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  1. well they might not enjoy it but they are still a company and they know that some ( a lot ) people enjoy the prequels, specially the era and characters . Im not talking about the films but about the eras. They added some prequel characters in Force and Destiny and people are enjoying that game alot ( from what i've saw so far ). I really hope they at least create new products in prequel time equal to imperial assault if they dont intend to expand this universe.
  2. Hello , can someone explain to me why FFG only cares about the original trilogy ? im not even talking about rebels since it is at the same period Why no love for prequels / sequels ? i mean how awesome would this game be if we could have the likes of Anakin, yoda, kylo ren, rey, droids army, grievous, dooku, etc etc. Im glad they putted Maul in the show or he wasnt even going to be playable ever..
  3. this was amazing and kinda unexpected.. specially maul and ashoka im very happy with them getting into game just waiting for the app
  4. hum.. i dont know since im new at this game. i wanted some adventure / help since im probably being playing alone or as GM
  5. hum thanks for the answers i dont know what to pick since i love all of the 3 parts u guys said above .. probably picking force first since i love jedi / sith the most and edge after since always wanted more dept in smugglers , scum and villany etc.. hum i see.. when u say 7 books u mean adventure books ?
  6. hello , first i want to say im new at this and im starting the collection.. but i have some questions - what core book is the most fun - better ? im thinking in getting this one first cause of the jedi/sith but not sure if its the better - does the GM kit and the acessories worth the money / getting ? - how will be the future of rpg ? are they keep doing more books / adventures etc.. or this was the final one ?
  7. how can we see if it is selling well ?
  8. i loved the pc and console versions of this game and im excited to see how the board game looks but from what i saw since the release date this game didnt received much love :S will it be possible in future to get a sequel or more expansions to this ?
  9. for curiosity u cant play armada and x wing at the same time ? i putting both in a same game
  10. after seeing jabba as playable in this game , i kinda want to see yoda, emperor palpatine, thrawn and tarkin on this ( the last two can work as supp ) for the rest i kinda would like to see some rogue one / rebels characters and more created stuff for imperials and bounty hunters / smugglers, specially with other races like duros or sullustans
  11. Is it necessary to have the main game to play the expansions ? i mean for example if i want to play jabba's realm expansion first do i need the original to play it ? is just an expansion is cheaper than the original game and i kinda want to try this but im not sure if the expansions here can be like stand-alones
  12. hum well we'll see thanks guys.. is just im scared that if i buy the game i end up not enjoying it after sometime..
  13. Hello, some of the things i'm thinking about the future of this game and dont know if it will going to happen... - will we get Sequels / prequels / one shots like rogue one characters in this game ? it would be pretty cool to have kylo ren or finn and stuff beside the original series :s - will it be possible to get more versions of the same characters ? thinking about luke skywalker in this game, can we get like 2 darth vaders or 2 han solos if they include sequels ? - will there be more expansions or maps to the game ? i wonder if death star or jakku will be possible in the game.. - when is the app coming ? since i dont know people playing it and if i want to play alone, will this app help me doing that ? - what are the best single expansions characters to get first ? in terms of preferences i wanted luke han chewie etc.. but in terms of adding more difficulty / strenght / strategy or OP teams dont know what to buy.. - will they reprint characters and if so will they be same price or less expansive ? since they have almost everyone sold out, can someone tell me if it will be reprints soon ? PS : sorry if the questions are stupid or already answered, i just want to get in this game and have some answers :x
  14. hum actually i know people from my storage played this but i think they stopped playing it . about the money i have ruffly money for the original , one expansion and 2 or 3 ally / villain packs thanks for the help though hum actually i know people from my storage played this but i think they stopped playing it . about the money i have ruffly money for the original , one expansion and 2 or 3 ally / villain packs
  15. Do NOT be scared or intimidated to paint, we have one of the best resources on the internet in regards to miniature painting, Sorastro. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/133635-sorastros-painting/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Sorastro He actually does this for a living now through his patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sorastros His videos are second to none and on top of that he is a great guy who is very interactive on this forum and through his patreon. Highly recommend his videos, he has helped myself and MANY others on this board go from where you are right now to producing great table top quality paint jobs. yeah but i never painted a figure in my life and i dont know if i dont like the painting i did if i can make it up again... beside i dont have the materials nor the sources to the paint but i will see this guy works.. he looks good to bad he cant paint mines
  16. ^thanks for your opinion like u if i start the collection and enjoy it i probably will want all of them , though i dont know how to paint it ( i have to find someone that has that ability where i live ) yeah i said that characters because they are some of my favourite ones and i would like to have them has collector . yeah peopl talk about JR so i dont know if i get the TS + BG or i get JR first.. probably yeah i'll have to wait for the app since i dont know anyone else wanting to play this with me
  17. Hum well thank's for the answers guys my problem with the expansions is that i see that some cards come in the expansion boxes and not with the characters pack themselves i'm looking for both modes .. and i see tarkin or palpatine as tatical characters but yeah probably expecting something too high
  18. Hello ! I'm thinking about getting this game but i need some help here.. first : - is it possible to play alone ? ( heard something about app ) - is it hard to play it? - is the game worth it ? - what is the best expansion ? ( i'm thinking on getting the twin shadows and bespin gambit since they are cheaper , if i get the game ) - best ally / villain pack ? ( i'm tempted to get Dengar, Bossk , Boba Fett , Luke Knight and Han Solo first , if i get the game with the expansions ) - can we expect death star in the future as long as tarkin, emperor palpatine or even thrawn ? or maybe rogue one / episode vii characters? Sorry if its stupid questions im big star wars fan i always was interested in this game , but its still money and im afraid of spending it wrongly
  19. Hum i see.. thanks for the help.. Probably i will try to get the 2 core sets as it makes a full team i guess for the other ships i have to see.. i would like to get vader tie and millenium falcon because of history and because i like them but dont know if they are viable in tournaments or easy to play with :s
  20. Hi, What is the best thing to buy first to star competitive in few time ? luke skywalker starter or poe damerone starter? and what to buy next after that ?
  21. Wait.. u can play slave 1 with b-wing ? i thought u couldnt mix affiliations
  22. nice , for me its good to learn to play by some means and try to know what is meta what some cards do etc... from what people say this is addictive
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