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  1. honestly, i wouldn't mind IF it was world wide, but as far as i know, it's US only, and even if they announce it in europe, i bet it won't be for my country... This is what disturb me here... But it's a nice idea... just don't make it too much exclusive,.
  2. No, ffg has been very clear on that, they do what they want and they don’t always listen to us... specially to non american people. If world is doing 80% (including us) of extended format and us 55% of standard, standard wil be hard pushed.
  3. Sure, talking about gameplay, i don't want any glass canon beeing too expensive, specially in a "attack have the advantage" game... i already killed many corran horn in first round. i just don't like people hiding behind arguments like "he's untrained" when the real reason they don't want something is "it's not canon". still i hope corran will be a pasive force user, allowing him to be a bit more than a normal pilote, but much less than vador.
  4. Actually, you are proving yourself wrong... if we are talking about luke as "red 5", it means it's a episode 4 luke skywalker. At this point, luke only start to perceive the force and doesn't use it as a power and manage only to perceive it. At the very end, he let him self beeing guided but this is literally the end and it's a passive use of the force. corran horn is immediatly described had a passive force user, in the very first simulator training, he shot wedge the same way luke shot the death star. The only difference i see is that one is legend now. I do hope corran, kyle and some others will be "passive force user". Meaning 0 force rating, but the possibility to add force power. One force power could be giving +1 force rating, preventing him from taking the most powerfull force power that require to already have a fr and giving us passive force user.
  5. ? if they keep ruining sw with kenedy ****, the best thing they can do is making multivers like marvels/DC and making sw legend a new canon. yes, legends will survive.
  6. what made my day is guri finally having a correct ps value.
  7. ty, i almost see it just in time (only missed 5 minutes)
  8. If you have a link, i know a few people who would like to see/hear the official confirmation.
  9. Yes ! I want them ! something like the force mechanic beeing almost the only deffence with very low hp would be great...
  10. Lycia

    Soontir Fel

    Even if it's a nerf (and i don't want to nerf him), i think it feel right if wedge needs his target in his bulleye arc. A bit like He's even better if he shoot at the right time... a true marksmanship...
  11. As you say, it's a new game, not a 2.0 but a second edition (ok, it sound the same, but it's slightly different, 2.0 is more like what we got when they released the TFA starter box). I'm very happy they did the conversion kit, if it wasn't the case, i would have stopped playing the game in tournaments and it would mean stop playing the game untill my unborn kids are grown up enough for it. I just hope they'll keep releasing cards an token kits latter on because i doubt they'll re-release the old ships without adding new upgrades. Also, i'm very curious about how many upgrades the kits includes.
  12. As far as i know, they changed the xwing and ywing, that's it. But i doesn't have time to read everything and watch video of the presentation untill late tomorrow.
  13. Not really sure that all dials need a replacement, of course the design changed, but if you look at the xwing one, it's pretty much the same with the sfoil added in it (wich sound like a nerf since you have to choice the red turn at the dial phase). i believe we might not need our 3rd bwing dial and ... i'm more annoyed by the possibility that they might ask us to buy ships we already have on latter expansions inorder to get the upgrades... if they do, i'll go to my tournaments without the cards, i don't need a 5th starviper for example.
  14. Lycia


    Metawing or smurf juice is the same to me... just a name without meaning. And i don't care what your ranking say, i haven't seen a single palpatine since he get nerfed.
  15. Lycia


    I agree on manaroo beeing range 2, this was my initial thought when they released the nerf and i wasn't playing it... palpi nerf is way too much, taking 2 slots and 7 points make it useless and honestly i've seen enough list that can make you reroll all your def dice to say that palpi ace isn't a top tiers list anymore even without the nerf. Even if we don't un nerf it, at least make it usable... with it's current effect, he should be 1 slot 4 or 5 points. the mind link nerf exist for a reason, 1 ship do the focus, all other do what they want, but i partially agree on unerfing it. What it need it's not beeing limited to 2 per squadron, it's to be linked to a single other ship. to make it clear, let's say i've 4 ships, A, B, C and D, all with the upgrade, at the start of the game, i must choose who is linked with who ! For example, A and B are linked together, C and D together, if C get a focus, only D can get one. However if A is stressing, only B get a stress.
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