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    Yeah the only hard parts about the game are coming up with the narrative results of a die roll, and figuring out vehicle combat. Die rolls are a challenge because it takes a little getting used to coming up with stuff. Vehicle combat is difficult not because its hard, but because its intended to be fast and easy, so much so that a lot of people get thrown off by it.
    Movement, both with vehicles and feet is a little weird too, but its easy to get used to.
    If you want to play a lightsabery force user, I suggest you start with F&D. While you certainly can transition from edge or age with no problem, if a force user is your deepest darkest dream and desire, you'll probably be happier with F&D's character options as they cut you right to force use at the cost of other things you probably won't mind losing. Plus the morality mechanic will be something you can get in on from the start.
    Good news is darksiders arent punished like previous systems did, oo if you want to play one, go for it.
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    - is this game hard to learn ? - Not really, its very story centered so IMO its pretty easy to pick up.  Honestly I think the hardest part for the people I have played with is shaking off all the preconceptions from other games.
    - is it worth it ? - Yes, this system is, again IMO, the best roleplaying system for games with cinematic action and storytelling.
    - can my character go from this game to Force expansion coming this year ? - Yes, see my answer below.
    - can my character be a Jedi / Sith in this game ? ( or at least be a force user and lightsaber user ) - Kindof.
    If you are wanting to make a character that has been trained from a young age to be a Jedi/Sith, who really doesn't have any other career or training, then no Edge of the Empire isn't (as written) the game for that.  Edge is great for telling the first part of the story for a force user, Luke for instance was probably a Fringer to start with. 
    Force and Destiny careers would suit you far better for a pure Jedi / Sith.
    Edit for the second question:
    The Dice are included with the start set for both Age and Edge.  The starter set also has tokens, and a very nice map, as well as a starter adventure.  Id suggest picking up one or both starters to build your dice, plus get all the goodies.
    Either way, this is a great game.
    Also if you are more interested in a Rebel Game - there is Age of Rebellion.  Personally, I think picking up all three core books gives you the widest range of options, and most characters we see (in the original trilogy at least) are a mixture of 2 or 3 of the books.
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    The game is set around the original trilogy and the Expanded Universe content that happens around that time.It can be taught within the time span of one game, about an hour. The finger points of the game are learned with practice.
    OCTGN it's the program most widely used to play it online. I'm sure anyone on there would be willing to teach you.
    Probably not anything with the prequel movies. As I've said there is a decent amount of expanded universe content in it already.
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