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  1. I third it. MagicRealms comments are very, very, very harsh, unjustified, and just down right wrong. If he had a beef about the product he shouldn't have stuck it in the shop window for all to see. All the models I have recieved from Leavon (and I have a full set, everything, the whole Kaboodle) have been of the highest quality and delivery times prompt. He even made me a larger bespoke Vampires Tower to put on my Talisman display shelf. If you read the above Leavon, I hope it does not put you off any future Talisman ideas as there are still a few blanks on the board.😉 All my scenery is now painted and looks fantastic on the board. A real enhancement to the game play. Thank you for taking the time to design this for all of us. We love you Leavon.
  2. Hi Leavon. Anything new in the pipeline?
  3. Crivens, Jinx and help ma' bob!! I need to be careful what I ask for. 'Pit Fiends' I cried 'Give me Pit Fiends' and lo the cry was heard from HE who gives and from the fiery pit appeared these. EEEk. Scarey. I think I may be visiting the Werewolf and me old chum Death when I venture into the inner region. He does very nice Salmon Mouse so I've heard. I've gorged myself on the details of the Chasm though my followers, if they find themselves there, may be up a certain geographical feature without a certain wooden implement. Oar not as the case may be. Still you can't have your Kayak and eat it. I can row a boat. Canoe? And wood you believe it, you give us the Forest as well. The Forest finishes off the outer region, matching the Crags (the Monopoly 'Utilities' of the Talisman World). You'll find the bags of gold Leavon in a dirty old sack behind the radiator on platform 4 of Waterloo station. But not as much because like the Ferraro Roche ambassador, you spoil was with a lovely discount as well. I'd have thought the dis Count would have applied to the Vampires tower. You'll be pleased to know, there are no more demands from this little vampire as I'm at a loss as to what to ask for next. Have a lovely Christmas.
  4. Sorry I peaked too early and already started slapping on the paint... err I mean precision painting the Crown of Command. Its now finished and looks awesome on the board. It rises up out of the sea of Spare Oom scenery like a spicey tomato Nik Nak and really dominates the landscape, giving a crisp focal point to the weary adventurer of the glories that await. Anyway I went out yesterday along a path, across some fields, through a *FOREST* over a stream, avoiding the *PITFIENDS*, down a dark tunnel, out the other side, over a rope bridge that spans a *CHASM* through a leafy dell, around a village, along a gravel path, into a dense wood, back through.......... anyway I'll stop there as I'm just rambling.
  5. Your package arrived yesterday Leavon. Thank you Gods holy trousers its enormous !!!!! I've never seen such a large knobbly spire (wheres this going? -Ed). Your dulux Crown of Command is superb. I'll have to speak to Matt down at my local B+Q and get a gallon tin of Crown 'firecracker red' paint and HEEuge brush just to paint it. I will also have to take steps to procure a ladder to paint the top bit and have just rung a local supplier. By jove I'm exhausted just looking at it. *phew* The Plains pieces are anything but and that cheeky little individual Crown is the jewel in the .... errrr crown. I take my hat off to you. Well done sir. If anyone hasn't placed an order for such magnificent Talisman loveliness then you should be consigned to the Horrible Black Void and then turned into a toad whilst having your tonsils removed with a blunt spoon.
  6. EEk. Theres me raising my eye brows seeing Christmas adverts and thinking its a long way off but no in fact Christmas has come early!!!! Fantastic. I love the wee man on the rock. Seeing his resolute, determined stance makes me feel a little boulder. Although initially a pilot piece I think the plains will be a runway success and sales will no doubtably take off. Hopefully these pieces will be landing on my door step in a jumbo size box though I suppose those with a DC10 post code may get theirs quicker. Happy birthday Spare Oom. ?? Bags of gold in your hand luggage. Cabin crew to doors please.
  7. I always have problems with turkey gibbets at Christmas. ps thanks for not leaving his hanging though I thought you were being a little cagey about the whole design.
  8. EEK its enormous !!!! But looks smashing. I like the idea of it being removable so you can actually remove the crown when you get to the top and wave it mockingly in front of other adventurers. A little lug on the mountain for the crown to sit on would be useful. I would probably use this larger piece as an ornament on top of my jewelry box and wouldn't want to knock the crown off every time I moved it. Loki looks dog tired and would be more excited if it was the Collar of Command. By the way when you play games does he tend to winalot? Put me down for one Leavon. (A Crown of Command not a Loki)
  9. Not mad at all. I think its a fantastic idea. Funny when I was looking at my board the other day, I was thinking about trying to link the scenery together to fill in the remaining gaps. A cast framework would be really, really good. You could have the inner region slightly raised with banks for the river (in case you want to withdraw any money). It would be like those little bits of 3D scenery that clip into the board in 'Game of Life' You've set the seed now Leavon a very, very dangerous thing to do. As for making deserts I'm sure such an undertaking will be a mere trifle to a man like you without having to sponge of your competitors. Am I right or amaringue ? Two men in armour walk into a hotel. One says 'I'd like a room for two nights please' Scenery layout with inserts. Do leavon. Do it or the puns continue.
