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  1. I'm still waiting to see how this game will work and if it will have factions. my list would be : - palpatine, -han solo, -chewbacca and wookie soldiers, other races in game, - obi-wan and anakin with clones and droids ( if PT is a thing ) - jabba with his soldiers and rancoon , -boba fett,, -death troopers, -leia, jedi army ( if PT is a thing ) , old luke , kylo, rey, finn ( if sequel is a thing ) - AT-AT, AT-ST, tauntaun, speeders, etc. so many things they could add, we have to wait
  2. didnt they confirmed it was a sort of app for mobile/ios ? i dont think it will be a new physical produt. as much it will be a expansion to something that already exists.
  3. Tbh at first i wasnt that excited but now after a time and after seeing videos and pics, i must say i'm pretty on into this ! Im sad that this probably will kill IA, but this looks so cool. This was the miniature SW game i wanted in some time now. my doubts are : - can we expect this january-february ? i hope it comes out soon - how wil the expansions work ? not very into other miniature games like this, WH 40K for exemple, so i dont know how this works.. will they come as solo characters like IA or pack of soldiers ? - will it have big figures ? When i say big i mean AT-ST, AT-AT, etc. I hope so cause it would make this game much more epic and completed. - Only OT ? I think this game as potencial to go bigger and include more timelines in it. I hope they add prequel and sequel, finally. Anyway i'm pretty excited for it
  4. i understand what IA players are feeling right now, specially if they own every expansion out there for this game. I own the core box and im waiting for the APP to be released, but like it was said IA is more like a dungeon crawling game and skirmish will probably die after legion release. they are close to each other from what i've seen. it really depends if people are willing to spend more money on this. for what i've seen this game is very strategic and i love that kind of games so i probably will stop buying IA things and just wait for this , since its more my kind of game, unless the app makes me think twice and keep going for IA.. but i cant say skirmish isnt about strategy/skill, because it is. they are different style of games, so people just have to choose what they prefer most.
  5. yeah probably.. i dont know how much heroes u can have in this game , but im not seeing storm troopers getting leaded by boba fett or something like that..
  6. it would be hard to create a scum army unless the leader( hero ) would be jabba.
  7. if i remember warhammer have big scale figures too.. if this is supposed to be like that i imagine AT-AT will be a thing.
  8. i was surprised with the announcment of this game, specially when IA was a thing. but at the very time i was satisfied from what i've seen.. my questions are : - will it be OT only ? - will it have bigger figures like AT-ST, AT-AT, maybe X-Wings? - release date expectation ? january or february ?
  9. they could sell some boxes with miniatures painted but limited stock and much more $$$ for those who want painted characters.
  10. the game seemed nice. and for a core box i think it is a ok box , 2 heroes, 2 leaders, 2 mini armies and vehicles for both sides. the gameplay rules seemed cool and realistic as said before by Manchu. i hope this is the game that will expand all star wars universe ( prequel, ot, sequel ). it seems that with time it will kill Ia too.. btw will they sell the rest showed in the video ? ( covers, houses, playmat.. )
  11. i didnt expected to see so much armada players.. and people saying game is dead xD never played it but anything that is related to star wars is good
  12. my questions are : - will it be released this year ? - usually how much time does testing take in FFG games ? - will it be updated over the time or app release will just be for core box and maybe first 2 boxes?
  13. I'm LF some IA packs and expansions that are sent to Portugal. MP certified non-liars/fraudes only.
  14. does this game means the end of IA ? I mean two miniature games in the same era with almost the same gameplay.
  15. i think u pretty much putted all the characters we would love to get in game would be nice to get some ( most ) of that list
  16. Hello, so i'm new at this . I want to experience this game fully but since its so different of D&D i need help. Recently, a guy from this forum is helping me creating characters for a game. But after seeing how it is it got me triggered. From my experiences, starting D&D was with only 1-2 pages max . This one is 12 pages. It got me scared. If i want to create my characters by my own , what books should i buy ? what are the most recommended ? If i want to GM someday what should i get beside the core and the gm kit ?
  17. it would be cool is star wars imperial had maps like this . I mean 3d makes it much more authentic
  18. hum okay i will try got my box today but didnt have time yet to try it. tomorrow i will look at it and experience . If i see i can play alone i will totaly be happy
  19. i'm talking to you via PM , but seeing this isnt 21 players too much ? i mean i think the ideal is a group of 5 or 6 at max.. 21 will be very confunsing.. at least from my D&D experiences and opinion..
  20. Yeah i will try to have fun i just dont want to feel guilty of killing someone because i wanted or prefered to . i wanted to make it like ur doing , kinda rpg story but since im new to it i will have to play the storyline with the rules first. anyway thanks for the tip. The thing about the heros is if for example i want a hero to come and help a losing team, for example the rebels are getting destroyed by the empire, but then luke or han or whatever comes to help them comeback that fight. My issue is if i can do it when i want or if only if i do the unlocking mission of that hero first ( i dont know how that unlock works though, i'll have to wait until my box comes )
  21. oh i didnt know, then would be nice to have a harry potter style game if not i really hope they make clone wars a thing after going to another franchise
  22. it would be cool if this is going to be released at august , this box looks very promising specially with daddy palpa and maul
  23. i never played this so i probably will make some mistakes and read the rules and etc. but im not going to play one side obviously. I will try to play fair to both sides. Though my questions are: if i can create different teams in campaign in case i buy expansions for the game. And for example can i have Vader on more than the missions he is called to appear? (dont know how many or if there is one for him, was just a example ). Are the missions hard to play alone ? i mean are they hard to not be manipulated in terms of story in gameplay has i'm playing alone? For example if i want the imperials to give more harsh time to rebels but in the core they do stupid things like it was said above. btw thanks for the tips i will try to enjoy this alone since i love star wars
  24. PvP? :S how does that work ? alright though i never played a game that way before i will need some guideness from you
  25. ahn.. no i never played other boardgame alone. And thanks for the advice but i currently only have interest in Imperial Assault.
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