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  1. I have each conversion kit, the core and the new falcon, but haven't played yet. Too much going on, and still need to move out all my ver 1 cardboard and open the new stuff.
  2. Basically any cardboard from ver 1 is not needed (pilot and upgrade cards, tiles and dials) , so really the only thing you would need from then is just the ship model. Let me re read this thread in the am been a long day
  3. Oh well then that's cool, I can put my salt away.
  4. So is there a huge faq already?
  5. Instead of throwing away the cardboard, it should be very easy to recycle.
  6. JediRush24

    Ghost 1.0 HELP

    I had fun with this list awhile back, was thinking about bringing it to our store last night of first edition One Big Ship (100/100) ===================== VCX-100: Hera Syndulla (40 + 25) + Fire Control System (2) + Twin Laser Turret (6) + Ion Torpedoes (5) + Extra Munitions (2) + R2-D2 (4) + Dash Rendar (2) + Ghost (0) + Engine Upgrade (4) Attack Shuttle: Ezra Bridger (20 + 15) + Push the Limit (3) + Twin Laser Turret (6) + Kanan Jarrus (3) + Phantom (0) + Stealth Device (3)
  7. I think I have like four c.3po alt art still, will probably give stuff like that away at store champs ...
  8. JediRush24


    That's actually pretty brilliant isn't it.
  9. Nevermind!!! Rtfc am I right
  10. Hmm I didn't think of it that way. What I was trying to ask earlier, if there are two ships, one has a jam token .. you action to jam the ship with no token, then ISB slicer to jam the ship that already has a token... And I know some people aren't worried about 1.0 as much, but there are some store champs coming up under 1.0
  11. Ok, so you can not jam a ship that has a token, action wise, I get that. Sounds like you can stack with the jam cannon. What about ISB slicers, can you stack jam tokens that way?
  12. I'm sure there are many places called the Loop, just wondering if you meant st Louis This also makes me happy. I have lego kits that I've built that I'd like to do something similar.
  13. Can I shoot at you this round? Pilot ability works. Can I not shoot you this round? Pilot ability does not come into play. This is the tie adv. prototype and 'aggresor' titles all over again.
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