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  1. I've always interpreted it as 60% of your total, not each level. so if you're level 3 and have 800 DP you may spend up to 480 points into combat MAX, you may have 320 unspent that you can save for next level. i always thought it made more sense and less of a headache keeping track of things.
  2. yes Eiliya is correct, the character gains the first 40 levels of knowledge in the chosen path without having to spend spell levels, this is good if your character has a low intelligence and you dont intend to raise it.
  3. just bumping to see if anyone has given any though to these? so far I've tried out method 1. not bad but very subjective, I'm going to try method 3 soon.
  4. hey everyone, one of my players wants to become an incarnation of a character but they have no summoning ability and next to no Zeon. i was just wondering if the book covered doing incarnations through KI or if someone here has? i know theres seals of invocation, haven't looked into it much, but it looks like it allows summoning checks, so maybe i can work that in somehow. thanks.
  5. Long time no see everybody, I have returned once again in my time of need. But I haven't come just to take from you, this time I offer something in return. I've been playing pretty consistently over the last year or so getting to know the system a whole lot better, figuring out ways to better GM, and tweaking things. Recently I decided to try homebrewing a Potion’s Skill, for the budding alchemist type of character. Anima did not offer a lot of non-magic healing methods and that’s what sparked this. So I've started doing work into what was the best way to do a potion making skill, how to fit it into the game to make it easier on both the GM and the player, without making things too much of a hassle. Ill start by saying its probably in early alpha stages at the moment and I would like to get other perspectives before I create something that ONLY I think is effective, rather I would like to settle on something the community agrees would be an excellent addition. My idea is add a “Potions” skill, or even section. Similar to forging/artifact making there would be modifiers and rules. Now below I will be posting the 4 methods I have devised on how to make potion making in the game, and I ask which you believe would be the best way to do it. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Method 1: the Simple Method How it works. The player will decide they wish to craft a potion, they will then decide the type of potion they wish to create between, lastly they will decide the level of potion between 1-5 Step 1. In order to craft the potion the player requires the necessary setup, refer to Table 7 of the artifact book Equipment/Tools Step 2. The player will then tell the GM the type of potion they wish to create, such as Damage potion, or Healing potion, or Potion of speed. And the GM will decide the materials the player needs in order to craft such a thing, things such as mushrooms or berries. (The GM could very well say these ingredients are easily purchasable at a store as well) Step 3: Now the player decides the level of potion they want, the higher level the more powerful the potion should be. But this also means the check would become higher an example of the levels should go Level 1 – 140 Level 2 – 220 Level 3 – 300 Level 4 – 380 Level 5 – 440 I think this one is the most simple and rules light version. However it leaves a lot to be decided for the GM and not everyone enjoys that. Since everything is up to GM discretion, there are no balancing factors, and the GM may decide a level 3 healing potion is not much stronger than a level 1. Other factors would be involved in the process such as time spent and assistants ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Method 2: The Artifact Method This method is a lot more tuned to the way anima does creating things. Depending on the level of potion 1-5 the player has a certain number of PP to spend on abilities such as Damage/Paralyze/Heal/Increase Speed Then spend points modifying the duration, whether its contact or ingestion, and a plethora of other charts that gives the creator plenty of choice and diversity in their potion. Similar rules will apply such as time/equipment/assistants. The plus side of this would mean higher quality ingredients may grant more PP if the GM decides, things such as unicorn blood or basilisk tears, whatever. I find this one to be very time consuming just like the artifact creation but it may be the best choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Method 3: Poisons method Make slight alterations to the Poisons chart found in the core rulebooks secondary abilities (and page 213) Where the roll you make determines the level of the potion, and various things such as inhaling or deadly change the difficulty and level. This was recommended to me by one of my players, they suggested making poisons INTO potions and keeping nearly everything the same. It didn’t seem like a terrible idea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Method 4: Psychic Charts This one came way out of left field for me, but it didn’t sound all too crazy. You know how when you want to use a psychic power you pick your power, and then you roll your psychic potential and check your roll to see your result. Something similar to that, with the chart being different for each power AND allowing you to split your potential between different effects for your potions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, a couple things and random ideas that would apply to or change any of the methods. If a player wanted to create an additional potion they could gamble and increase the difficulty of the check by +30 for each additional potion. Alternatively +20 for a level 1, +30 for level 2, Etc… a spoil period, the potions are considered unstable and after a number of days the potion spoils and becomes useless, this was suggested to me to prevent hoarding. Toxicity, based off the witcher and its potions, each potion has a toxicity equal to its level times 2, and a players toxicity is based on their CON. If the player reaches half their CON in toxicity they suffer negatives for 24 hours, if a player reaches Toxicity equal to their CON they pass out after an hour for 1d10 hours and suffer penalties for 24 hours. This prevents over consumption of potions and adds weight to the potions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That’s it, thank you very much for reading through it. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and ideas, whether you think any of this is futile or if you have an idea of your own
  6. no, not overboard, the more info given the easier it is to understand something like this, when theres a possible translation issue or something thats hard to understand its best to piece things together from each book. But no you didnt go overboard, thanks a lot i understand it better now. ill look into the all action penalty part shortly.
