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  1. OFF topic but .. would be possible to see a stream or videos of a group playing this ? i tried youtube but there is nothing that great there from what i've seen and twitch is almost impossible to catch something with lovecraft.
  2. I only recently knew that FFG did novels about Lovecraft world. Where can i get them with shipping for EU?
  3. yeah i guess this game is only good for the campaign now.. well, i would play it for that purpose too but since its probably FFG will stop doing expansions to it ..
  4. Well since the SW Legion is coming, is it worth investing in this game ? I got the core box 3 weeks before it was announced Legion and i was like "***** now this game will die". I love the concept but after seeing legion i was like, **** this game is good.. I know they are different but its probably this game will die soon after legion and i dont know if keep with it or just let it go.. still waiting for the app to come and still nothing.
  5. from what i've seen from the demo, this game is completly different from the other.. so i dont know why skirmish wouldnt be a thing.. anyway it's very likely this game to die after legion release though
  6. i dont even know what's the meta i never played this xD
  7. i know its cheaper than other games.. still 1200$ for everything is kinda ... but armada seems very cool from what u guys say
  8. i know the feeling, where i live is hard too to get people excited with star wars products. i have to go 150 km to experience armada / x-wings.. still my LOVE for star wars is too great and i find this game solo playable at the least ( ofc its made to go 1x1 or 2x2 ). As for painting, unfortunantly i suck at it and dont have the patience or the time or the gift to do them.. but still cant be that bad
  9. i would love to have something like this, but i dont know if FFG or any website will sell the items.. I probably cant recreate a planet or map ..
  10. Wow.. thanks for the answers guys , i see that armada take the heart of all of you. Tbh i felt much more atractted to armada when i saw Thrawn's Chimaera and that they added hero ships like the luke x-wing and slave 1 and millenium falcon and etc in this game too . beside i never expected this would have x wings and tie fighters ! since it seems a much more complete game i think i will try to get armada though it so much more expensive and dont know exactly how are the distances and the maps since i never played it. anyway thanks for ur opinions
  11. hum probably both games.. where i live people dont like much boardgaming. hum i see.. is that one side u have destroyers and awesome big ships but on the other u have luke x-wing, millenium falcon, imperial raider, slave 1, etc..
  12. I'll ask here since people here probably come from X-Wing. What's the better game ? Armada or X-Wing ? I love star wars and i heard X-Wing is one of the most rental games from FFG. I'm trying to get into one of them , and i was going to go for X-Wings , but then i heard this one had the cool stuff like Thrawn's ship or Admiral Raddus ship from Rogue One. And i was like.. i dont know what i should go first. If they could be played together but people said that it doesnt work and cant be done like that.. honest opinions pls guys
  13. hum well it seems cool though only OT is kinda meh after all the information we have now.. even so thanks for the info guys
  14. the problem is i cant buy both atm , beside i 'm more into solo mode since its hard to find people who enjoy this, at least where i live.
  15. Hello, so i was watching videos and stuff about this game and its like some people prefer this one , others prefer Arkham Horror. I know this one has rules more simplified and its around the world while the other is on arkham and has diffcult rules. Probably people here will Say eldrith is better but i would like to have an honest opinion : if i have to buy one ,should be this or arkham ?
  16. hum i'll have a look ok thanks
  17. that's good i really need a lovecraft fan to this still couldnt play it but i would like to hear u out about the expansions . What is the best or should pick up first ? and since u love lovecraft that much , maybe u know good novels in is universe ? with elder ones and chtulhu maybe in it ? beside the original work ofc
  18. Hi, so i just bought this game up and i have to say well done ! It's so immersive and cool . Will it be continued after next expansion or the game is dying ? i'm feeling on buying the expansions for it , are they worth it ?
  19. What's the difference between this RPG and EoE / AoR / FaD ones ? beside this one being retro ofc. I'm still trying to decide what should i buy
  20. Depends, i know ur thinking of it very realistic but could be a little smaller to be part of the game. anyway ur right it will probably not be in it. why not ? this game as potencial to have all eras.
  21. never heard of that game, but if people say it was good we will have to wait and see.
  22. hum didn't read that. well then i will bet its something to do with the new film. probably a deck game
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