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  1. Yeah, what's going on, FFG? I'm still waiting for a Exodus reprint. I've sold my whole BSG collection in english two years ago, so I could switch to polish edition and play with my parents, but retailers have run out of Exodus before I could buy it, and they won't reprint it in polish without a reprint in english first. EDIT It was on a FFG reprint list last time that I've checked.
  2. And I was just going to order Omega Protocol... I really liked the overall concept and style of the first Doom boardgame, but it was poorly designed and balanced, so for ages I was looking for a good substitute in a sci-fi crawler department. I don't like that kept the respawn mechanic, because it tempts the Invader player to concentrate on killing the marine with lowest armor and max HP repeatedly. Also, I like that the newest video game went back to the roots of the franchise with colors, enemy design and maps style, but the boardgame looks kinda too clean for my taste...
  3. Maybe you should check the scenario cards. I think nemesis in the first quests spawns and then immediately activates.
  4. Hi, I found part in the announcement that might be pointing to Rebel Base being hidden. There's part about the Empire capturing rebel leaders and using traps like "Homing Beacon" that releases the character and forces him/her to be placed in any system in the Rebel's base region. Seems like the Empire is taking an awful risk in releasing a rebel leader, so the information must be worth it. EDIT Duh, later it clearly says that the Empire is looking for a hidden Rebel Base, so that's hardly news, but maybe Rebels have cards and leaders than can infiltrate imperial systems freely.
  5. Yeah, I meant the Pelta Frigate. In artwork it's named Rebel Capitol Ship, but I didn't recognize it as a previous ship from Clone Wars. Seems to be Sato's command ship in the second season. I mixed up ship class with recently shown light cruiser.
  6. Did you checked the Rebels Recon video for the last episode?! Next season we get a rebel command cruiser, Phoenix Squadron flying Prototype A-wings (a big retcon for ortodox fans, but cool to watch on screen), commander Sato and of course Ashoka Tano as a rebel leader. Also episode before there was a light imperial cruiser from Clone Wars.
  7. Since there is a "Salvation" title in Nebulon-B expansion, I'm still hoping for Juno Eclipse as either a commander or at least as a crew card.
  8. Naugdil


    Hi, after lurking X-wing and Armada forums for few months, I've decided to finally jump right into the discussion. Since I saw a glimpse of "S..." title in the Nebulon-B expansion I was waiting for a Rebel Fleet article and reveal of the "Salvation" title and Juno Eclipse (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Juno_Eclipse) as it's commander. They've shown the Salvation, so I'm hoping she has a card as a commander or at least as a crew, since in the Force Unleashed II game and novel Salvation was the first Rebel Flagship and she was one of the earliest Rebel commanders.
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