  7. Hey everyone, its been awhile hope every things well. Hope to catch up on some topics on here. But first, a player in my group is playing a berserker type character with the Berserker Magnus, it says a few things and i was hoping you guys had some clarifications. 1. when it says enters the Berserker state, is this the same as the Rage state located in the book in which the person must exhaust all of their fatigue, or is it its own unique state? 2. it says in the dominion of ki "the character must make a Willpower check, which, if he passes it, will immediately cause him to emerge from his Berserker state. " this means they must roll a characteristic check right? so a person with willpower 8 must roll a d10 and get below an 8 to pass? ​3. oh this also brings up a question I've had on characteristic checks for awhile, what happens if the person in question has a willpower of 13 instead? does he auto succeed since he can never roll above 13 on a d10
  8. Yeah, I added a custom rule that allowed certain weapons to cause criticals easier. basically i read the rule for bleeding out and thought maybe i could make a weapon rule around it, since id already had the idea for barbed arrows in my head for awhile. so for example if the Jagged Blade were to inflict a critical, it would also cause the before mentioned Bleeding Out on an opponent. although honestly, bleeding out is more against the players than for the players in most cases. so if you wanted to hook up your baddies with some jagged blades you could put a little fear into the players. Notice: within the next week i will be adding more weapons including a thorned whip.
  9. No worries, this didnt look like bickering to me at least. From where i stand it was just two different approaches to one idea. i like the thoughts of it, ill have a look myself and maybe contribute my own giant scissors? all i can say now is that damage seems a bit excessive. I wish I could tell you there was a weapon making formula, I use a general rule of picking a base weapon and try to stay within those ranges. @cdcace. Yes please use these weapons! that would be great! I hope that more weapons and special rules can show up. @SIlkentoes. Thank you very much, it makes me happy to hear that. Please use these for your games, and if theres any special rules you've made? Or would like to propose? Go ahead and post them here. Bleeding has been very useful so far and it would hep diversify styles even further if you guys help add more. Thank you as always.
  10. That is a tricky question, we had the same issue. We ruled it as there are still added effects, so lets say you cast in intermediate heal spell for 150 LP, and had three added effects you would add +15 life points. Its a simple way to do it without taking too much into our own hands.
  11. Im glad i logged on to see this, i even like the description. Hmm, I'm looking at two handed axe, +100 damage, -70 initiative. Theres probably something he knows that he's not telling us?
  12. Hey everyone, i thought up some items that weren't in the game which have gotten some requests from players over time and i just home-brewed, well enough of them were made i decided to make a small list of them. These are just the first versions and I'm hoping that you guys are willing to tweak it if you feel necessary, please as always suggest your thoughts, ADD WEAPONS (or other items) for everyone else to see and help make the game more extensive. anyone with the link can comment so feel free. of course commenting here is no problem either. P.S. a few rules were added here as well have a good day Google Doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/16Cani-CwLedpQT8NXkKXThye4I2z8WWb7gI-6hndF8I/edit
  13. Wow, how cool man! good job this looks really well done and thought out, awesome idea!
  14. Hey everybody Im finally getting better at GM'ing and anima in general and i really wanna thank you guys because I've been reading lots of topics on these forums and hearing what you guys have said and its all been super useful. just wanted to thank you for that. great community. now onto the real topic, one of my players is interested in taking damned 2. now I'm not a fan of anything that would kill my players outright, i don't think any of us would have fun with the risk of instadeath (that being said combat is no cakewalk for them either). so i gave him a few pitches on damned 2's he could take and none of them popped for him, so i told them to try coming up with something of their own and they can't think of anything. then i got to thinkning, either he just doesn't take damned 2 at all, or i could ask you guys for some Damned 2's that you guys have used, or even thought of. not only would it help me out, but I'm sure it would help anyone else who is looking to add some cool damned's to their collection. so feel free to post any and all of your favorite/most used Damned Disadvantages, i would really appreciate it, thanks.
  15. welp...the second session happened, and he almost derailed the whole thing, refused to join the party, and began killing NPC's left and right instantly. i was seconds from killing him off before he critically fumbled, went into bleed out and coma and lost his character because the party refused to heal a murderous *******. so I've been asked to give him another chance, and all his characters have been really powerful, and I'm assuming his next one will be too, i have agreed to give him one more shot but i don't know how I'm going to deal if he does it again where he tries killing his way through an innocent town again for ***** and giggles. also this absolute zero power, wtf! thats ridiculous, insta killing everyone. i took your guys advice to talk to him, i guess it didnt work, in fact i think it upset him, which is probably why he did this.
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