusters, I'm assuming.
  8. Instead of dumping the slot make it more viable.
  9. Trying to make a list designed to keep Biggs alive as long as possible. Not worried about offense. Biggs R2-F2 IA Garvin R2-D6 DTF IA Kyle Katarn DTF Jan Ors Airen Cracken DTF two focus one evade, Garvin's tocken will come later, not sure about the droid though, any thoughts?
  10. How does Targeting Astromech and Hobbie work?

    Hobbie does K, gets stress, astro gives TL, clear stress, perform focus action.
  11. Seriously, where's YODA?

    A one use tractor beam even on large ships!
  12. Please, make E-Wings viable.

    FFG plan for e wings.Stage 1. Delete Corran Horne. Stage 2. Go crazy! I can't see how any buff to Ewings wont make Mr Top Table staple Horne even more stupid good. And any criticism of Ewings in general already applies to tie interceptors. We can ignore Fell (e wing campaigners ignore Horne, so that's fair). Then we are left with Jax. Loads of ships, but only one that's good. Admittedly that's one more than the Ewing, but still. At least no Ewing is the games byword for totally crap. Looking at you Fels Wrath. By ignoring the title for now and looking at mod and systems slot. Horn wouldn't be as good in Z, it's do also in part by his upgrades.
  13. T-65 Fix?

    A title reducing the cost of astro and torpedo by one each. A one point astro that let's you reroll blanks on torpedos
  14. Tell me about Soontir Fel

    You will only want the Imperial Aces and 1 Tie Interceptor pack, more than likely. Generics aside from Royal Guards (of which there are only two in the Aces pack and none in the Interceptor) are no good, and if you fly a Interceptor Aces squad you'll only be able to fit 3 in a 100 point list. Only if I am going to be playing in tournaments which I am not. And I will save my reasons for that maybe in another thread. If my friend and I have to sit down and write out house rules for our own campaign then we will do that. Right now I am trying to find out more about somebody. And somebody supplied a great link but just how accurate is the wookiepieda I have used it during the end of the Clone wars. Aftermath novel basically does away with thrawn and TFA does away with Yuuzen Vong. Other than that Disney has yet to contradict the rest.
  15. Tell me about Soontir Fel

    Fel was created as an imperial counter point to Wedge. Like Wedge and Han he is Correlian, which in the old EU was home to all sorts hot shot pilots. He wasn't inaces because he was released earlier in the single interceptor xpac.