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    L5R Symbol Font

    Thanks, looks good,
  2. The Fortunist Order Monks in EE also don't get broad access to kiho. I think Kiho are just less common in this edition.
  3. Has anyone actually gotten their copy yet?
  4. Shadow070mni

    You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…

    When your best bet to repair your highly advanced starship is the archaeologist. When starting a new colony on some far flung world is something to do when you are bored. When you have to hide that you've enslaved some newly discovered alien race, not because of the slavery, but because you didn't wipe them out entirely.
  5. Shadow070mni

    Deathwatch Converted to Only War

    There is a lot here to go through...will take time then get back to you. Might want to look at DH 2nd ed; it has things that might be of additional use and also uses the Aptitude system fron OW
  6. Shadow070mni

    [RPG] Winter Court 5

    Okay; nice timeline snippit... Is there going to be an event, or recruitment for a game/freeform or something?
  7. Remains Pre-Great Crusade colony ship. ...i swear I had more, will be back
  8. Shadow070mni

    Gods of Order/ Demons of Order

    Don't forget the EMPOURAH~! I think it is quasi-canon he is a force of Order in the Warp, not unlike the Choas Gods. Given his current state of being 'splintered', you could easily make these splinters into daemon-like enitities.
  9. YES! YES! Akodo Akira did do that project, with blessings and curses for each Fortune... He had only just started the Dark Fortunes too...
  10. Fair enough, I'm looking forward to it.
  11. That sounds like it is in the ballpark....I feel really stupid for not getting the name down. Heck I didn't get the name of the guy doing "The 1,000 Fortunes Blessings" down either...and I tried to help with that one!
  12. Agreed, but given the reload time, even with Skill Mastery and these school benefits it still takes 2 Simple actions (1 Turn) to reload. Not as damaging to the 'action ecnomy' as it first appears. ...Wait that is the old version, without the firearms only clause or rank 5...give me a minute. EDIT: Ok should be fixed now...now culling older draft from the file to avoid this sort of thing.
  13. I always thought they just messed up on the formating in the Burning Sands book and the bit after the free raise with Jinn Bargining about "The Immmortal Caliph was draconian...You also get a Free Raise when using the Investigation Skill." was the second Rank. Eh, doesn't matter. Still reading the new pdf and the write ups...have your old stuff from the Alderac forums but you've padded it out if it takes up 90 pages now! Thank You! I missed when you started doing this. I actually thought to do something simular for one of their old April Fools things, you know the one... Only did the one school though. Not sure how to adapt it to the new Umi no Koete write up (haven't gotten to that chapter yet). Would need to switch Integrity for Panche (at a higher ranking). _______________________________________________________________________________ Firearms skill (and associated weapons) is detailed in Imperial Histories.
  14. Ijust went to try and start the series and it says no content...
  15. I would urge caution; depending on the players, a Daemon War planetside could easily lead to an Exterminatus...though in all fairness, that is one of the major reasons Exterminatus exists. The trick is to make it appear worthwhile &/or winnable enough that the PCs don't just nuke it from orbit. Making it their home base certainly helps in that regard! Can't think of anything else from a gameplay perspective right now. Narratively though, I got to ask; Why is Chaos Divided coming out in force here? The most reasonable theory is that they are fighting over some sort of resource. Which of course gives the PCs another objective/option; take the whatever the 'demons are after' away and maybe the Warp Invasion might stop. Grim Darkness is nothing without a glimmer of hope occasionally.