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  1. Hey Jon Thanks for posting these up and for your kind words. As a complete luddite I tried sticking these pictures on the forum but they just fell off when the glue got hot.
  2. Hey you look afteryourself and I hope your work load eases soon. Take care ps still think your smash
  3. Just a quick post to say We love you Leavon and think your smashing. (p.s. hows the new scenery coming along?)
  4. Sinbad, love good. Hurrah for spare Oom love. Would that bed be in a deromitory? Anyway as long as you haven't got the hump for me asking. Thank you. We'll pool our resources and I'll buy you a sheik next time we're in MacDonalds.
  5. Hi Leavon That certainly is a llst and a half of things to do and will look smashing. However if you don't mind me making a suggestion (and I appreciate you have other constraints on your time). I've just painted my graveyard and placed it on the board. It looks great, love the way you've sculpted the shore line of the Storm River to match that of the board. However, scenery wise, the board is getting slightly lop sidedwith lots of goodies on the Sentinal side but nothing opposite. I was wondering how viable it would be to do an Oasis. It would help to balance the board a little. I know you tend to stay away from placing scenery on card bearing squares put the space is big enough to accomodate the scenery on one half of the square and the cards stacked on the other. It would make a nice little colourful sculpture though I'm not sure how easy it would be to do the trees. 'I'm sure your busy dates wise and I don't want to palm any more work onto you as I know it can be intents designing such a piece but with your musical background the dunes might be quite easy to do'.
  6. THATS IT !!. I'm glad you saved it Jon, though how and with what black electrickery I have no idea. (just spotted the Vampires tower is missing to). Its a shame, Leavon you are seling fewer pieces, as they really enhance the board the more you haveand are very nicely made. Good luck with your painting this weekend. I look forward to seeing the results.
  7. I posted up a piccie a few months ago with everything painted on the board ( apart from the graveyard which wasn't out then). It looked smashing Unfortunately because of Photoracket all the pictures have been withdrawn (sigh)
  8. EEEK! two in one hit. Now where did I leave my "Puntastalic book of 1001 puns for the punmiester" I'll have a nice glass of fortified wine or moat champagne whilst I look for suitable witty quips. Bags of gold on the way. Huzzah
  9. Warrior Knight was a game released in the late 80's I think so this could just be a typo combining them both
  10. Loving that Tombstone Johnny Ringo!!1 Well I'll be your Huckleberry. A bag of gold is on its way Leavon for this little beauty
  11. Eeek another new one!!! ........and it smash. I don't know why people call them graveyards. I find them rather nice in a humbling,thoughtful, peaceful sort of a way..........
  12. "though to be fair I have been putting a few hours in on the graveyard.... " Oooh Mr Leavon you tantelise us with fleeting images of lands yet unseen !!!
  13. Well this has to be one of the easiest to paint. Dark brown undercoat dry brush with 2 diferent oranges and some red paint on the tiles. Looks kind of mean and moody though on the board. Now then where did I leave that Ranger,I'm hungry.
  14. Vampy Tower arrived Leavon. Smashing. My brushes beckon. Thank you
  15. Quote "Roll on the Graveyard!" Is that a proposition?