  10. Its all down to your hard work Leavon. This would not have happened if you hadn't created the pieces. So thank you for that. Only the Chasm, Pit fiends and Forest to do and your masterpiece will be finished (or or you looking at other mini packs as you've done with the Woods ie Plains, fields etc. The plains would be good as you have the tree with the noose, man on a rock, Hanging gibbet and Crossroads sign) Thanks again. I really enjoyed painting the Hidden Valley.
  11. I hope he gave you a decent price for your progs. Did you buy any damp from him?
  12. ..not forgetting his son Golgotha spiked by the ABC Warriors on Mars.?
  13. Hi Leavon Nice swift delivery. Thank you. The Hidden valley looks even better in the FLESH (see 2000AD) The woods pieces are really nice too. I'll have to keep a log of which ones I've painted and which ones I haven't. I'm off work today so I'm setting off with paints and brushes in hand to venture into the hidden valley. Wish me luck. (If I can find it.)
  14. Hi Jon I'm up to date with the scenery as I paint them as soon as they come in (can't help myself) Plus I have a little ceremony where I sit down with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit (Tunnocks, Trio, Taxi, Club. Depending on my mood really.) and place the piece on the board with all the others. Then I sit back and mutter 'mmmm nice' Then its back to my room where the nurse gives me my injection and an nice white coat....... If they let me have the camera (doubtful after the incident in Staines with the butterscotch Angel Delight and 4 members of the Peckham and Stroud Ukelele Society.) I'll take a picture of the board and send it to you. Anyway apparently theres no such place as Staines. Its just a mark on the map!!
  15. Bags of gold on the way Leavon and thanks for doing the Talismans. I've a little decorative chest to put them in which, when the lid is lifted, will illuminate an adventures greedy features with delightful awe reminiscent of the opening of the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark!! Really looking forward to seeing these painted on the board with your other wonderful creations.
  16. No problem at all with using the rule for your description. I was wondering is it possible with my hidden valley order to buy a bundle of 6 Talisman's? I know you make them anyway and I though it might be cool idea that when you draw a Talisman you put the card to one side and pick up a nice 3D printed one to place by your character card. Just a thought but if they are a swine to print then worry ye not.
  17. Thank you so much Leavon I don't know how you do it but your designs just get better and better. I'm really looking forward to painting this set. I had thought of a little rule adjustment with these terrain pieces that sit on draw a card spaces. If cards are drawn and remain on the space, they could be placed under the terrain piece and then it is up to adventurers to try and remember whats on that particular square. 'Now did the previous player drop the Runesword in the hidden valley or is that a craft 10 Demon under there?'
  18. Eeek !!!!! Woods as well.?? Nice to see you branching out into other areas. They look fantastic. Can I order a set now? A very happy K
  19. Hi Leavon Hows the hidden valley coming along? Or have you already released it and its ....err hidden ???????????
  20. A Tyranosaurus A Stegasaurus A Brontosaurus ... and if you manage to sneak in and then out again a Doyouthinkisaurus. Put me down for a hidden valley Leavon I will order it as soon as it is available
  21. The ideal theme music for Leavons latest epic. The Talisman world is a Big Country indeed with Fields of Fire, Seers, Teachers, Steeltowns and until the Crown of Command is captured there will never be Peace in our Time. Look Away if you don't want to see the link below. Stuart Adamson on guitar before forming one of the greatest bands of all time. RIP Stuart Kate?
  22. Thanks Leavon Nice prompt delivery as always. I'm waiting for a non working day to open them and bask in their Leavon loveliness. I suppose theres only the Forest, Chasm and Pit Fiends and the boards complete. You could do a little terrain pack with a hanging gibbet, crossroads sign etc just to put some 3D magnificence on that back straight. Thanks once again for your hard work.
  23. What can I say awsome pieces, awsome paint job especially your brush with death. Big order submitted which will ruin my bank account. As for Craggy Island... 'No Dougal that dragon is close and that dragon is far away.' 'Oh yes father' And after dicing with Bruce Forscythe I imagine him saying ' Good game good game didn't she do well...Nice to spear you to spear you nice.......Splot' Its been a long day (*sigh*) ?️
  24. No bones about it that is a fantastic piece. I'm really looking forward to painting it. The die is now cast, you must produce this. ☠️
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