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  1. yeah since i never played it i dont know how that works. i hope i can play it well alone, i mean im really wanting to.
  2. ah didnt know.. when is the expansion suppose to come ?
  3. but what would they show about IA ? I mean they already showed the next expansion and next character expansions too..
  4. where i live is impossible to get a group.. i would love to play it with someone .
  5. where i live no one plays.. i bought kylo ren starter and wanted to keep collecting but since boosters arent selled here and are "extincted" in my country i have to find other ways.. probably only get to collection since i cant learn this game from anyone.
  6. hi, can someone help me here ? - will we get more prequel characters like Anakin or Maul or etc.. ? - best place to learn the game and to buy singles to be sent for europe with few ports and good price ? ty
  7. hum i see.. the problem is i will probably run it alone since i dont know anyone where i live that plays it. so skirmish isnt really what im looking for since its not that fun playing it alone unless they release a app
  8. btw is it possible to have "support" characters like Thrawn, Yoda or Tarkin ? i mean they are more tatical..
  9. alright ! thanks for the info and help
  10. hum yeah i see.. when are they supposed to announce new things other than the website ? some soon convention or event?
  11. wait.. didnt they said the app would come later this year ? :S
  12. Hi, this topic is more for old players or casual players at this game. Do i have to buy the expansions in order to have a complete or better experience / gameplay or could i buy the ones i want the most first and that will not change the game or story or mechanics ? im still new at this and i got the core box . i wanted to buy jabba realm and coruscant expansions first, along with characters like luke, palpatine, darth maul, obi-wan, han solo ,etc.. but dont know if that will ruin the game or cant be playable at the expansions or core set. btw is it possible for get more versions of a character in this game ? like getting another darth vader for example ?
  13. obviously i prefer the original trilogy over prequels in terms of movie aspects and story and etc, though i always loved anakin path and other things like the clone wars in prequels. Again, im talking about timeline and not movie based. prequels timeline and characters would work great on a imperial assault based on that era. Wish it happens in the future. yes i know , never said otherwise.
  14. i played D&D so i have a base.. i played once the begginer game of edge of empire long tgime ago online.. dont know if its much different
  15. thank you i will see if someone here in my country is selling it
  16. Hi, so i love Star Wars universe and i really wanted to get started with this. But i dont know what to buy I love all of the universe but im more of jedi vs sith thing, though i love scum and rebels, clones etc.. for starting and to get should i buy F&D ? Is it good or better than the others ? Will it help me playing with characters like Darth Maul, Vader, Obi Wan, Anakin etc.. ?
  17. i would like to see Harry Potter alot . But if its not happening maybe something about "Horror". Paranormal things ( not talking about Lovecraft )
  18. yeah i see.. maybe in future they create another game based on prequels / sequels. Im not sad about the current game, im happy they created something like this.
  19. Fine, im done trying to get my point. No prequel done to this game. Checked. i know that since the game was called IMPERIAL but ok. Moving along. Still , if they do sequel sets ( force awaken, the last jedi, etc. ) aren't the same problems of having CW ? its another era with other protagonists and battles. Sure they are stormtroopers but they aren't the EMPIRE.
  20. the problem is that this guys dont understand no one is hating the OT , everyone LOVES the OT. When I say close-minded is that they just want this and dont care with the rest. they dont care this game could expand to other eras and make it more enjoyble. like people said before no one asks or demands u to buy it or like it, but should support people that want to play other eras. FFG did a good job with Star Wars universe and i really would like to see clone wars in imperial assault kinda game. again no one hated the OT and no one talked about the year they were born, i borned 10 years later of OT and still enjoyed every movie. i got to see every star wars movie at cinema that was released until now and i loved every single of it. obviously some were better than others like ot is better than prequels but there's opinions. one can not like the casting and like the story behind the movie. about the other part of ur post, how would a prequel-era expansion ruin the game ? its like armada and x-wing, it would have been two different games in two different times. how would the competition be ruined ? about the heros, i like what FFG did adding the characters everyone wanted and giving us new cool characters. And again no one here said they should stop with imperial assault and the OT, just to expand it. and please dont talk about the alien thing, worst 2 movies ever maded ( promotheus and sequel ) , i cant see anyone enjoying that piece of ***
  21. like i said people are close-minded and only care about OT. And didnt understand what i meant. Admin can close this topic i'm off with this guys.
  22. im not hating the OT , i love it . And i understand why they bring OT to people. Is just i wanted a more expanded universe here to get more options and different eras. Like i said i'm happy they got a way to bring Maul to the game, and yeah they can possibly get ways of making this game endure but i prefer that ideas of having a republic and separatist faction more. is just my opinion, i'm sad that they dont like the prequels enough to make a "Republic Assault" like it was said above.
  23. again people are close minded and dumb . no one is talking about the movies, im talking about the era. no one care if u dont like prequels, people like the era. I would love to see that time in game and i dont have problems admiting i liked the prequels . me and alot of people. and what are they going to cover after OT ? they pretty much putted all in the game, only endor and death star left. its my opinion if they keep with OT the game will die in a time.
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