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  1. goncardoso

    looking for someone cool :(

    ^ty lol
  2. goncardoso

    looking for someone cool :(

    hi, i'm trying to get a group to play some SW but it seems no one let's me join it :\ if someone runs a game pls let me in.. i dont have mic but i'm fully operational to play it :x
  3. still waiting for some news about the app.. it's taking forever now..
  4. amazing job indeed.. well done i wished i could paint like that. what was the hardest for you ? maul ?
  5. goncardoso

    Who's missing from IA

    yeah more rebels , death star II, endor and the ewoks, yoda and maybe his planet, and hoping they add TFA-TLJ content. btw i'm still thinking if i should get this game or not.. i can get the core for 60$ but not sure if worth it..
  6. goncardoso

    Need some help please

    alright thanks guys
  7. goncardoso

    Need some help please

    alright thanks.. btw some tips for GM? I want to start a game but never GM before can some help ?
  8. goncardoso

    Need some help please

    i have the rest i just needed more with villains and vehicules to use. i will see that website
  9. Hi , so i got the core book but its still missing some things for a campaign i want to start.. anyone have digital content that i can use ? i wanted more villains and vehicles to use, like AT-AT , AT-ST, etc..
  10. goncardoso

    All the expansions (AT-ST and more)

    Yeah i'm very happy with this boxes . Flying ships in game amazing ^^ kinda sad the soldiers expansions are exactly the same as core box, but oh well. I'm hoping next they say the release date and some hero expansion. Kinda disappointed with the prices though.. too expensive but oh well i was kinda expecting thi game to be expensive.
  11. im hoping that this game will at least get 2 expansions more : endor and death star. after that im not seeing it being supported anymore.
  12. goncardoso

    2017 Worlds Top 16 list

    Yes that may be true , but that just show the game is not balanced and broken. If there is no variety there's no fun in playing. Sure people will go to win, but seeing mirrors in all games is boring af.
  13. goncardoso

    2017 Worlds Top 16 list

    well , it could be a best of 3 . then everyone one could play with each type of deck. but probably would never work , it would just give more diversity to the game. How would only be 3 person in torney ? not everyone would play the same faction . it was just an idea anyway , its kinda sad to see the same team in every game. boring to watch
  14. goncardoso

    Is this a good deal ?

    my proble the problem is that is all too expensive.. and hard to get where i live. i always wanted to start with EoE but then FnD is out and i wanted that, but i cant find the core book in the country i live. i thought it was a good deal when i saw but i dont know.
  15. goncardoso

    Is it worth investing ?

    yeah i will wait for a price drop of it