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  1. ^uh ? what ? o.o i dont know if u say to pick it up or no...
  2. thanks i would really like it because i love Star Wars and this RPG seems fun.. i dont know how to GM , i dont even know if the game has a story or if GM creates one and i can love Star Wars and know somethings about it , but im not that good at the universe of Star Wars to create and elaborate a RPG :S
  3. the problem of that "online" meeting is the time zone and of course the language . English is not my native language. Besides , i never played any of this and you talk about something people are used to and already know what to do and play.. the only local store of this only play imperial assault in co-op and never played anything of edge of empire , so i dont think i will be luck there thanks anyway
  4. Hi , So if i buy this can someone give me some tips for playing alone ? like how you guys manage to play ? i always had interest in playing this but i dont know anyone that want to and never played any kind of thing so any tip would be welcomed
  5. probably someone already asked it , but when is this coming ? i want to buy it but i live in EU ... i hope it doesnt take tooo much longer ;\
  6. they could create new ones like they did with Game of Thrones ( ofc the houses exist , but there are lots of them ) besides , there always existed the republic army and smugglers and etc... not talking about the prequels , but the books or the videogames had much potencial.
  7. yeah i know but it would be cool to have chracters from prequels like darth maul , quin gon jin or from the expanded EU like first Siths , etc..
  8. yeah i would like to but i dont know anyone playing this online and i dont know how to play either..
  9. lucky you.. but you probably live in a place where people do play it.. where i live is kinda hard.. i like that Skype thing though but since i'm new it would not work very well..
  10. oh that's too bad since i dont have anyone to play with.. guess i have to give up on the idea of getting it then.
  11. So will this game only be focused on the original trilogy of Star Wars ? OR we'll get more in the next expansions like new movie , games , etc..? I mean there are so much cool characters and worlds and etc in the expanded world...
  12. So I'm thinking about getting one of this games to play but i have some doubts .. - is it possible to play alone ? - what is better ? age of rebellion or edge of empire ? - can the character be played in the other expansions , like Force and Destiny ? Can he be turned on Jedi / Sith in this expansion.. ? if someone can help me out , i really appreciate..
  13. yeah .. i'll wait and see thanks for the help guys !!
  14. yeah.. probably , but i would like to have him anyway ^^
  15. thanks for your help mate i will wait for it what will be the main differences between this beta book and the original ? cause when i go to catalog the game is out in beta :S
  16. well thanks for all the answers , nice to see the comunity here is cool and helps new guys like me i'm a little sad because i wanted to play with a character that could use a lightsaber and use that character in the other expansion, but since it's not possible im a little disappointed.. even so , thanks again for all the info another question... since everyone is talking about the dices.. are they included in the game or you have to buy them sepperatly ? and the game explains how the dices work ? ps: sorry bad english
  17. thanks for your answers it's a shame .. they could expand the game beyond and having darth maul or quin gon jin would be awesome
  18. Hi, I'm new here and i never played this though it makes me want to i have some doubts about it .. - Is this game only focused in Episodes IV - VI? - Is it hard to learn ? - Is there any online program where i can play and someone who can teach me ? - Can we expect cards based in episodes I-III or expanded universe like KOTOR ?
  19. Hi, I'm new in this and after seeing how this is played and the artwork i kinda felt in love with this game , though i never had any experience in a RPG star wars game before - Is it hard to play ? - do I need to have played the previews expansions like Edge of Empire ? - can I be a Jedi / Sith ? - when is this game gonna be released ?
  20. Hi , I'm new here and this game got me intrigued and looks awesome .. but can someone help me? my doubts are : - is this game hard to learn ? - is it worth it ? - can my character go from this game to Force expansion coming this year ? - can my character be a Jedi / Sith in this game ? ( or at least be a force user and lightsaber user ) please someone help me with this questions , Thanks
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