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  1. Hey , probably there is already a topic of this but i cant find it so i will create one again Is there any website, youtube channel , twitch channel, etc... that are good and help new players besides showing tournaments and stuff ?? I would really appreciate it
  2. yeah im still a noob.. btw whats the best way of learning this game ? people here make it look easy but when i read topics and stuff im kinda lost... knowing what are the best upgrades pilots ships etc... i really feel nab
  3. thanks guys i will take a look on that links u gave
  4. it would probably never happen , but i liked the idea of world maps where u fight for a objective, instead of being only space battles.. it would change the game and bring other mechs to the game , but would be interesting fighting for something in a world..
  5. Hello, so i dont know if there is some place to see this ( i couldnt find one ).. My doubt is how many points does the biggest ships on the game cost ? ( raider , the other from rebellion, millenium falcon , etc.. ) I wanted to buy the raider in future , but dont know how many points it have.. for exemple in tournaments of 100 points or 150.. same for the other ships... sorry for dumb question , noob to the game.
  6. i was talking in terms of big ships used in x-wing game... but i already understand that the game will not have a star destroyer
  7. Lol dude , that was seen in the trailer of the movie..i didnt even see the movie yet unfortunantly.. since they putted a raider on this , i thought it could be possible to have a star destroyer.. oh okay thanks for the info then....
  8. Hi , i started a few time ago in this and its cool..and i wonder since they make expansions and stuff, if theres any possibility of getting this ships : - Chimaera - Dreadnaught - Lady Luck - Captain Phasma Fighter - Kylo Ren Ship - Obi-Wan ship
  9. Hi .. i played this once in roll20 and it was awesome .. i would like to play it again though i'm noob and have lack of experience in rpg games like this. if there is any GM that dont mind to have another player and can teach him , then please say something i dont have mic or web though but i write fast and listen what people say
  10. i can't use mic or webcam , but i can see or listen other people ( that was how i played the beginner ) . but if u tell me a place where i can play it , i appreciate it Why no mic? A simple headset is cheap as chips these days. About 10USD and you'll be ready to rock. It'll be kinda flimsy, so you'll have to take care of it, but it'll get the job done. Or are you like one of my players that had to get a fancy wireless headset because she kept getting her feet wrapped around the cable and then would walk away? nop , i cant simply use it .
  11. i can't be a GM since i dont even have the books or game master kit to run it , but i would like to join as a character in some game where the GM is good and use official rules and etc.
  12. i can't use mic or webcam , but i can see or listen other people ( that was how i played the beginner ) . but if u tell me a place where i can play it , i appreciate it
  13. Hi , so first i have to say this : i'm noob ! i'm really a noob at this . But i played once the edge of empire beginner box and i had a lot of fun , the people was nice and they teached me i have to thank them btw. Now i wanted to continue playing this at roll20 or something , but i dont know anyone ... MY "specs:" no microphone , no webcam , can play from 11 AM -12 PM Lisbon timezone.... so please , if some GM let me join them with my "specs" i would be thankful i can play age of rebellion or edge of empire or force and destiny , i dont mind , i just have to get a blast again playing this because i love SW world ! PS: portuguese people say somehting !
  14. Hi, can someone answer me ? My questions is that , if they are releasing the game in a convenction , will there be a stream or tournament with the 2nd edition ? and does anyone know when is the release in EU ? and will the expansions be playable in this game or only the news that are going to come after the release ?
  15. humm.. well u have to teach me how to get into that system so i can play with you first .. then , maybe at 9 PM Lisbon?
  16. seems cool I'm from Portugal so i dont know.. u tell me what it's best . send PM whn u want to teach me .
  17. Since the games are basically the same ( only a change or two , from what i saw ) you could run anything . i never tried or played anything in roll20 but i would like to try if u manage to teach me
  18. wow u have to see the dates of release of KOTOR .. and for today is still considered one of the best RPG ever maded . Only Skyrim, Witcher and Mass Effect are close to that lvl and are more recent. The story of KOTOR I and II were amazing has were the SITH . I really would like to see a movie based on a sith or stormtrooper or any of the empire for change. Maybe start with Darth Bane or something.
  19. this . thought it's cool to see Han Solo story , i prefered if they did a KOTOR movie or based on KOTOR universe. Or seeing a movie based on the comics / books like Dark Plagueis or Jacen Solo .Anyway it was so many years without Star Wars movies that i'm kinda happy to see 3 confirmed so far ( 1 this year :D )
  20. yeah they only sell Edge of Empire and the dices for playing it . No begginer box so far.. thanks , maybe i do that and play with someone the begginer in roll20 and if i like it i probably get it online
  21. ahah thanks guys , but people there already play other games and they dont sell the beginner pack .. besides, i dont know how to play and they probably dont know too remember ? how could someone GM and how could we play when no one ever played it :\
  22. yeah.. i asked and they said no one is playing it :\
  23. yeah i will ask there , thought i doubt i will get lucky . thanks anyway guys
  24. nop , my city may have star wars fans , but i dont see any interested in this game . my city only has 1 store that plays RPG and other board / tcg games and i never saw edge of empire or age of rebellion being played there.
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